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 The woman from the previous dream came back..her eyes were still teary and her expressions were still terrified, yet as always, her voice was not to be heard, as if she was behind a wall of glass..the womn tried hard but her voice could not be heard

the woman's gaze than froze, she was staring at something terrifying behind Sara, Sara turned slowly to only meet the demonic red eyes..the light turned into darkness and Sara tried to scream but the moment she opened her mouth a hand from the shadows reached to squeeze her neck, the hand was so hot it burned her skin, she cried of pain and prayed for help, the woman disappeared in the shadows and there was no one there, only her, the demonic eyes, and an old man, thrown in the corner, scared and beatended up, the man shivered in pain and cold, he rolled on himself as he tried hiding himself from the eyes, as if he was guilty with something, looking closely to the man from the corner of her eyes, she realized it was her father..


Sara woke up screaming...

she was covered in cold sweat, every bit of her body was in pain as she hardly breathed, her chest was moving fast up and down and her heart almost jumped out of it..

"Sara... " Eren's voice called her name worriedly, Sara who was still terrified with the dream looked to see where did the voice came from, but this was not a place she recognized...

Sara was even more terrified, where am i?, she thought to herself, her fear immediately turned to panick in the dark room and she was crying loudly, it was then when the door of this room was opened wildly and Eren run inside toward her...

Seeing the state she was in, Eren run toward Sara and took her in a long hug, the strong arms contained her body as well as her fear, her breathing slowly calmed down as he kept on patting her hair and telling her it was okay, and that she was with him...Sara then startednpooring tears silently on Eren's chest, and he didn't try to stop her...

Some minutes past and she was still in his arms, her heart needed his hug to go on, her mind needed his words to shield it from the dark thoughts, she let herself be regathered in his arms before she says in a low voice... "Eren... father"

"It was just a dream Sara, calm down " Eren said..

"He is in pain... i know it,something bad happened to him"

"No Sara, nothing bad happened, remember he is a king, if something was to happen to him words would have been spread, so dont over worry, calm down for now"

"Are you saying he is okay? "

"I'm sure of it my fair lady, relax now"

"Eren... " Sara. said before burying her face in Eren's chest again, getting some strength and courage from him, he did not mind it as he hugged her even tighter...

Sara then remembered that this is not a place she knows, with eyes filled with questions yet also trust she looked up at Eren and asked :"where are we? "