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 The next three days passed peacefully, as Sara and Eren spent every waking moment together, their bonds have tightened and by the night of the coronation, there was no more doubt in Sara's heart...

As promised, Mr Renaldy sent his assistant to help Sara dress up and get ready for the ball, Eren who toom his leave first to take care of somethings left her with the black haired girl, quite and neat and elegant, Sara thought to herself...

"Did you take a proper bath Miss?"

"Ah? yes i did an hour before you arrive " Sara said while thinking of her wet hair and wondering if the woman really didn't notice it

"I mean a perfumed bath"

"Perfumed? "

the assistant sighed and then asked her to follow her...

In a hot bath tub, the assistant poored few drops of some weird essences she brought with her, she than asked Sara to take off her clothes and sink her body into the water,

Sara who was not used on getting naked in front of anyone quickly turned red and looked at the ground, the assistant than chuckled out of nowhere..

Sara felt more embarrassed and looked up to the woman, not understanding what is happening in here, the assistant walked toward her gently and said, "Let us restart again, my name is Geraldine, i am Mr Renaldy's daughter, and you are Sara right? "

Sara nodded, the similarity between them was explained now that she said he was her father, Sara thought to herself, the girl showed a cery friendly behavior with her that made Sara feel at ease

"You see, a normal bath is not all the lady needs, in such occasions, you also want to spool yourself with a perfumed bath, it will make your skin as soft as babies and as a fresh as a rose, the fragrance last much longer as well, after all, this is an important night for you... "

"Important night,what do you mean? "

"Oh come on, i thought we are friends already "

Sara didn't understand what Geraldine meant, yet her heart was warmed by the word friends, so she has a friend now? she smiled warmly

"Aha so i was right, better get you ready then"

Sara as told soaked her body in the water, the smell was. strong and she felt a bit dizzy, once she was used to the feeling, her body began to relax, she felt herself becoming lighter eaxh second, as if something malicious was leaving her body..

by the time she got out of the tub, her soft skin became even softer, her smell was no less than a bucket of roses, her body was relaxed to the point where she felt it was close to an air state..she looked at Geraldine with gratitude as the other smiled back to her happily...

"You see, i told you you are going to like it, now let us get you inside that gown before we move to your hair... "

"Oh, already? i mean there are still 3 hours left"

"Oh god we are already late" Geraldine frowned and Sara couldn't feel more perplexed, in three hours she can do even cook food for the ball and still manage to prepare herself.. only when she started wearing the gown she understood why three hours were not enough

It was truely the most beautiful dress she ever saw, it was a silky fading pink that was only few shades away from her skin, made of an expensive heavy fabric decorated with small pearls and shiny diamonds on the chest area, her neck and shoulders were left naked while her arms were coverd in a transparent shiny fabric, from her waist down, the dress was like a fountain made of several shades and layers of light pink decorated as well with pearls and diamonds, the dress embraced her body intimately, along with shiny beautiful shoes that added few centimeters to her length, she looked like had recently dropped from heaven...

Geraldine looked at her with amazement, " Sara, you are honestly the most beautiful woman i ever met... "

"Re.. really? "

"That Sir Eren is a lucky one indeed"

"You think so? "

"I know so, he is a good man though, i guess you two deserve each other "

"Thank you, Geraldine " the girls smiled at each other warmly, than Geraldine started combing Sara's hair, she raised it all up in a messy elegant bun whitch made Sara's face look better, it was at that moment when Eren stepped inside the room..