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 "Another carriage was attacked last night your Highness, no news from the passengers yet.. "

"this is the second attack this month"

"The people are terrified your Highness "

"I suggest we strengthen our borders and our army, we need more soldiers and we need them fast"

"Yet what are we going to fight exactly your Highness "

"This is only a taste demons had given us, they are showing the people that we can't protect them, they want to crack us from inside"

"That is a big possibility indeed, the people trust is very important, we need to gain it back fast, i say we start recruiting soldiers immediately as the crowned prince suggested"

"I'll be personally responsible for it my lords, in the same time i wish for your cooperation to investigate these attacks further "

"We will be more than happy to aid your highness"

the lords bowed to the crowned prince Henry and he bowed back, his father has abandoned most of his responsibilities these past few months, so as the crowned prince he had to step forward and fill his father's shoes..

Henry, Taghit crowned prince,was a 20 years old young man, he had his father appearances except of his blue eyes that he inherited from his beloved mother, the woman who was there with him in each step, unlike his father who was always busy, his mother never left her children behind even when she had royal missions such as travelling to other kingdoms or establishing an economic plan or even check on the common people, she always kept them by her side, learning from her and being fed with her love.. she made him the man he is..

Taghit was not the only mankind kingdom yet it was the first and the strongest, after the victory Yoren dynasty made, many other people rise against demons and established their own kingdoms, with the demons being chased to the edge of the three edges of the world, these kingdoms soon started fighting each other for more power and authority, today's peace actually held the prints of his mother on it...

It is almost 17 years by now, when his mother suddenly came to his room late at night, his beloved mother, she slept by his side in his room, trying to hide her tears from him.. he could remember it till today...and how can he forget the day when his mother forgot how to be happy...


Im his study room, King Edard stared at the letter he got, his eyes were blasting with anger, there was no more room for doubt, he has been betrayed...