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 Only few meters away from the dark forest, long known to be forbidden for mankind to step into,a woman's screams painfully cracked the silence..

In a small shack, an unbelievably beautiful woman laid down in intolerable pain, trying her hardest to deliver her baby to the world, beside her, a young girl was helping her through her labor, a labor that lasted most of the night by now, the young girl saw death sneaking slowly to her mistress face, she helplessly cried out :"mistress please, hold on,just a little longer, for your baby, hold on"

the beautiful woman who was barely able to breath replied "Sara, her name is Sara ahhhhhhh"

With her last scream the beautiful woman's breath stopped, as one life ended another began,and a beautiful little baby girl was brought to life..

With heavy tears, the young girl covered her mistress body and held the little baby in her arms, she was unbelievably similar to her mother, yet as hoped had on her back the significant mark her father had, not that she doubted her mistress purity before, but this was an evidence that this child was no one but that selfish king's daughter..

with the first ray of sunshine, when the shadows outside the shack flee back to the dark forest, the young girl walked toward the castle with the little baby in her arms, when she reached it, it looked as if the gards already had orders to receive her, she was directly taken to the king's private chamber..

As she entered, the doors were directly closed, in the corner she spotted the king's sad face, he only took one glimpse at her and his eyes teared up, "she died? "

"yes" the young girl said sadly, without adding any surnames as if she was talking to a match of hers

"was she in pain? "


"is it..?"

"it is a girl, she named her Sara, she is so similar to my lady, yet she has your mark on her back"

"i dont need that mark to know she is mine; i never doubted Historia.. "

"..." the young girl's eyes burst with anger... why sending lady Historia away then? why making her go through all that pain and suffering till her life ended so painfully if you didn't doubt her?

the king rised up, slowly advancing toward the young girl, he kindly took his baby in his arms, his tears now became like heavy rain as he looked at her face, indeed, she looks like Historia, the only woman he ever loved..

when the young girl saw the king's warm look, her heart was overwhelmed with happiness, now my lady can rest in peace, before she wakes up from this beautiful dream, a sword pierced through her heart,she was unable to turn and look at her killer, her eyes were fixed on the king.. with all the harted in the world she spilled:"damn you"...