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 "So do you still think I needed improvement in my looks" Shi asked.

"Master no... Not at least the current you" ARX2 replied.

Shi couldn't help but twitch a bit when he heard that. "Why" did this stupid AI have such a weird personality, he thought. Maybe it was those parts that he liberated from the Volcans to blame. Thinking that he should trash all technology of Volcans and not use any of them anymore.

"Master how did you get that body "ARX2 asked.

"I transmigrated to this body" Shi said.

"Have you not noticed anything?"

"A second ago you were in the lab and in the next you were gone" ARX2 responded. He then proceeded to replay a video projection of him inside the lab as Orion.

Shi showed watched as the light devoured him and he disappeared. In the next it showed him return in the new body as Shi. He wanted to test out more of this wonderful ability. So he tried taking out small gadget back to see if he could take it out. And It seems like he could take out things from inside the lab back to it. Shi also took take the candlelights from his room into his lab. It worked. Wondering if there was a limit to this ability or if he could take out things, no matter the weight. While all going on he recorded himself in on both sides.

"ARX2 could you play both videos side by side" Shi said.

"Yes, Master."

Shi watched as himself disappearing from inside the room and back to his lab. And vice versa. Thinking about all the theories he knows about time and space. Wanting to find more about what was happening, Shi said." ARX2 can you start scanning everything."

"And show everything on the projection."

He watched as the projection slowly grow as the scan proceeded. Shi saw the lab and everything inside the building. It grows the envelops the whole planet. Seeing the building and the ship. He also saw the planet was he terraformed. The living environment was the same as it was before his creation. Reading the data coming that did not show any change at all.

"ARX2 send out exploration drones and see where we are?"

Shi couldn't believe what he saw. There was nothing outside the planet except darkness as far as the exploration drones scanner could go. The weird part was that this planet seemed to have a sun that he could see but it didn't seem to have any sun or anything close to it. Shi could see it inside of the Sun but outside it there was nothing. All he saw was darkness no matter where the drones were . It did not change, no matter how far the drones were.

"Master Orion what do you think is happening here" asked ARX.

"Its seems like the planet exist on the same place but simultaneously it's inside of me", Shi said. Or more like part of my soul, he thought.

"Also don't call me Orion."

"What should I call you then?"

"Call me Shi!"

"Shit?" ARX2 wondered.

"It seems like you haven't learned anything" Shi said bit angry for being mocked.

"Do you want me to give you some more punishment."

"Please no more."

"Don't take out more of the processors."

"I feel like I am getting dumber as we speak."

"No I don't mean I am getting dumber due to you."

"Oooh now you calling me dumb?"

"Is that what you want to say to me."

"Who said you were dumb Master?"

"I just misspoke! "

"Who would call the most brilliant scientist that even Volcans can't overcome."

"Everyone in the galaxy either wants to have you or your technology."

Feeling satisfied with his answer, he thought about if he should create a new AI. A better one without this embarrassing personality. Shi wondered what hit him when he wanted to create a more human AI with personality and thought. Shi couldn't help himself but think about all the troubles ARX2 brought him. Then he felt something in his body as if it was longing to something. Trying to figure out.

It hit him it was time for his mother to give birth. Shi completely forgot that among his memory, that his mother was the only one who cared for him. The original Shi wanted to get to his mother's side to support her.

But he got ambushed during the night and got poisoned. During struggle the original Shi wanted just to get his mother's side more than anything else. Enduring the endless pain that the poison brought he tried to yell for help and go to his mother. But Shi got stopped by those hateful people.

Remembering their laughter as he was struggling to survive so he could help his mother. Shi could feel the anger he the dead Shi felt. And the crushing agony he felt the moment his soul left his body.

And the last which was to apologize to his mother. Shi know that he could never cultivate but he thought he could be a scholar and achieve something. Wanting to prove to his father and the clan that he could be someone he studied. Wanting to get an official position so that he could proudly announce his mother did not birth a waste.

But he died thinking of how he was the reason for his mothers poor situation. As the new Shi, he couldn't help but also feel those strong emotion. He sighed and said to himself. That Shi should rest in peace and that he would take care of his mother. And prove the clan and world that Shi wasn't a waste.

Shi remembered also that the second wife also was giving birth. Since his mother lost favor with his father ,she would be alone with some servant. Shi wanted to hurry since he felt he owed a big debt as Orion for taking over the body of her son. Wanting also to give peace to the dead Shi soul. He wanted to hurry to get back to her but couldn't. But remembering those assassins he needed to get protection.

Realizing he didn't have any war robot, Shi moved towards to ship. Wanting to find something for self protection. Thinking it couldn't be anything big or easy noticeable, he didn't take any out any guns or the other weapons inside. He searched for while, until he found the perfect thing Shi found a small bracelet in the war supply room. That was perfect since it could create a small barrier and could fire off energy charges. It also had a passive ability of always maintaining a small shield around the body. Protecting it in case of assassination attempts.

Shi was so focused on this task he didn't hear how ARX2 was going about wanting a new name. ARX2 also so into himself that he also wasn't realizing that Shi didn't hear anything. Coming up with crazy names like Star Lord, Destroyer, Overlord and wilder ones.

Shi left as soon as he got the bracelet not even realizing the crazy names that ARX2 was suggesting. Which also happened to be a lucky thing for ARX2.

Getting back to his room. Shi opened the door to and started to wander the Zhao mansion. He had to find some to ask where his mothers room was. But it was hard since he lived in a corner of the mansion forgotten by everyone. It took Shi some time to find servants. The saw him getting closer and realized they didn't know who he was. But they then thought they second wife was giving birth and thought he was a family member to the second wife.

"Little one are you lost" they asked.

"I don't know where the madam is giving birth" Shi asked.

"Ah madam Jia is giving birth in northern part of the mansion" said one of the servant .

" Do you want us to show you the way."

Shi was a bit angry of the clueless servants. He thought of how did they dare mistake that mistress as the madam of the household. Thinking that Jia is lower statues even if she is married to his father. The only true madam of the household was his mother. Shi couldn't help but get a bit angry and said." I am looking for the madam of the household not that damn vixen."

They servants got shocked at what they heard. Some braver ones wanted to teach the boy a lesson and stepped forward but got stopped by others. And some smarter ones tried to figure out who he was. Then one of them noticed he came from easter corner and figured out who he was. That he was the waste of the clan, Zhao Shi. Which gave courage to those previous servants who wanted to beat him.

"Young master, there are something you don't say" they said.

"If you don't want us to teach you a lesson for disrespecting madam Jia, go with us and apologies."

Shi s looked at them a bit and said" Do you guys think you can teach me a lesson."

"Did you guys forget you place !"

"Don't you think mere servants don't have any rights to do that."

"Are you guys forgetting that the Zhao clans blood run through my veins?"

"Even they decided to punish me" Shi said, "they wouldn't let you do it."

The servants looked at each other. Thinking about what he said and knew Shi was right. They couldn't help themselves and rethink, even if they wanted to please madam Jia they couldn't do it

"So lets me ask you this again!"

"Where is my mother located?"

One of the older ones of the servants stepped up and told him where she was. That she was in the southern part of the mansion. Shi could not help but be angry at his father. Even if his father thought he was useless, he shouldn't have taken it over on his mother. How did he dare move the first wife into the southern part. As everyone know only the northern area is for the madam of the household. Shi stopped caring for them after he got the answer he wanted. So Shi moved towards where he would find his mother.

The servants were silent until they were sure that Shi disappeared. As soon as they saw that he was gone ,they started talking on what to do. Some of them wanted to forget what happened and do their jobs while the more ambitious one wanted to report him to the head. So they sended someone over to report it to the patriarch. The father of Shi who was waiting for the birth of child outside madam Jia room. With the rest of Zhao clan and the Liu clan.