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 Within Dunhuang, the sun began to rise and with it, a new day started. People talking and opening stores produced a scene of peace as one walked through the streets.

Tianlong himself woke up every morning before sunrise to practice and see this scene every time.

Tianlong himself had long been accustomed to hiding his identity as the lord whenever he went for walks around Dunhuang which gave him time to think and relax.

Tianlong: "Hmm? What do I need? Father gave me 1thousand gold for my service, but I don't know what to get!"

Since Tianlong and the System were connected by the soul, it naturally heard the thoughts Tianlong thought about but didn't respond.

Tianlong: The 200 horses I have can't support my army of 10thousand alone so I must take to purchasing horses from the horse breeder, but I don't know if father will let me since uncle Zhang is rebuilding his Bing Province cavalry!

Frustrated Tianlong walked and constantly thought about what his army needed and froze and thought about the army from his old life!

Tianlong: That's it I know what I must buy!!! HAHAHA!!!

As Tianlong let those words out the people walking by him looked at him weirdly before rushing away from Tianlong.

Tianlong saw this and got embarrassed but quickly regained his face and ran to some local food stores.

Soon evening had come and with it, many farmers and commoners rushed to countless food stores hoping to get some bread or fish to eat before returning to work.

Tianlong passed many food shacks, but none caught his interest till he found a shop called Shi's Food store, many farmers had come and gone carrying a nice smell from their clothes which piqued Tianlong, so he went inside.

As soon as he entered a woman wearing an apron around a black dress welcomed him

Woman: Welcome To, Shi's Food store! dear guest, please wait In line for your order and with that he was handed a yellowish-brown paper that had recipes listed down

Tianlong: "Hmm? I don't recall the three kingdoms era having a menu!"

Tianlong: system! What Is this why is a menu here!?

When Tianlong said that the system analyzed the paper with orders written down before saying According to the data from the God of reincarnation elsewhere within your original world that evil spirit reaped 5 lives 3 were Female and two were Male! It is possible that host as met one of the reincarnates!

Tianlong hurriedly tried to look towards the kitchen but was blocked by the heads of many people.

Tianlong: damn I can't even see the kitchen!

Soon an hour had passed, and it was finally Tianlong's turn he ordered a simple vegetable bowl along with a bowl of rice and a piece of bread.

When he finished ordering he found a place to stand to wait.

As Tianlong waited many young women had come with their parents or husbands, but the ones accompanied by their parents ogled at Tianlong's red eyes which were cold and brown hair which was tied in a ponytail that reached his back.

Young woman: Hey look at him over there! He so beautiful!

When those ladies started talking everyone turned to see who they were complimenting, and they saw a young man in Black clothing leaning on a wall waiting. His red eyes attracted the most attention as he waited.

Soon another hour had passed but Tianlong's food was not finished yet which made him annoyed, but he calmed down but before he could ask if his food was done a tall burly figure holding a killing knife appeared and yelled out GIVE ME ALL YOUR COIN-OR I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!

When that shout released everyone within got startled and saw a bandit at the entrance holding a knife with greedy eyes as he looked across the young wom1an.


When he said that the woman he pointed to started crying and pleaded for someone to save her.

From the kitchen a certain chef had just finished cooking and called someone to take this meal to the person but got no response, so he walked out of the kitchen to find the bandit.

Young Man: What are you doing in my store!?

When those words were said the bandit turned and saw a black-haired man with grey eyes looking furious and just laughed

Bandit: HAHAHAHA!!! Boy if your smart hand over all your coin and give me all the woman here and call me Big Brother!!!

When the young man heard those words, he turned even more furious but before he could punch out to the bandit a figure holding a bamboo stick walked out and stood face to face with the bandit.

This figure was naturally Tianlong since he didn't have his spear, he would use a bamboo stick and face this bandit.

Bandit: Another one!? Brat calls me big brother and give me all your coin and you can live as well!!!

Tianlong looked coldly at the bandit and finally spoke in a death like voice.

Tianlong: Hmph your, not qualified to have me call you big brother!

Tianlong's reply shocked everyone as they found this young man was unafraid of death and was casually replying to a murderer who only knew how to rob and lust after a woman.

Bandit: To think I the mighty Death Marauder of the Marauder Death bandits have been looked down by a brat who hasn't even tasted a woman!! HAHAHA!!!! I won't BE CALLED DEATH MARAUDER IF I CAN'T KILL YOU BRAT

When that bandit said those words, everyone was afraid because besides the Bloody Sword bandits the Marauder Death bandits were the cruelest of the bandits living around Dunhuang.

Old man: Young man don't through your life away from it's not worth it just give him your coin!!

Young man: yeah don't try and be a hero!!

When Tianlong heard those comments, he laughed aloud which surprised them and said loudly HAHAHAHA TO THINK I WOULD BE LOOKED DOWN UPON PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T TREADED DEATH!!! IF I DON'T KILL YOU, IM NOT THE BLACK HORSE GENERAL OF THE LU BU ARMY!!!!

When Tianlong said those words, he shocked everyone by claiming he was a general at such a young age.

Death Marauder: I don't think you're a general brat keep spouting nonsense!!! I will kill you now!!

But before Death Marauder could attack, he received multiple strikes from the bamboo stick

Tianlong: HA!!



Tianlong unleashed a fury of attacks and kept going giving Death Marauder no time to react which made him go on the defensive.


Death Marauder: Brat you can't kill me!!!!

Tianlong soon closed in on Death Marauder and said loudly FACE DEATH!!!!

Tianlong and Death Marauder: AAAHHH!!!!!


The people around had closed their eyes and didn't see the death but when they heard that noise, they saw the bandit pierced through the heart and that young man looked cold as he pulled the bamboo stick out.