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 But Yan Chang and Yan Di weren't there in the sky. Young Emperor Tian Fan and Fu Su Rong appeared in the sky, though they both were a mess.

They were covered all over with cuts and bruises. Tian Fan was covered with wounds with bones sticking out. That was the power of the Celestial Overflow Formula.

Fu Su Rong wasn't having a great time either. His robe was completely torn apart and he was also covered with wounds.

But they had still won.

Yan Chang and Yan Di were on the ground, their injuries even worse. Lin Feng walked over to the two men and put a dozen blood pills into their mouths.

After a short time, they quickly recovered. Yan Chang was extremely grateful. Yan Di looked as if he'd expected it.

Lin Feng stood up and looked at Tian Fan and Fu Su Rong, and...

"I withdraw. I don't want to stand in my husband's way. I hope he can make it as far as possible."

As Lin Feng looked at Yan Ran Xue, she raised her hand and announced her withdrawal.

Yan Ran Xue withdrew? She had such an incredible opportunity and she let it pass? Who was her husband?

Many people stared at the three men. They were heroes. Who was the one lucky enough to be Yan Ran Xue's husband?

Young Emperor Tian Fan? Impossible. What about Lin Feng? Impossible as well. So many people looked at Fu Su Rong.

Yan Ran Xue and Fu Su Rong were together! Many people were envious.

Since Yan Ran Xue withdrew, Young Emperor Tian Fan, Fu Su Rong, and Lin Feng were in the top three. Many people were used to calling Lin Feng Young Master Zhu Tian. When they thought of that name, they thought of strength.

Tian Fan glanced at the two others. He needed to defeat them to be the champion. If he managed to become the champion, he'd be able to do many things in the future.

Fu Su Rong seemed indifferent. Lin Feng ignored him. He didn't care about him. All he cared about was finishing the competition as the champion.

The Gods Government had already been eliminated, so they couldn't win anymore. Lin Feng represented Gods City, so people from Gods City were extremely happy and excited, even those who hadn't been able to come because of the distance.

But there were already a hundred thousand people from Gods City here. The area was completely full of people.

Tian Fan and Fu Su Rong represented Godsland, so it didn't matter which of them won, Godsland would be happy no matter what.

Yan Chang and Yan Di had lost, so the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty wouldn't win. Tian Di hoped his son would win. Even if he wasn't the ultimate ruler of the continent, he still hoped his son would manage to become an ultimate ruler.

Things became simpler now that they were only three people. On one side, Gods City, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and their allies, such as the Heaven and Earth Temple, supported Lin Feng.

On the other side, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple supported Tian Fan. Regarding Fu Su Rong, a few independent cultivators from Godsland supported him, like Mister Zun Xie.

"You three can discuss how you want to finish this, you can do battles to death if you wish," said the old man of the Gods Government to the three finalists. Nobody from the Gods Government was left in the competition. Si Ma Yan had withdrawn from the competition, and Lin Feng had defeated Bai Qi.

When the old man said that, he walked away. He didn't care anymore whether they'd battle to death or not.

"What do you guys want to do?" asked Fu Su Rong, smiling at Lin Feng and Young Emperor Tian Fan.

Tian Fan looked at Lin Feng, Fu Su Rong also looked at Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng just smiled indifferently. "As you wish, guys." Lin Feng was even more arrogant than before, as arrogant as when he was Young Master Zhu Tian.

Since he had been resurrected, he had understood many things. It was useless to be modest and humble. No matter how modest and humble one was, people didn't care. Strength mattered the most, so despising people wasn't a problem. Why not act arrogantly and disdainfully when one was strong?

Therefore, Lin Feng decided to be a little bit more arrogant and pretentious because he was strong enough. If he were weak, he wouldn't act so.

When Tian Fan and Fu Su Rong heard him, they smiled icily. Tian Fan smiled mockingly, Fu Su Rong because he wasn't afraid.

Fu Su Rong looked at Yan Ran Xue, and Yan Ran Xue smiled back at him. She looked incredibly beautiful.

Yan Ran Xue's smile gave Fu Su Rong courage. He wanted to win for her and show her he was better than Lin Feng, too.

Fu Su Rong looked at Lin Feng. If he defeated Lin Feng, he would be extremely happy. Yi Ren Lei had told him a great deal about Lin Feng's life, past, and achievements. Lin Feng had surprisingly achieved better things than him in a small world.

Fu Su Rong had become the leader of a small world. But Lin Feng had also become the ruler of a small world, the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Therefore, Fu Su Rong didn't mind fighting against Lin Feng. Yi Ren Lei had chosen Fu Su Rong as her husband in the end. Maybe she was honest, or maybe that she had made a choice by default.

No matter what, Lin Feng felt humiliated, so he really wanted to defeat Fu Su Rong. Even if it didn't change anything, he had to defeat him. He wanted to show Yi Ren Lei that no matter who she chose, no matter how heroic he was, Lin Feng could oppress him.

Lin Feng glanced at Yan Ran Xue, Fu Su Rong also looked at her, but Yan Ran Xue, also known as Yi Ren Lei, only looked at Fu Su Rong, not at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood more clearly, so he decided something.

"Fu Su Rong, we fight first, and the winner will fight against Tian Fan. The loser will be eliminated," said Lin Feng icily.

Fu Su Rong smiled and nodded. He really wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson. They considered each other rivals in love.

Fu Su Rong took a few steps forwards and stopped a hundred meters away from Lin Feng. They stared at each other. They hadn't started battling yet, but they looked like two predators.

Many people looked at them with their eyes wide.

"Life, death, victory, defeat, all those things don't matter. What matters to me is that I remain true to myself and my intentions," Lin Feng stated icily.

"What do you want to prove?" Fu Su Rong frowned.

"To prove that some people can be very wrong." replied Lin Feng, glancing at Yan Ran Xue.

Fu Su Rong said coldly, "Maybe that you're not qualified to prove such a thing."

"Therefore, let's fight, and we'll see!" said Lin Feng smiling nastily. An ice-cold Qi emerged around him.

"Alright!" Fu Su Rong shouted back. He flashed and turned into a sword, then charged Lin Feng. Lin Feng flashed and condensed an energy as heavy as a mountain in his foot. He threw a kick at Fu Su Rong, who had turned into a sword.

Boom boom!...

Two explosions rang out. The battle had just started, but it was already very fierce!