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 The Three Party Competition which takes place every ten years was starting. Bai Qi, the son of the leader of the Gods Government, Chu Lian Ying, the heroes of the Four Temples, Si Ma Yan, and so on were all there, all gathered on a boundless field.

Godsland also sent their strongest cultivators. Tian Fan and Di Shu were the heroes of the group.

Yan Di, Yan Chang, and Long Yan from the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, and Gan Cheng from the Heaven and Earth Temple were there. Many people were also surprised to see Dan Qinq Xuan from the Elixir Temple with the heroes of Godsland.

Dan Qinq Xuan was the third envoy of the Elixir Temple and had the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer.

Most people almost forgot about Gods City. Lin Feng was still on the list, but where was Lin Feng? Lin Feng had kind of become the joke of the continent.

The members of Gods City were furious. But what could they do? Would they end up humiliated again?

The cultivators sent by Gods City were almost neglected. Their strongest cultivator was Tu Ba, who had the strength of the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer, which was insignificant at the scale of the continent.

On the side of Gods City were Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and the others. The Gods Government had invited Chu Lian Feng to represent them, but he had refused. He had accepted Gods City's invitation. The members of the Chu Clan were furious and felt humiliated, but Chu Lian Feng didn't care, especially since Chu Lian Ying had been chosen to become the future leader of the clan.

That vast and boundless plateau in the mountains was where the Three Party Competition would take place. There were terrifying ancient ferocious wild beasts there. Battles between humans and those beasts would probably happen.

The cultivators of the Gods Government and Godsland were already there. They were all ready. The place was going to turn into a battlefield for the Three Party Competition.

The strong cultivators of the Gods Government had erected a temporary palace at the front. The strong cultivators of Godsland were in a temporary palace in the back. They had a favorable site to stay, but the members of Gods City were not that lucky, a bit isolated from the rest of the group.

Among the Godly Emperors of Gods City were Godly Emperor Lei, Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, Godly Emperor Du Hu, Godly Emperor Xuan, and Ye Lü Qi.

Apart from them, there was the leader of Gods City, an old man in grey clothes. He was the strongest cultivator of the city, with the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer. Lin Zhe Tian, who had become the leader of Sword Mountain, was there, too. He would also participate.

No wonder Lin Zhe Tian was Lin Feng's son, he had managed to break through to the first Godly Emperor Layer relying on his own self. He had turned his body into a seed at the most crucial moment. Thanks to him, Sword Mountain had become the most powerful member of the Group of Six.

The ancestor of Sword Mountain was a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer. With Lin Zhe Tian and Jian Shi, they had become much stronger. The other five groups could barely compete with them anymore.

"People from Gods City look ridiculous; I am surprised they didn't feel ashamed and gave up in the end," someone said mockingly when they saw Tu Ba and the others in front of their miserable campsite. The members of Gods City were infuriated.

Di Shu and the others smiled mockingly. Lin Feng was dead and nothing could make Di Shu happier than that. Even though his plan hadn't worked completely, at least Lin Feng was dead!

Hmph! Lin Feng, you wanted to harm me? Now you're dead!, thought Di Shu, smiling smugly. He looked more and more detestable. Ordinary people couldn't know what he was thinking.

"How dare you come here!" said Tu Ba looking at Di Shu icily and clenching his fists. His friends also wished they could crush him.

Di Shu looked at Tu Ba suspiciously, but then burst into laughter. He mocked them, "Why would I dare come back? Haha! Losers are always in the wrong, and I am a winner! Lin Feng was a loser! Haha!!"

"Indeed, our military adviser won. Your genius, Lin Feng, is dead. He couldn't be more dead! Haha! Awesome!" said a strong cultivator from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty next to Di Shu. He was the one Lin Feng had punched and crushed back at the Long Yun Peak. He had never forgotten that. Lin Feng was now dead, so he was extremely happy.

"You..." Tu Ba's eyes were bloodshot. He really wanted to attack. His heart was pounding.

However, at that moment, they heard a faint laugh in the distance. Everybody raised their head, including Di Shu.

In the distance, a silhouette in cyan clothes and a blue jade belt appeared. He looked pretty and charming. He was holding a fan and had a silk kerchief on his head as he looked them over with a smile.

"People who really understand how to plot never abet the wicked," said the man in cyan clothes. He was mounted on a great snow crane. When he arrived, he jumped off the crane and landed on the ground, as light as a feather.

When he landed on the ground, it didn't make any sound at all. He had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer.

Xu Gan didn't care about what other people thought of him, especially people like Di Shu. He was still smiling. He slowly walked over to Tu Ba and the others. He shook his fan and asked, "Excuse me, does Gods City need help?"

"Eh... what do you mean?" asked Tu Ba, puzzled.

"Hehe, the Young Master of my clan wants to help Gods City," Xu Gan smiled.

Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and the others were surprised. Lin Zhe Tian, Godly Emperor Du Hu, and the others all came over, ignoring Di Shu, all looking at Xu Gan. Godly Emperor Du Hu asked with the greatest care, "Who is your Young Master?" He had lived for tens of thousands of years. He knew there were many mysterious cultivators, and many of them were hermits. Miss Snow, Ruo Xie's teacher... they were all hermits. Therefore, he knew he had to be careful. He couldn't offend such a cultivator.

Xu Gan and Lin Feng had prepared everything beforehand. Everybody would remember Xu Gan here. Lin Feng had to come with a new identity, however.

Emperor Yu was in Lin Feng's spirit world. He would have him come out after the competition.

"My Young Master's name is Zhu Tian!" Xu Gan smiled. He was Ancestor Kong's youngest disciple, and very smart.

That name sounded good. Di Shu looked at him icily and mockingly, "What Zhu Tian? How ridiculous. Hehe!"

"Hehe, indeed. In comparison with your crappy master, Tian Fan, mine sure is ordinary. Haha!" replied Xu Gan, laughing and humiliating Di Shu. Instantly, Tu Ba, Lin Zhe Tian, and the others started having a good impression about him. They all burst into laughter with him.

Di Shu was angered and felt humiliated. He groaned icily, rolled up his sleeves and looked at Xu Gan furiously. He wouldn't forget this! However, Xu Gan seemed indifferent to his reaction. Even if Di Shu decided to plot against him, so what? He wasn't afraid, he would see who the best at plotting was!

"Your Excellency, where's your Young Master?" said Godly Emperor Du Hu, smiling kindly.

Xu Gan shook his head and shook his fan, but he didn't reply immediately. It meant only one thing... WAIT!

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