"Marry me Sara" Eren repeated as he looked at Sara's eyes, she was still surrounded by his arms, his lips were dangerously close to hers, her mind was imprisoned by his words..

"Eren... " That was all what Sara was able to say, few seconds of silence were followed by another crazy hungry kiss, it was a dominant kiss where Eren took control of it, enjoying the girl total surrender in his arms, stopping for few seconds before kissing her again, stronger each time, the poor girl's feet were no longer able to hold her, she was about to fall when his arms stepped again to save the day, holding her in his arms, he said in his hypnotizing voice "Say yes Sara, say yes already " there was a hint of begging in his voice, Sara's voice disappeared somewhere and she was not able to spell the words, she was sure though that she wanted him as well, not thinking about anything else but him, she reached to give his lips a shy kiss on his lips, and then a silent nod, Eren's face shined like the sun itself, his happiness was beyond compare, his arms hugged her stronger as he found his way back to her lips, in this time she kissed him back with the same fire, finally restoring her voice, she murmured in a low voice repeatedly :"yes, yes, yes... "


Edard laid on the ground, crying like a baby, the pain in his leg was numb thanks to the medications Katherina gave him, despite working magically on his wounds, they didn't do a single thing to ease the pain in his heart, his baby girl is missing and he can not find her..

when katherina brought him back to the shack, Sara was nowhere to be found, he waited for her a little bit hoping se was just around fetching water or gathering some fruits, yet when the orange shade of sunset started to form in the sky, his fear turned into panic, he get out of the shack looking for her on a single leg and a pair of canes..

"Saraaaaaa.... "

Edard called again and again hardly walking in the woods around the shack, darkness started to take place, he then suddenly heard a low voice calling from behind, Edard folloed the voice untill it became clear, it was Sara's voice crying for help...