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 In a far away place in the galaxy, a planet surrounded by destroyers forming a triangle shaped barrier, there was a small planet . There was only two things on the planet , a destroyer and next to it a large building. Inside of the large building there stood a man in front of large screen. He was hurrying around and typing on the smart screen in front of him. He couldn't believe what was happening. In one minute he was celebrating the greatest achieved of his life and in the next he was trying to destroy it. But unlucky it was all in vain as he could only look how the light got bigger and bigger. Until it surrounded the whole planet and it all took a minute. Before he could do anything he and planet started to disappeared. Leaving a massive energy surge which imploded inwards and afterwards destroying both the ships and barrier shield.

"Do you think he dead now" the man said to his companion standing in front of the sleeping child.

"He should be now but he put a fight" said the companion closely observing the boy. He looked for any life signs but doubted the boy could survive the poison of earth rank serpent. Thinking it was an overkill using such a strong poison on a weak mortal who couldn't even cultivate. What a poor soul he thought but he would be honored the clan used such a strong means to end his pitiful existence.

"Lets go" he said to his companion." We should return now that we finished our mission".

Both of them didn't notice that light was gathering towards the boy. He was absorbing the light even as they were speaking but none of them noticed that. They disappeared not noticing the strange phenomena happening.

"Bastards" screamed the boy who they thought was dead," Damn Volcans".

Can't you guys even leave me alone for once he thought.

" I only took one thing and you try to assassinate me even when I am hurt".

" Wait until I report you for ignoring the prisoner protection codex of Federation".

The boy then opened his eyes , who then noticed he wasn't in his lab anymore and not even any place he was familiar with. Noticing that he was in a small room on a bed. There was only the bed and the candles light burning.

Noticing it wasn't even a Volcans prison. Heck he started to that Volcan prison was better than the place he was at currently. His head started to throb and hurt. He moved his hand towards his head and started to roll around the bed. Then it stopped to hurt anymore. Then he started to get memories which were not his.

"Who is Shi" he thought. Then he looked at his hand and noticed they weren't the ones he used to remember. Then he started to remember what has happened to him. That his creation succeeded but that the shield barrier couldn't contain all the energy.

He then thought about who Zhao Shi is . That was him , the oldest son to the left prime minister who is useless waste who couldn't cultivate. The shame of the Zhao clan that he kingdom of Blue was talking about. That he was transmigrated into the boy. "Who" was obviously was killed by someone. Thinking that he wasn't Orion Starlight anymore and that he died once. He thought he should call himself from now on Shi and not use his old identity since he was no more. More like that part died and that he restart.

So is all about cultivation and cultivators that are shakers of this world and anyone who can't cultivate is useless waste" he thought. But what does that matter to me, he thought. As long as I have enough resources I can create equipment and robot using the knowledge I have and rule this stupid planet if I want he thought. Starting to curse those morons who despised him or rather the boy . He sighed then thought of something which scared him.

That his little brother wasn't his or rather it wasn't the one he grows up with. Weird thought started to appear one after the other. Before he could spiral into chaos ,his chest started to hurt. Thinking that he was still poisoned or rather that the body he possessed still had poison inside. He started to talk to himself, Damn don't tell me, that I am gonna lose my life again. If I only I had my lab then I could easily cure this body of this poison. Even strength it thinking about how weak it was due to all the mistreatment of family. But it was all in vain no matter how hard he wished.

But then something occurred out of his calculation. He was in the exact lab he was thinking of with his current body. Thinking it was all a dream and that he failed at his creation , he looked down . But disappointingly he saw it wasn't his old body and it was the body he transmigrated to.

He started to look for his healing chamber to cure himself of the poison and to strengthen the body. Finding it where he left it, he started to program it.

Then went inside and laid inside it. He slept during the healing process took several hours. Finishing he looked towards the healing chamber screen and got the notice that his body was strengthened as much as his body could tolerate and that his body was cured of the poison. Thinking about how he got back to lab , he closed his eyes and started to imagine getting back to his where his before. When he opened his notice that he was back on the bed.

Wanting to know how long it took for him to get back and looked at the burning candle light around the room. Noticing that they haven't changed he started to experiment and testing of going back and forth between his lab and his room. He noticed that time was the same no matter who much he spends inside his lab. That time didn't exist inside his lab and that his creation worked somewhat. Although not as wished but that he created bigger version than the one he wanted.

Shi then went back inside his lab and moved towards the control center to get more information on his lab. But suddenly the alarm went off before he could step inside.


" Intruder"

"Activation of defensive system!".

" No" he screamed," don't active it"

" ARX don't active the system!".

"Intruder as ordered of my master be prepared to die!".

Shi started to think about what would happen if the defensive system activated. That he would be disintegrated by the laser and vanishing wasn't something he wished to happen to him. He didn't know if he should cry or laugh knowing that those defensive system was something he created out of boredom. Since none managed to get past all his external defensive system but since he started working on time and space room, he started to renovate and created internal defensive system to get his mind flowing while the system ran trials of the creation. Would he be killed by his own creation. Damn why did he create that AI that could control the whole central area.


"Is me "he said" have you forgotten you creator",

"Hmm yeah sure "

" Do you think I was born yesterday or what" ARX2 replied. " From what I can see my master clearly not as young as you".

" Especially that luscious hair of yours makes me sure that you not my master".

"My masters head could never have that gorgeous hair you "

"At least make sure try hard in the next life to impersonate better"

Shi started to curse inwards regarding the remarks that the AI was making regarding his old appearance. Knowingly he choice being bald but here the damn AI was making it sound like it was the most important part of him. He thought that he shouldn't use any more technology from Volcan. Heck probably the only reason he transmigrated and lost control of his work was

the addition of Volcan part that he added in shield barrier. Thinking back to the creation he remembered that added a fail safe. He went up and pushed aside the wall. Shi saw that panel was flashing and he put in the password. Death to all Volcans. And which disengaged all system.

"Hey intruder " ARX2 said," what did you do to the defensive system".

" I said it me but you didn't believe me" said Shi.

Shi smiled and looked at door towards central area planning on punishing ARX2 for joking about him.

"Master is you" ARX2 asked suddenly

"Now you believe you idiot" Shi asked.

"Nope honestly that smile of yours is too much like master" ARX2 replied." That evil smile I can recognize anytime".

"Oh Oh" he said" it seems you want me to punish you".

"Master please don't" .

"You don't have to do that".

"Can we talk about of what happened to instead",

"Oh and what would you like to talk about", Shi asked.

"How did you get that body, Master"

"You didn't well kidnap a young boy and take possession of him" said ARX2.

"Master please know even if you wish for a beautiful appearance that still illegal according to code 6 of article 1".

"Don't worry about that and let me explain to you "Shi smiled and went inside.

You could hear anguish scream after Shi went inside. There are certain things which should be left unsaid but apparently ARX2 didn't know that stepped over those lines long ago making it sure to anger someone he never should.