Sara woke up the next day in the same room, not knowing how did she get there, all she remembers was her dancing with Eren for a while, than they set by a tree with her in his arms, she told him about her life, not missing a single detail, there were many things she didn't have an answer to, but they kept on talking till it was almost dawn, Sara than fell asleep in his arms..

now as she woke up she found herself in her bed, by the position of the sun she assumed the time to be around noon, did she sleep all this time? she got up and walked toward the big mirror, she watched herself closely, 'i am not exactly ugly' she thought to herself, her hair reached her hips, flowing like melted silver, her face was clear and bright, her eyes looked alive and shiny, her cheeks were naturally pink and so were her lips, tho the last had a hint of crimson red in them

compared to the boys in the tower, she didn't consider herself to be short, but when she stands next to her father or Eren, she looked like a child, but her body was very agreeable as each part of it matched the other, her waist was thin while her breast and hips were slightly filled and round, her legs were long and thin, her neck was also slightly long decorated with that black pearl Eren gave her, she held it close to her lips and gave it a little kiss...

Sara wached herself when she remembered she have nothing to wear for the day (girls), she has been wearing the same dress for two days now and she didn't bath either, what is the use of beauty if you smell like a big, she thought to herself, she stepped outside her room, from what she heard no one was there, wondering where did he go she went down stairs to check there, he was no where to be found, as she started panicking she noticed a sheet of paper on the kitchen table, it said that he had to go to the town for some business and he will return in the afternoon, Sara smiled to the paper and the table of breakfast he had prepared, she had her breakfast than boiled some water to bath

by the time she was done she heard a carriage stopping by the house, Eren than stepped inside the door and called her name..

Sara rushed toward him with her wet hair, seeing her like that made him smile involuntarily, he walked toward her as well, as she stopped one step away from him he pulled her to his arms in a long hug, unable to stop himself from smelling her hair, he said in a low voice,

"There is nothing more i want than this, for the rest of my life"

"what? "

"To come home and find you waiting for me my fair lady, i will give everything up for it"

"Eren... "

"Marry me"