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 Lin Feng had compassion for Bodhidharma and he was right, the so-called divine strength was actually evil. Forbidden strength was only about absorbing strength, and it could be used to create and support life. It was a first-class pure strength.

"Teacher Bodhidharma, you need a rest. I should go," said Lin Feng after realizing how weak Bodhidharma seemed. It was probably because of Di Shu's attack. Lin Feng felt guilty, but he couldn't kill Di Shu yet, he was still too weak.

But he had promised he would, and he always did what he promised.

"Alright, it will soon be Holy Fifth's competition. Get ready. Become stronger. Di Shu can impede you in your activities as a Supreme Elder, but he can't prevent you from becoming a holy cultivator," said Bodhidharma.

He raised his left hand, demon Qi rolled forth, and he opened the door of his small world. Lin Feng flashed away and disappeared from there.


Lin Feng didn't turn around. He flew straight to the foot of the Godly Mountain. He had no place to stay those days. He had no palace, because of Di Shu. He had no place to practice cultivation, and since he had become a Supreme Elder, he couldn't live in Bodhidharma's palace anymore.

Lin Feng didn't want to go back to his own small world. He didn't want his parents and Liu Fei to be worried.

"I should go to the Holy Shrine to have a look. It's not far anyway. Let's see what a Holy Shrine looks like. What's different from an ordinary shrine there?"

Lin Feng smiled and jumped up. His shuttle appeared out of his ring, he landed in it and flew away as fast as lightning.


The Supranatural Region's Holy Shrine was situated in the north of the region. Lin Feng had never been there and didn't even know what it looked like. Going to have a look was harmless.

Lin Feng took out a mask and put it on his face. It was better to travel like this.

After half an hour, a new landscape appeared before his eyes.

Lin Feng was high up in the sky, and could see magnificent, grandiose walls and palaces from up there. Lin Feng wasn't too impressed, because it looked like many places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, such as the Qi Tian Dynasties or the Holy City. The Holy City also had incredible architecture.

Tiantai was a magnificent place. However, the buildings were not important, Qi was. Lin Feng grew closer and closer to the Holy Shrine, and sensed a Qi of justice and righteousness.

That kind of Qi was purer than even divine Qi. It was almost like star Qi, vast and difficult to describe, and even more difficult to study. Lin Feng was talented, but he couldn't understand what it was. He might need to stay here hundreds or thousands of years before even starting to understand that kind of Qi.

Lin Feng put his shuttle away and landed a hundred meters outside of the Holy Shrine. The outside of the Holy Shrine was an impressive sight, as it was the city center. The roads were wide, made of marble and other beautiful and luxurious stones. There were people everywhere, on both sides of the road. The place was bustling.

Lin Feng remembered the streets of Yangzhou City. It felt good. Lin Feng took a few deep breaths and closed his eyes.

At that moment, the situation became chaotic. On both sides of the roads, people started shouting. Some people were wailing mournfully. The commotion interrupted Lin Feng in his joyful moment.

He opened his eyes and saw a horse galloping quickly. A woman in a red dress was riding it. She was beautiful, her pitch-black hair flying in the wind. She was wearing a dazzling gold crown with precious stones carved on it.

She was holding a whip. She whipped people on both sides of the road as she galloped through them.

Very quickly, the lash of her whip moved towards Lin Feng. She looked at Lin Feng coldly and aloofly as she lashed him.

Everybody on the sidewalk ran away. Many people thought Lin Feng was unlucky.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the haughty woman. He raised his left hand and released space and time strength. The whip was only half a meter away from Lin Feng when it stopped. Lin Feng opened his hand and grabbed it, then pulled.

"Ah! You want to die!!!" shouted the woman as she was dismounted. She didn't fall though, landing on her feet. She definitely wasn't ordinary.

The woman in red clothes looked at Lin Feng angrily. He noticed her lips were bright red. She pulled on her whip again, dragging Lin Feng towards her.

"Oh my, how come he dares offend Princess Fire?!"

"I know, right? Usually, ordinary spiritual beings don't dare offend Princess Fire. That young man is audacious."

"He wants to die, he even dares offend Princess Fire!"

People on both sides of the streets, including merchants, pointed at Lin Feng with their fingers, as if they had completely forgotten that the princess had just whipped them, too. Now they were making fun of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at the people. They had no compassion for him. Those people were trash. Even if someone helped them, they didn't care.

Lin Feng turned around again and released space and time Dao. His space and time Dao was level three. No matter how hard the woman tried to whip him, her whip only reached the empty space. Lin Feng looked at her mockingly. The woman then stretched out her white arm and threw it out to hit Lin Feng.

She then realized there was something wrong. She threw her whip and tried to hit Lin Feng.

Lin Feng just looked at her. She was a Half-Holy Emperor. In the Gods Sect, she could already be considered a strong cultivator. In the Holy Shrine, though, she was an ordinary cultivator. Lin Feng guessed that that woman had an interesting social background.

The princess clenched her fists and jumped, throwing herself at Lin Feng. Fire appeared around her fists and the temperature increased drastically.

Princess Fire was scary! She didn't have an undeserved reputation. Her understanding of Fire Dao was pretty advanced.

But her strength was limited. She couldn't injure Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled at her mockingly and grabbed her small hand. Her hand felt soft, feeling similar to when he touched Meng Qing's hand.

"You... you dare flirt with me?" exclaimed Princess Fire, blushing. She looked furious and shy at the same time. Lin Feng surprisingly dared caress her hand in a flirtatious way?

She had such a high social status. She was a Sage's daughter, noble and precious. How could she accept being humiliated like that? She raised her left foot and kicked out at Lin Feng's chest.

Lin Feng didn't release space and time Dao this time. If she wanted to kick him, she could, but she wouldn't take her foot back easily.

Lin Feng smiled evilly and grabbed pinned her foot between his neck and shoulder. The woman blushed even more. One of her hands was stuck, and now her foot. How humiliating and embarrassing!

"Please, someone, help me! Someone is bullying me! Boo hoo..." Suddenly, Princess Fire didn't look furious anymore, she started sobbing. She looked so weak.

When Lin Feng saw the girl sob, he felt sad for her, so he let go of her foot.

"I... I didn't mean to," said Lin Feng, shrugging and smiling at Princess Fire.

But the woman let herself fall to the ground and continued crying. She looked so cute, especially when she cried.

Many people, including merchants, pointed at Lin Feng with their fingers.

"How insolent! You dare bully Princess Fire! Little boy, you want to die!" shouted someone explosively. A terrifying Qi streaked across the sky and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was startled. He looked around and saw a man in a blue-green robe appear.

"A Low-Level Holy Emperor?"