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 Fortified Village, the government palace...

Hu Yan Zan was seated on his throne. Even though a week had passed since the end of San Country's Great Competition, Hu Yan Zan was still extremely happy, touched, and moved. He would never forget that. How many years had he dreamt of such a thing? Lin Feng had said he'd be the champion, they had all laughed and made fun of him, and in the end, he had really done it. Lin Feng had really helped Fortified Village.

Hu Yan Zan had not imagined Lin Feng could succeed. It would have been enough if he had finished in the top six of the competition. Thanks to Lin Feng, Fortified Village had won.


Thinking about that, Hu Yan Zao was astonished when Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao came back, because they talked a lot, but didn't mention Lin Feng at all. He had sent people to gather information, but he didn't really know what had happened at the Great Competition, even though Fortified Village had won.

What's wrong with those two?, thought Hu Yan Zan. The two brothers didn't greet him, they didn't participate in any activity in the village, they didn't do anything in Fortified Village anymore.

What were they planning? Hu Yan Zan didn't understand, but he didn't feel like thinking about such things, either. He just wanted to know where Lin Feng was. Why had he suddenly disappeared after San Country's Great Competition? Lin Feng's little sister, Xiao Qing, was still in the village, after all.

Thinking of Xiao Qing, Hu Yan Zan smiled resplendently. Xiao Qing was talented and motivated. He had seen her use the two elders' skills and techniques. From the fourth Godly Emperor Layer, she had broken through to the eighth Godly Emperor Layer directly, in only one month!

When Xiao Qing had come out, the Leader had gone to pick her up personally. When she learned that Lin Feng had already left, she wasn't happy. She also obtained Lin Feng's jade bracelet. She loved both her jade bracelet and her jade hairpin. It made her look even nobler.

She also wore beautiful clothes now; nobody could guess she was originally from a slum. She had completely changed. She looked even nobler than Yan Tian Jiao.

"Someone go and find Xiao Qing, I want to see her!" shouted Hu Yan Zan to the disciples guarding the gate. One disciple immediately ran away to go and find Xiao Qing.

Hu Yan Zan didn't know that his two sons were plotting, and that their plot could cause the destruction of the Hu Yan family.


Behind the mountain, Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao were standing shoulder to shoulder. They looked down a precipice a thousand zhang high. When someone's pure Qi was sealed, they became ordinary, and when someone ordinary fell from that height, they died, or more precisely, their body was smashed to pieces and their bones were ground to powder.

"Brother, you really want to do that?" asked Hu Yan Hao, scratching his chin. Their scheme seemed easy, but he still felt reluctant. It would be a pity if that beautiful young woman died, after all.

Hu Yan Qing looked at Hu Yan Hao's expression and smiled mockingly. "What? You like that bitch?"

"No... I just think it'd be a pity if she died... She's beautiful..." replied Hu Yan Hao, shaking his head. He didn't finish his sentence though, because he heard some steps. Xiao Qing arrived at the top of the mountain and seemed quite nervous.

"Alright, she's here. We have to do it, so that Lin Feng suffers forever. Hahahahaha! It's so worth it!" said Hu Yan Qing, tapping his brother's shoulder. He smiled evilly, extremely happy.

Hu Yan Hao didn't say anything. He didn't even turn around to look at Xiao Qing. Hu Yan Qing turned around and ran towards Xiao Qing. He smiled resplendently, "Miss Xiao Qing, you're here, finally!"

"Great Prince, did you find my brother? Where is he?" asked Xiao Qing, running towards Hu Yan Qing as well. She seemed quite happy. Hu Yan Qing also thought that she was very beautiful... It'd be such a pity if she died... If only he could sleep with her every...

As he was thinking that, he quickly shook his head and came back to his senses. He had to keep calm. He wanted Lin Feng to feel devastated, to suffer!... that was the most important thing, so he had to get rid of her. He tried to think of Yan Tian Jiao and forget about Xiao Qing. Yan Tian Jiao was a goddess to him. He cared about Yan Tian Jiao, but not about Xiao Qing.

Lin Feng had surprisingly chatted and laughed with the woman he loved. He had also given him bad pieces of advice, so he had to get rid of Xiao Qing, he had to get his revenge, and he had to do it this way since he wasn't strong enough to kill Lin Feng.

"Miss Xiao Qing, did you get that communication device?" Hu Yan Qing asked Xiao Qing, smiling naturally. One couldn't see anything sinister and ruthless about his expression. They wanted to push Xiao Qing off the cliff, and still managed to look calm and natural.

Xiao Qing nodded at him, and took out the jade bracelet. It looked exactly the same as her jade hairpin, so she was sure Lin Feng was the one who had given it to her. That's why she had rushed over without any least hesitation.

But Xiao Qing did not suspect Hu Yan Qing and Hu Yan Hao had plotted against her because of Lin Feng.

"Indeed, that's the one. Lin Feng told me to give it to you. He also told me that once you had the jade hairpin, you should go and look for him," lied Hu Yan Qing smoothly. Xiao Qing trusted him. Initially, she didn't trust him.

But now it was different, because the jade hairpin was the proof she could trust him.

Finally, she was going to see Lin Feng again!

"Where's my brother?" asked Xiao Qing. She was extremely happy, grabbing Hu Yan Qing's arm and shook it. Hu Yan Qing smiled indifferently, then he dragged her closer to him and smiled, "Miss Xiao Qing, look over there, down the cliff."

Xiao Qing was surprised, but looked in the direction he pointed to. She didn't see anything, so she started to raise her head again.

However, at that moment, Xiao Qing sensed four arms on her back, pushing her, too strong to resist. She immediately fell down.

Her jade hairpin also fell from her hand into the abyssal precipice.

Xiao Qing never thought the two brothers would plot against her.

Hu Yan Qing and his brother watched her silhouette disappear into the gorge. Even if she released strength, she'd die.

"Hahahahahahahah! You're dead! Lin Feng, your sister is dead! Hahahahahaha! I wish I could see your face when you learn about this!" shouted Hu Yan Qing, bursting into mad laughter and raising his face to the skies. His face was distorted with hatred and ferocity.

Hu Yan Hao looked at his brother, his face expressionless, but he was a bit worried. What if what they had just done had terrible consequences? What if Lin Feng learned about it and went insane? What if he killed them? They wouldn't be able to stop him!

He hoped Lin Feng would learn Xiao Qing was dead, but he also hoped he would never learn they had done it.

"Hahaha! Wild, awesome! Little bro, haha, awesome!" said Hu Yan Qing, laughing ferociously. He clenched his fists and continued laughing. Killing Xiao Qing made him feel almost as good as if he had broken through. He could already imagine Lin Feng's expression after learning of Xiao Qing's death.

"Hahaha! Lin Feng, we'll see if you continue acting arrogantly. You think you're super strong, huh?" Hu Yan Qing laughed darkly, showing his yellow teeth.

Hu Yan Hao was disgusted when he saw his brother's teeth, but since he had agreed to collaborate with his brother, he had to continue following him. This was a point of no return.

However, Hu Yan Hao knew that if Lin Feng learned what they had done, they would definitely die!

"Phew..." Hu Yan Hao took a deep breath. He tried to keep calm. He also wanted to hurt Lin Feng because with someone like Lin Feng haunting him, he wouldn't be able to progress. Lin Feng was an obstruction to their progress. Now, the first part of their plan had worked. After learning about Xiao Qing's death, Lin Feng would go crazy, and there would be an opportunity to kill him.

"Haha, little brother, the first part of the plan worked. Now, let's hope the second part goes off as successfully," said Hu Yan Qing. He was excited. Xiao Qing's death was one of the best things to happen to him in a long time.

It wasn't difficult to imagine how much he hated Lin Feng.