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 "Eren... i have nothing to wear" Sara was embarrassed to enunciate...

Eren couldn't help but to laugh, " Oh you girls" he said, "where do you think i have been all morning? the house needed many things indeed, and i also got you some ladies things, that you may find useful, a tailor would pass by in a bit to take your measures, i told him i want the best dress for the most beautiful lady, i dont know why he took so long though"

"Oh Eren...this is too much"

"It is nothing my beloved, from now on it is my duty to fully take care of you, and fulfill all your desires, from now on, i want you to lean on me, okay? "

"What have i done in my life to deserve you? " Sara asked in teary eyes

"it is me who should ask my fair lady, how come i was blessed enough to know such a beautiful pure angel like yourself, in a world full of ponies and hypocrites, i truly thought i was going to be alone... i was lonely even when surrounded with family and friends, i only felt that i belong with you... "

Eren got close to have his kiss, yet in that time a carriage stopped by the door, Cursing his luck he stood up to welcome the tailor and his two assistants..

"Mr. Renaldy, please come inside"

"I must apologize for the late Mr. Salvatore, i have been very busy because of the sudden coronation "

"Not a problem at all, please allow me to introduce you to my fiancee, Ms. Sara Yo.... " Eren stopped for a second and continued " Yokester, she is from the north"

Sara thanked Eren with her eyes for keeping her identity for himself as she greeted the tailor and his two assistantes, the man was a tall thin man, as tall as Eren yet had sharp long face and a beard, his eyes were a match to his black hair, he was so formal it gave Sara the chills, the assistants were two young ladies, both in their twenties, one looked very similar to the tailor while the other had red hair and green eyes, they were both very thin and tall and remained silent all the time, for Sara, this was the first time she met some one of the same sex, she was barely able to take her eyes off them

"Good Lord, you didn't tell me you had such a beautiful fiancee Mr Salvatore "

"I am trying to shield her from the eyes Mr Renaldy, i don't want her to be taken away from me"

" I can't blame you, she is very beautiful indeed"

Sara felt shy by their compliments so she lowered her eyes, looking at Eren from the corner of her eye, he was giving her that warm look that overflow with love and admiration, and something else, if she wasn't mistaken, he was proud of her..

Blood run quickly to her cheeks, her face was shining with love and joy, it was obvious to the tailor and his assistantes that these two were deeply in love

"Okay now you two love birds, how about we take the lady's measures to make her the dress? "

"That would be appreciated Mr Renaldy, please do"

the two assistantes then took Sara's measures, even tho she was thin, compared to these two she was considered a chubby dwarf, and her clothes looked far simpler and more practical than theirs, the dress she was wearing was made of light fabric that alowed er to move freely, it was beautiful indeed yet, simple, while the dresses the women taking her measures wore were made of heavy decorated fabric, it sticked tightly to their upper bodies than got larger from the waist down, their arms were covered as well and their hair was curled beautifully and decorated with shiny pins, Sara felt something stinging her heart..

The assistants finished taking Sara's body measures, Mr Renaldy than prommissed Eren to make her a dress worthy of her beauty, and he will personally send her one of his assistant to help her with hair hair, the two man shaked hands after than before the tailor left in his carriage..

once the carriage door was closed and it started moving, Mr Renaldy chucked lightly before saying " Look what we have found", he than opened his eyes which were no longer black, but demonically red..