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 "I do trust you, Eren" Sara said in a low embarrassed voice

" I just want to keep you safe, i promise i will personally make sure to reunite you with your father, but that takes time my lady, it is why i'm asking for your trust and patience, and above all" Eren said while going back to the stew to get it off the fire and pour a bowl for Sara, "I'm asking you to try my amazing cooking, one spoon and you will be as healthy as a horse"

"A horse!! "

"Pardon me my fair lady, not that i meant to insult you, horses are the strongest healthiest creatures, they are so cute, and even stubborn sometimes, not to mention... i really love horses... "

Sara's gaze froze on Eren's face, did she hear him right? blood run violently in her veins and her face was red like a tomato, Eren who smiled brightly took a spoon of of stew and put it by her lips...

"It is getting cold my fair lady"

Sara woke up from her daze, smiling politely before opening her mouth, yet once she did tears rushed to her eyes, it was the worst thing she ever tasted..

not able to hide her expressions, Sara coughed, the stew was salty and slightly burned, it had too much spices that the taste was undistinguishable, not to mention the weird taste of soil in it...

Eren, surprised by her reaction, tasted the stew himself, he directly started coughing, realising this thing can be used as a weapon, he looked up at Sara who looked at him, and they both exploded laughing...

"And here i have been asking you to trust me all this time just to blow it off with one spoon of stew" Eren sighed in disappointment and embarrassment...

"I guess it is simply not your talent" Sara said laughing

"Aren't you supposed to encourage me to try again? i didn't know you can be this cruel my fair lady"

"I would have encouraged you, but i don't want you wasting time nor lives, from what i have tasted, it is going to need another life time"

"My fair lady! now i am hurt"Eren said laughing

His laugh was so spontaneous and beautiful, it felt as if he was the happiest man in the world, was it because of her? Sara wondered..