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 "Hehe, show me how strong you are when you go insane?" Fu Su Rong mocked him coldly. He almost looked at Lin Feng disdainfully. However, he actually felt very uneasy and restless. Lin Feng had killed twenty Godly Emperors back in the Continent of the Gods. He had become very famous thanks to that battle.

Lin Feng's eyes were bloodshot, staring at Fu Su Rong like a wild beast eyeing its prey. Qi exploded all around him. Fu Su Ron's appearance was an opportunity for Lin Feng to release his anger. Besides, Lin Feng had the pleasant impression that he was going to break through to the sixth Godly Emperor Layer soon.

Lin Feng wanted to solve the situation as quickly as he could. He was determined to use his full strength to find Ji Yang, check whether his grandson was alive or not, kill Ji Yang, and avenge Lin Tian Su.

Lin Feng had no time to lose. He didn't feel like competing over the Continent of the Nine Clouds with Fu Su Rong, either. He was even less interested in helping Fu Su Rong gain more self-confidence. He was too angry.

Lin Feng didn't say anything, he simply disappeared and suddenly reappeared in front of Fu Su Rong, ten meters away. He was so quick that Fu Su Rong's expression suddenly changed. He now realized Lin Feng was ready to kill him.

Fu Su Rong grunted coldly. He jumped backwards and dodged Lin Feng's attack. But Lin Feng moved at the same time and chased him. Lin Feng threw a punch at Fu Su Rong's chest.

Fu Su Rong released strength to protect himself, and his body flickered. However, it wasn't enough to block Lin Feng's punch. Lin Feng had gone crazy and didn't care about anything anymore; he used his full strength and fought recklessly and violently.

His fist collided against Fu Su Rong's chest. Fu Su Rong was instantly blown away, coughing blood for a hundred meters.

When the few Godly Emperors of Dragon Capital University saw that, they all intervened to protect Fu Su Rong. However, Lin Feng just looked at them icily. His bloodshot eyes made him look even more terrifying. He flew towards two Godly Emperors and threw explosive punches at them. The two cultivators instantly exploded and turned into clouds of blood.

"Eh...?" Mu Chen had already seen Lin Feng angry in the past, but he had never seen him like this. Lin Feng had lost his senses and was in a frenzy. He had just punched and crushed two Godly Emperors as if he had punched two stones.

There was no indication that he would come back to his senses any time soon. He was so angry his heartbeat was audible. His eyes were filled with flames of fury. He punched another Godly Emperor who landed ten thousand meters away and crashed against a mountain. The mountain was razed to the ground, and the Godly Emperor instantly died.

Lin Feng's robe was fluttering in the wind, and his hair was messy. He stared at Fu Su Rong with his bloodshot eyes, and Fu Su Rong shuddered with fear. He had fought against Lin Feng in the past, but it was the first time he was really afraid of Lin Feng.

He used to be confident each time he fought against Lin Feng. But now that Lin Feng was truly furious, it was a different story. Fu Su Rong started retreating. Dying for a woman wasn't worth it!

Thinking about that, Fu Su Rong wanted to escape and go back to the Continent of the Gods. He didn't care about the Continent of the Nine Clouds anymore. Why take risks and provoke Lin Feng any longer?

However, it was a bit too late. Lin Feng had already made up his mind to kill Fu Su Rong. He couldn't let enemies live on, otherwise, they'd all become threats in the future. He wanted to become the good old Lin Feng; back in the days, he used to kill all his enemies, all of them, and that was the best strategy.

Why had he become like that, though? Why hadn't he killed Di Shu at the beginning? He had even died because of that mistake. Without the ancestor, he would have never returned. That would have been the true end. Even after having come back to life, Di Shu had continued plotting against him, even in death.

And now Ji Yang! Lin Feng had neglected Ji Yang and now he might be paying the price. He didn't even know if his own grandson was still alive or not. Ji Yang had even told him clearly that he wanted to be exactly like Di Shu.

Why was his grandson in this situation? Why was Lin Feng in this situation? Because he had neglected an enemy; he hadn't killed him and now he was suffering from the consequences of that mistake.

Therefore, Lin Feng decided to kill Fu Su Rong.

Fu Su Rong didn't know what Lin Feng was thinking at that moment, that he was determined to kill him. He was still trying to think of a way to escape. In the end, he decided to continue fighting because he realized there was no way he could escape.

"Lin Feng, even if your fury is giving you wings, I don't think you have no weakness anymore. If I find your flaw, I'll crush you!" shouted Fu Su Rong defiantly. Then he flashed ahead and threw a punch at Lin Feng so quickly that the crowd heard a sonic boom. Energies instantly surrounded Lin Feng.

"Firmament Destroying Finger!" shouted Lin Feng furiously and grimly. He raised his finger and a terrifying energy emerged from it. His energies exploded out as he used the energy of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao, flashing to the attack. He looked like a death god, his only purpose was to kill. He also seemed quite relaxed.

At that moment, Fu Su Rong could sense death Qi. He didn't know how to resist Lin Feng's attacks anymore. Lin Feng seemed way stronger than before.

During their previous battles, Fu Su Rong could compete with Lin Feng because in normal times, Lin Feng was careful, he didn't use attacks which could harm himself. But now that he had gone crazy, he didn't care anymore, he was ready to do anything.

Fu Su Rong was even more scared when he thought about that. He didn't feel like fighting Lin Feng anymore, he just wanted to escape. If he managed to escape, his whole plan in the Continent of the Nine Clouds would be a failure, but he didn't care.

Back then, when he had brought the elders of Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty here, it was to take control of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, to become the second Ruler. But then Lin Feng had killed some of his elders. Now, he was the only one left, with his strength of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer.

Therefore, his whole plan had failed. Lin Feng's fury had killed each of his assistants with one attack.

Fu Su Rong regretted that he had come to provoke Lin Feng. He also regretted that he had started seeing Lin Feng's ex-girlfriend.

When Fu Su Rong saw that Lin Feng had destroyed his attack, his expression changed even more. He got ready to retreat, but Lin Feng was quicker. They were half a meter away from one another. Lin Feng raised his left hand; Fu Su Rong didn't have time to react. Lin Feng grabbed him by the neck and clamped down.

Lin Feng lifted Fu Su Rong. The atmosphere went silent. Many people were astonished. During the previous three years, Lin Feng wasn't in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so people had seen Fu Su Rong more often and they knew how strong he was. When Lin Feng wasn't there, Fu Su Rong was the strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

However, now their original Ruler was back, and people gasped with amazement when they saw him fight again. He was extremely strong, and Fu Su Rong couldn't defeat him.

Lin Feng's eyes were filled with killing intent. He had no sympathy for Fu Su Rong, and he didn't care that he was Yi Ren Lei's boyfriend. He was just mad.

Fu Su Rong paled. He could barely breathe. He also felt humiliated. He was an heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty after all, and Lin Feng was holding him like this. It didn't seem difficult at all for Lin Feng, as if he were holding a mouse.

"I am the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, will you dare kill me? If you kill me, the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty will never let you off!" Fu Su Rong was really scared and starting to panic. He didn't want to die, especially like this, to Lin Feng.

He felt hopeless, powerless, and terrified, and so, like many other people, he tried to scare Lin Feng away using his background.

However, Lin Feng was gone, he didn't understand anything anymore, and even if he did, he wouldn't care, because all he cared about was people's strength, not their background. The more Fu Su Rong threatened him, the more powerful he felt, especially when thinking about Ji Yang's note. His eyes were initially just bloodshot, now the red in his eyes became shiny and gleaming. He really looked terrifying.

"You really think I wouldn't dare kill you?" Lin Feng said emotionlessly. His voice sounded abyssal, dark and sinister.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy. The people of the Continent of the Nine Clouds held their breath and stared at the two cultivators. Would Lin Feng really dare to kill Fu Su Rong?

At that moment, many silhouettes appeared high up in the sky. They were all from Dragon Capital University. The seven new core disciples of Champion University and some cultivators from Tiantai had arrived as well.

Lin Zhe Tian and Huo Wu were in the group, too. When they saw Lin Feng like that, they understood that Lin Feng wanted to kill Fu Su Rong.

Yan Ran Xue was also extremely worried. She had asked Fu Su Rong's assistant, and he had told her that he had taken the initiative to come and provoke Lin Feng. When the assistant told her that, she was even more worried. Now she could see that Lin Feng's eyes were filled with murder.

When she saw that, she shuddered. She knew how Lin Feng was, and knew that at that moment, he wanted to kill. He looked like a bloodthirsty predator.

Nobody could stop him!