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 The young man stared at Sara as she stared at him, his eyes were also filled with astonishment, after all, her beauty was incomparable, the two remained silent for a while as she was laying in his arms, a weird feeling jumped into Sara's heart, it was uncomfortable yet she wished it would remain for a bit longer, her face was blushing as she kept thinking of herself in his arms, the young man did not seem to miss that so he helped her to sit properly and pulled himself away from her, Sara instantly felt cold and sad and wished to jump back to his arms once more...

The young man stoop up gracefully, and walked toward Sara's dress, he grabbed it and took it back to her, than bowed on a single knee saying in his gentle hypnotizing voice

"Your cloths my lady, it is cold so you better dress up before you get sick, i'll be standing near by till you finish"

Sara nodded,then took her cloths and watched him walk ahead giving her his back, he stood before the river not looking back..

He is just surrounded with a royal halo, Sara thought while wearing her dress, his actions and manners were far above the servants' manners, they were more like her father's.. he can't be a normal person...

Sara dressed up quickly but carefully, she did not want to look shaggy to this young man, she wished she had a miror to check herself, yet she didn't have one, not even in the shack.. so she blindly fixed her hair before coughing..

when he heard her coughs, the young man asked politely "Are you done Miss? "

Sara answered in a low shy voice "i did sir, sorry for bothering you"

the young man turned, and their eyes couldn't help but to meet again, this time he walked toward her with that hypnotizing look and a bright smile, Sara felt more stressed the closer he get, her heart was beating so fast she could feel it was about to stop, he stood only one step away from her and his smile got brighter as he continued to look her in the eyes...

"You look much livelier Miss, and you can even talk now, i'm presuming you are okay then"

"All thanks to you sir, i owe you my life"

"I did nothing but my duty Miss, i just hope you are more careful next time "

"I will be, thank you again sir"

"If you may Miss, i'd like to escort you back to where you live, i will not be reassured till im sure you get home safe"

Sara felt like she was flying, even her father didn't show her that much of care and tenderness, yet she had to reject the young man's offer, not only because her father would kill him if he knew and her life would be threatened, but also because, well, this young man was obviously noble and, she lived in an old shack..

"Oh no need sir, i'm perfectly fine now thanks to you, and i have troubled you long enough, i better go now... " Sara said while grabbing her basket and bucket and walking away from the young man,

"Please Miss let me help you"

"Oh no please, my father would be looking for me and he is very strict and.... " Sara lied

"Oh i see, i will not cause you any trouble then, yet may i ask for one thing please? "

"O.. Oh? of course Sir "

"What is your name my fair lady?"

Sara blushed immediately, her face became red and hot, she turned to walk away and said.. "Sara, my name is Sara" and walked faster.. when was far enough, the young man called "Sara.... ", She turned with astonishment and stared at the young man behind her, he was smiling ,his eyes were as warm as sunset, he looked divinely beautiful..

" My name is Eren.."

Sara smiled back at him, she said his name in low voice then turned and went home with Eren gaze glued to her back...