"Father, help me"

"Where Sara? where are you? "

"please father help me"

"Saraaaa, where are you"

The far voice then suddenly became right behind Edard, and it no longer sounded like his daughter, Edard turned slowly and saw the horrific wolf like demon right behind him..

The demon was twice as tall as Edard, he had a body of a wolf yet instead he walked on two , his head was big and horrifying with a set of teeth that can cut through the poor man in one bite... Edard turned away directly and run toward the shack, falling several times, the demon wolf with red eyes followed him slowly, enjoying the seen of his prey struggling to survive he watched him get inside the shack, the demon howled violently before saying " Dont worry, the girl was enough for the day, she was so delicious i don't want anything else ruining that taste, but i will be coming back for you old man, i bet you taste as good as she is since you are her father" the demon than laughed demonically before disappearing in the shadows, leaving king Edard in a deep shock...


"The official coronation? "

"Yes my fair lady, the whole kingdom heard about it, the new king, your brother Henry wil be officially crowded as the king of Taghit , three days from now there will be a royal ball where the ceremonies will take place "

"What about father? " Sara said in fear..

"Since he is alive, the ceremony will not be considered legitimate without him, he will be there i am sure"

"Eren.... please... " Sara lowered her eyes, she didn't know how to ask him to take her with him

"Not only your father, but my family as well, Sara, i want you to go with me"

"Really? "

"Yes my love, it is my chance to introduce you to my family and officially ask for your hand from your father, whatever the story behind him hiding you i will discover it, i will give you your name back, and than add mine to it" Eren's warm voice overflow with love

"Eren... " Sara said in a low sad voice " I dont think you should"

"Why? " Eren held Sara's hands and continued "You are afraid of my family's reaction to the fact that you are an illegitimate child? "

Sara lowered her eyes silently

"Even if you are the lowest born in the world, i still only want you as my wife, only you.. "

"Eren... "

"And if my family except me to leave you, i will leave them instead, i don't care who you are, you are the purest most beautiful soul i ever laid eyes on, you are the sun that brightened up my days, i am not willing to step back into darkness once more... "

"Eren... "

"So will you do me the honor? my fair lady? "