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 Lin Feng and his friends had a great meal and chatted happily. They had lots of drinks and ate a lot. To sum it up, they had an amazing time.

"Lin Feng, I have some good news for you. Your son, Lin Zhe Tian, has broken through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer."

Lin Feng was already quite drunk. He didn't release pure Qi to remove the alcohol from his blood, he assimilated it like an ordinary person because he was happy. When he heard the old man, he was overjoyed.

Lin Zhe Tian had become a Half-Godly Emperor. In the future, he'd become even stronger. He was so young, only a few dozens of years younger than Lin Feng, and he had already become so strong; how strong would he be at Lin Feng's age?

"But he doesn't have a godly emperor seed," said the Elder of Punishments. Without the godly emperor seed, he couldn't become a Godly Emperor.

Yan Di put his glass down and took out a box from his ring. He put it on the table and said, "There is a dragon godly emperor seed in this box. Give it to Zhe Tian."

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Yan Di and Lin Zhe Tian had become quite close. Yan Di liked that little boy a lot, he was like a nephew. He gave him a dragon godly emperor seed the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had given him a while ago to them without any hesitation.

The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan's eyes were wide. They couldn't believe it. They looked at the box, which had an ancient Qi emerging from it. It was an ancient dragon emperor Qi. How incredible!

They had heard that with a dragon godly emperor seed, a cultivator had high chances of becoming a high-level Godly Emperor someday. If Lin Zhe Tian became a high-level Godly Emperor someday, it would be wonderful for Sword Mountain!

"Thank you very much, Yan Di!" said the Elder of Punishments, standing up and bowing a few times before Yan Di. For the future of Sword Mountain, the dragon godly emperor seed would be extremely beneficial. Maybe someday, Sword Mountain would become as powerful as the Four Temples!

It would be great for the hundreds of thousands of disciples of Sword Mountain. The ancestor of Sword Mountain would be so happy, too...

The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan were moved. They didn't even dare touch the box though, they were almost afraid they would break it. However, Lin Feng didn't look that happy; actually, he looked rather indifferent.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes, looking as if he had made a decision. He stretched out his left hand and put it on the box. The two old men didn't understand, and looked at Lin Feng.

"Masters, you can take this godly emperor seed, but tell Lin Zhe Tian I said this: he needs to think whether he wants to use the godly emperor seed to break through, or my method," said Lin Feng. Everybody understood how serious the matter was. The old men's smiles stiffened and they stared at Lin Feng solemnly.

After Lin Feng had become a Godly Emperor, his position in the hierarchy had changed. He was now an elder to the two old men. At least in terms of cultivation, he had more seniority than them. So, whatever Lin Feng said, they had to listen to.

Lin Feng said, "Tell Lin Zhe Tian that if he wants to use this godly emperor seed, in the future, he will become a high-level Godly Emperor. However, he will never become stronger than that.

"Godly imperial seeds are not the only way of breaking through to the Godly Emperor Layer. The Celestial Emperor, the Demon Emperor, and other top-class cultivators didn't use godly emperor seeds to break through. They rely on themselves. Even I found another solution; I relied on my own self and I succeeded. I used my own body and made it into a godly emperor seed. It is very difficult, I even had to take risks, but since I succeeded, my future will be even brighter.

"Since Lin Zhe Tian is my son, I hope he can think about it carefully. Does he want to take the easy way and use the godly emperor seed? Or will he be brave enough to try and rely on his own self?" Lin Feng stated firmly.

What would Lin Zhe Tian decide? Lin Feng couldn't choose for him, but he hoped his son would think about it. If his son decided to use the godly emperor seed, Lin Feng wouldn't be angry, as at least he'd be safe and sound.

If he decided to do like his father and make his own body turn into a seed, Lin Feng would be happy, because his future on the path of cultivation would be even brighter.

Lin Feng didn't know whether there were higher cultivation levels than the Godly Emperor Layer. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor didn't know, either. However, Lin Feng was convinced that relying on oneself to break through was the best thing, and that people who did so were much more outstanding and talented than those who didn't. He was convinced it was only possible to become stronger than the Celestial Emperor like that.

The two old men had listened carefully. They thought Lin Feng was crazy. What they thought was a legend wasn't, Lin Feng had made his body into a godly emperor seed to break through. Now he hoped his son would do the same... How crazy!

The two old men admired Lin Feng, but they didn't want Lin Zhe Tian would take risks. Lin Zhe Tian was the future of Sword Mountain, what if something happened to him?

But they'd tell him everything, and Lin Zhe Tian wasn't stupid, he would probably choose to use the godly emperor seed.

The two old men remembered everything. Lin Feng smiled. Even though he couldn't guess what the two old men were thinking, he knew they hoped Lin Zhe Tian wouldn't choose to risk his life.

Yan Di didn't say anything, he just looked at Lin Feng and sighed. Lin Feng surprisingly didn't just have the godly emperor seed in his body, he had also used his own flesh and blood to make it a seed...

Yan Di smiled then. He was relieved, because he had also relied on his own self to break through, like Lin Feng. If Lin Feng hadn't, maybe Yan Di would have become much, much, much stronger, and then would they still have had things to talk about, things to do together? Would they still have been friends?

So when he heard Lin Feng, he was relieved. They would be best friends forever.

Yan Di invited them to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, but Jian Yan refused because he was afraid, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was too famous and too powerful.

In Gods City, the Four Temples and the Three Dynasties were considered holy places, the leaders of Gods City. They were afraid that if they went to such a place, it would destabilize them psychologically.

The four Sword Mountain cultivators left together. Before they left, Yan Di gave them a talisman which would allow them to get to Gods City freely, without having to cross the Illusion Forest.

Lin Feng and Yan Di said goodbye to the four of them, and headed back to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.


Four days later, some incredible news spread in the Continent of the Gods. Gods City had issued their invitation list. Usually, people didn't really care, but this time it was different.

Because Lin Feng was on that list!

Lin Feng, the one who had shaken the whole world a few days before, the one who had extended the flight of stairs created by Tian Di and the others!

Lin Feng wasn't going to represent the Gods Government or Godsland, he was going to represent Gods City!

Apart from Lin Feng, Han Da Li, Tu Ba, Qiao Lao Gou, and Jiang Hao were on the list.

And there was someone else, people didn't understand. Chu Lian Feng was on that list, too! But Chu Lian Feng and his brother, Chu Lian Ying, were already on the Gods Government's list.

What was going on?

Lin Feng read the list. Apart from them, Godly Emperor Du Hu was on the list, too. Surprisingly, that elder was going to participate...

Ye Lü Qi was also on the list. He had become the leader of the Celestial Gods Government and he now had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer. Thanks to him, the Celestial Gods Government was rising.

Lin Zhe Tian was also on the list. Lin Zhe Tian had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, but in six months, he might officially be a Godly Emperor. It would be great for him, an opportunity.

Lin Feng was very satisfied.

"Lin Feng, it's time to go to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield."