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 Lin Feng forced himself to open his eyes. His neck felt sore. It was dark around him, it seemed that he was in a small world. He sat up and looked around. He was on a blue-green surface.

"You're awake." At that moment, a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was Bodhidharma, wearing his iron mask. When he saw Lin Feng was fine, he was relieved.

"Master Bodhidharma, what happened? Aren't we in the pavilion of the Godly Mountain anymore?"

Lin Feng stood up, noting his whole body felt sore.

"Don't you remember anything?" asked Bodhidharma. He was surprised.

Lin Feng touched his neck and tried to remember. He remembered Di Shu had attacked him, he was in danger, he had almost died, then he had heard someone shout, and then he didn't remember anything.

"Master, I just remember someone shouted, and then I lost consciousness." said Lin Feng, smiling awkwardly.

Bodhidharma smiled, but didn't say anything. He raised his left hand and opened his small world.

"Go out. Your friend is waiting for your outside," Bodhidharma said to Lin Feng, sitting back down silently. It was impossible to see his expression under his mask.

Lin Feng cupped his fist in his other hand before his chest, turned around and left Bodhidharma's small world. Bodhidharma raised his head and watched Lin Feng leave. Then he raised his right hand and stretched it out. There was nothing but bones on his right hand; no flesh, no skin, no muscles, only bones. It was scary.


Lin Feng left Bodhidharma's palace and walked out to the small road outside. He saw Song Zhuang in the distance, and walked up to him.

When Song Zhuang saw that Lin Feng was fine, he sighed with relief and said, "Lin Feng, you took big risks."

"What you mean is I shouldn't have defended myself against Di Shu?" asked Lin Feng, frowning.

"No. I admire your courage. But it was dangerous. You could have died," replied Song Zhuang, smiling wryly and sighing.

"I've taken risks in my life. I nearly died many times. I'm like that. It's my personality. That's my way," said Lin Feng, recalling many things.

"Anyway, let's go. I'll take you to see someone. Without him, you would be dead already," said Song Zhuang.


He took Lin Feng to the Godly Mountain.

Even though Lin Feng was skeptical, he followed Song Zhuang. Who had saved him? Whose voice had he heard before fainting?

Very quickly, they arrived at the foot of the Godly Mountain, but they didn't climb it. They stood next to a huge stone on which was carved, Godly Mountain.

Lin Feng looked at the two words, noticing they contained space and time Dao. It wasn't a simple stone, it looked like someone's small world. Before, he had gone to the Godly Mountain via flying, so he hadn't seen that stone.

"Tian Gang, he's here. Open your small world," said Song Zhuang in a clear voice. Lin Feng was stupefied. He saw a powerful space and time strength appear around the stone. Lin Feng found the Dao strength unfathomable. His space and time Dao strength was already level two, and he had the impression that he could break through if he sensed the stone's space and time Dao long enough.

At that moment, dazzling blue lights flashed around the stone. Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were illuminated. Everything became blurry around them. When they could see clearly again, the scenery around them had changed.

It was a mountain, part of a blue world with stars in the sky. Under his feet was a pattern with six stars and a boundless blue path. Lin Feng had seen such a landscape in Star Wars back on Earth. He had the impression he was in a science fiction movie.

Lin Feng hadn't moved, yet the blue lights appeared around him. He sensed space and time strength moving, and his expression changed. He flashed away and released his own space and time Dao.

"Space and Time Arrow Selection!" shouted a voice suddenly. Lin Feng sensed the space and time strength around him suddenly become much more powerful. A space and time cage appeared around him. Lin Feng wanted to leave the cage, but he stopped after moving a dozen meters.

It was the limit. If he moved any further, he had the impression his body was going to explode!

Song Zhuang watched him calmly, not getting involved. He seemed to know Lin Feng was going to be imprisoned.

"The guy you think highly of doesn't seem that strong," said a man appearing next to Song Zhuang. He was handsome in a robe with blue patterns. He also had a jade belt, a talisman with some writing on it hanging from it.

Lin Feng looked at Song Zhuang, and also saw the man next to him. Lin Feng couldn't hear what they were saying, however. Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were in different worlds. He could only watch, and he couldn't get out.

"If you think he's not that strong, why did you offend Di Shu and get involved?" asked Song Zhuang, smiling calmly and knowingly. The handsome man smiled silently.

"Are you sure you want to choose this young man who comes from another world?" asked the handsome man. He sounded like it was a huge responsibility.

Song Zhuang frowned, not looking at the man and replying, "You can't decide for me."

"Indeed. I just hope you won't fail. They're all watching," answered the man, smiling warningly.

Song Zhuang didn't say anything, he just watched Lin Feng. He was convinced Lin Feng would get out of the cage and pass the man's exam.

"I can't wait to see, then. If he gets out of the cage, it means his space and time Dao is level three," explained the man. Lin Feng frowned, while Song Zhuang remained silent.

Lin Feng stared at them, watching their expressions, and could see they were talking. The man looked at Lin Feng mockingly. Song Zhuang remained silent and looked anxious. Lin Feng guessed what they were talking about, and understood the cage had been made by the man.

"Space and time Dao is complex. Making such a complex cage is difficult. If I want to get out, I need to deepen my knowledge of Dao strength."