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 "This is my own private house, this is where i come when i want solitude and to stay away from all the formality and the politics in the Salvatore's estate, it is small but it is where i truly feel home, furthermore i don't need alot of space since i live here alone"

"Your house? "

" uhmmm yes my fair lady, to be honest when you fainted i didn't know what to do, i tried waking you up in every way there is but it was useless , i thought of taking you back to yur home but i didn't know where it was and it was getting late, so i thought the best thing to do was to bring you here, so i can take a better care of you"

"Eren i must go home...my father"

"your father is king Edard isn't he? "

"How...how did you know? "

"Why else would you faint then when i told you about him? "

"Oh... is that so.. "

"There are many questions i want to ask you honestly yet i think now is not the time.. "

"I'm sorry Eren, for lying to you, i just... didn't know what to tell you.. "

"Dont bother yourself with apologies my fair lady, you are welcome to tell me what you please when you please, i no take you for a liar, and i'm sure you have reasons, therefore, i'm always taking you for an honest person "

Sara's eyes were filled with tears hearing Eren's words, as much as relieved she felt, she couldn't help but to wonder if she really deserves this man by her side, she felt like a nobody..

"You adorable little thing, why are you crying? "

"i... nothing"

"I somehow want to be lost... "

"What?! "

"Just to see, if you would cry for me"

"Do you want me to cry? "

"Never my fair lady, but i'am only a human, and your teary eyes are far more beautiful than anything i ever saw"

Sara was speechless, and what was there to say, there he is looking at her with the same gaze that intimidated her and made her heart almost stop last time, the one she couldn't understand, she stared back at him, and for a moment, she forget everything...

"Close your eyes" she heard him saying in a low voice...

Sara did as she was told, only to feel his lips again on her closed eyes, the lips were so warm, and the kiss lasted much longer than the previous one, she felt his heart beats and his chest move close to her, his aura was dominating and dazzling,and the lips that were glued on her eyes slowly moved down to her cheeks, making her body shiver, she didn't know what was happening but it felt so beautiful and delicious and embarrassed, like it was a sweet she shouldn't eat yet she still managed to have a taste, the lips moved slowly to her lips yet before reaching them his forehead leaned on hers, he called her name as if he was gasping for air, she opened her eyes only to stare at his...

His eyes looked dark, his breath was hot,Sara wanted to reach his lips with hers yet was so embarrassed to do, she yet begged him with her eyes for more, more of what she didn't know, she just wanted Eren..