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 the demonic red eyes met with the angelic pure eyes, Sara kept on staring in the eyes for few seconds before she could feel the gaze controlling her, inside her head she heard a manly voice asking who she is? where is she? and what does she want? she gathered all her strength and will and slammed the book close, put it back to where it was and left the forbidden section..

in her way out of the forbidden section, she couldn't help but to notice the open doors, as far as she knew, only the council members had the keys to this section, so how could the attacker, whom she recognized as a servant who came to the tower few months ago was able to get them? did the council give it to him or did he steal it.. and most importantly, what happened to him...

Sara hardly dragged herself back to her chamber, trying not to get anyone's attention, she was feeling enormous pain and cold and disgust,but also fear, it was the first time she felt insecure inside the tower, she hated her weakness, and of course, there was the matter of that book and the shadows that swolled the servants, and those eyes, the voices, Sara's head froze when she thought that far.. she started crying non stop than fell asleep in a blink of an eye..

In her dreams, she saw herself standing in darkness, cold and lonely and scared, many hands tried to grab her, she felt the same disgust like before, helplessly trying to shield her body, then the darkness turned into red light, the hands turned into red demonic eyes, and the manly voice called her name... Sara..

Sweaty and frightened, Sara woke up from that dream, around her the council members gathered with a worried look on their faces, before she could ask them what were they doing in her room, her father intered the room anxiously.. he grabbed her in a long hug before saying anything..

"All thanks to our merciful Gods for your safety princess Sara"

Princess? not that she did not know that she was, but it was the first time she was called a princess, and that made her more worried..

"My baby, just what were you doing in the forbidden section tell me? " king Edard said...

Sara looked at him with astonishment, she was positive that no one saw her coming in or out of the forbidden section, no one but that servant who was long gone now.. so how did they know?

"what do you mean? "

"The preists found you unconscious in the forbidden section, you were holding a dangerous book my child, i am afraid you are in danger"

"what book? "Sara carefully asked..

" an evil book princess, the demonic gate"...