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 "I guess i should thank you Sara"

"For mocking the food you worked so hard to make, for me?! are you sure about it? "

"Oh not that my fair lady, but really can't remember when was the last time i laughed like this"

"Keep on cooking and you will keep on laughing"

"Hahahaha, you know you are the first to tell me this, that im a bad cook"

"Really? no one else did? "

"No no one, because of my family status, all the people around me only praised me, never telling me the truth about anything, i grew up not sure of anything, surrounded with doubts and always feeling inferior, that what i do is only good because i am Eren Salvatore, not because it is good, but you, you are honest, i can trust you to tell me the truth"

"You can" Sara said in a warm smile, she stared at this man next to her, feeling like life gave her all the happiness she lacked for 16 years at once..his smile was as warm as hers, and this time, she didn't hold herself back, she wanted to taste that smile, no matter what it meant..

leaning a little toward him, Sara closedher eyes, only one second after she felt Eren's lips on hers, she was instantly hypnotized, as if she left this world to the sky, Eren's lips embraced her lower lip smoothly as hers embraced his upper lip, Sara opened her eyes a little and pulled a little back to take another look at Eren, he looked at her with dazed eyes before he put his hand on her neck, caressing her chin with his thumb, he pulled her back to the heaven of his kiss, feeding her more with the nectar of his lips...

Moving between her lips, kissing each one by one, Eren gently licked the line between her lips, Sara found that very delicious and wanted to try it as well, as she opened her lips to do so, her tongue met his, so warm and delicious it tickled her, his tongue rotated on hers and sucked it, it was slightly painful but she enjoyed it, she was breathing heavily heavily and so was he, they pulled back slowly from each other with his hand still on her neck and the other hand on her waist, while one of her hands was on his shoulder while the other rested on his chest, surprised how their hands managed to sneak involuntarily that far, they rested their forheads on each other and just stared silently on each others eyes...