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 Katherina? king Edard said in astonishment..

A month ago, and exactly by the time king Edard discovered the holy council conspiracy and his own son and wife involvement, he was captured by the kings gard, those who used to be his sworn knights.. he was driven after that to a dungeon where he was forced to drink something very suspicious and bitter.. not long after it, a gangrene was spreading in his leg...

He demanded to see his son or wife over and over again without any use, the holly council advised Henry and Katherina otherwise, they were afraid they may get moved when they see his state, furthermore, this was the best way to prevent any word from spreading, soon enough, the kingdom will only know that their sick king died from a gangrene...

surrounded by pain and despair, king Edard could not stop thinking about Sara, if this is what they did to him, what will they do to her? how can she live without him?

The last thing king Edard remambers was the four masked man who entered his chamber and forced him to swallow something that took him away from himself...

Now that he woke up, he stared at Katherina with surprise and hate, he wasn't able to make a sound, words were stuck in his throat...

"You better drink that fast, we still have a long way to go... "

"My leg... "

"We couldn't save it, we had to take ot off before the gangrene spreads more.. "


" Me and some. of my most loyal people... "

"And Henry? "

"No... "

"Why? "Edard asked with a hint of hatred and blame in his voice

"Do you even know what was happening lately Edard? " Katherina sighed...

"My own son and wife plotting against me? oh yeah of that i know.. "

"The three hells united as one and they declared war against us "

"What? that can't be... "

"There were attacks all over the world, over two thousands person are missing.. "


"They're hitting hard... "

"And what does that have to do with me? why did you betray me? "

"The only way to save humanity is by having the Gods support, and their condition was... "

"Sara... what have you done to her... "

"Worry not no one knows where she is..."

"What are you going to do to me? "

Queen Katherina remained silent, driven the carriage deep in the forest...

Night creatures howls were to be heard, Edard felt like it have been few hours since he woke up, dawn was spreading it light before he finally recognized the road to the shack...

"You knew?"

"I always knew... "

"Why are you helping me? "

"I guess you already know Edard...,just stay here, keep a low profile, no one but the holly council members knows how Sara looks like..stay away from them and you will be safe.."

By the time she finished her sentence the carriage stopped by the shack.. Katherina raised her teary face to take one last look at the man she loved, injured and crippled, yet she still love him the same.. she hardly managed to burst the word goodbye out of her mouth before she turns the carriage and leave...

Edard stared at the woman he married, with much affection and respect, indeed, nothing is as strong as a woman's love..