George was killed accidently in the middle of a war.

George suddenly heard a voice coming from his mind.

"System fusing with host's soul! 1% .... 2%...."

"What was that? Can they just let me rest in peace in Heaven?"

"30% ..... 40% ..... 70%"

"Ughhh... Stop!" said George with an annoyed sound

"90%..... 100% Completed! Ding! Congratulations for binding with System!"

George suddenly felt pain over his body

'Holy Sh*t! Is the one in the novels that I read where one died and was reincarnated with an System!?!' said George

"System? Host?" said George

"Ding! Yes I am your system, The Sect Building System. And you are my host."

"Then what do you do?"

"Ding! I will help you build a sect in the Divine World that is feared by the whole world."

"Okay.... Wait... Divine World? What's that" said George with a questioning sound

"Ding! Divine World is a cultivation world. This is where you will be building your sect."

"Ding! Host, you are about to land in the Divine World! Please get ready!"

"Okay! I trust you system to land me safely!"

George can only see blackness around him. Then suddenly, a big ball appeard. It looks like Earth but bigger by 5x. George then got excited. He then imagined a world where the world would fear him and his sect.

George was flying closer and closer to the Divine World now. He then entered the world. He then landed sucessfully. George then looked around. He could only see plain grass. Then he suddenly heard a sound

"Ding! Congratulations for entering the world of cultivators and landing on the Azure Continent!"

"That's the name of this continent huh... System tell me more about this world." said George

The system then began to talk about this world.

This world is called Divine World where cultivators and martial artists live.

The place he was on was called Azure Continent. One of the 5 Continents. The 5 Continents are: Divine Continent, Azure Continent, Nine Heavens Continent, Soaring Dragon Continent, and the Greencloud Continent. The Divine Continent at the middle, the Azure Continent at the west, Nine Heavens Continent at the south, Soaring Dragon Continent at the north, and the Greencloud Continent at the east. They are far with each other and is splitted by a large ocean so they can't travel to an another Continent, unless you are in the Cultivation Rank where you can fly.

The Cultivation Ranks here are:

First Realm: Mortal Realm


Mortal Disciple

Mortal Grand Disciple

Mortal Master

Mortal Grandmaster

Mortal King

Mortal Emperor

Second Realm: Deity Realm


Deity Disciple

Deity Grand Disciple

Deity Master

Deity Grandmaster

Deity Lord

Deity Emperor

Third Realm: Immortal


True Immortal

Immortal King

Immortal Lord

Immortal Emperor

Heavenly Immortal Emperor

Each Rank is divided into 10 levels. Each level has ranks too. Level 1-3 - Lower Rank, Level 3-6 - Middle Rank, Level 6-9 - Upper Rank, and Level 10 - Full Rank.

George was stunned by how much the information the system gave him. George then memorized all the things that the system said. George then heard the system's voice again

"Ding! For landing sucessfully, we will give you a starter pack! We will you a storage ring that consist of 1000 cubic meter so that you can store items there"

George then saw a ring on his right hand's middle finger. George then sent his own consciousness inside of it. George saw 5 things in it. George then scanned it.

[Divine Dragon Qi Cultivation Method]

Information: Allows one to cultivate a dragon's qi.

[100 Year Cultivation Time Travel]

Information: Increase the users cultivation to how much he can obtain in a hundred years.

[Starter Armor and Sword]

Includes: Gloves, Boots, Helmet, Pants, Chestplate, and Sword

Information: An armor created by strong steel.

[Body Strengthening Pill]

Information: Makes the eater's bones strong and makes the eater's face handsome

[Sect Building Bundle]

Inside: Sect Training Room, Sect Palace, Sect Mountain, Sect Energy Core, Sect Disciple Quarters and Buildings, and Sect Cultivating Technique.

Just as George was finished analayzing the item, he heard a sound again

"Ding! Bonus: 10,000 Gold coin and Information about the closest city to host."

Gold coins suddenly formed a mountain inside of George's storage ring. Then again, a map appeard at George's mind.

Reviewing the map.... He found out that Tianji City is the nearest one here. Which is governed by Duke Tianji of Tianji Royal Clan.

Thinking about it... George first started walking towards to Tianji City and go to an Inn and Cultivate Peacefully.