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 "Brother, to tell you the truth, Gods City considers me as a traitor and they sentenced me to death," said Lin Feng. He didn't need to hide anything from the man after hearing what he had said. Since the big fellow hated Gods City, they were on the same side.

When the man heard that he looked surprised, but he had sympathy for Lin Feng. He smiled icily and said, "Poor boy, I knew that people from Gods City were hypocrites, and they dare say they're righteous..."

"Eh? You're not surprised?" Lin Feng didn't understand. What was going on?

"Why would I be surprised? I hate them even more now that you told me those things. Everybody in the village is considered a traitor."

"What? Everybody in the village is considered a traitor?"

Lin Feng was astonished. His eyes were wide, and his heart was pounding. No wonder the big fellow wasn't surprised. Lin Feng was just another traitor!

"So what is this place?" asked Lin Feng.

"Criminals' Village. There are three hundred and fifty inhabitants in the village. They're people who have been sentenced in the Continent of the Gods," said the big fellow sadly.

"How could something like this happen?" asked Lin Feng.

The big fellow looked at Lin Feng, then he took off his top. He had been branded, the words "MO FANG CRIMINAL" were branded onto his body.

"Your name is Mo Fang?" said Lin Feng to the man.

"I am a descendant of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, he was my great-great-great-grandfather," said Mo Fang, putting his top back on. He had also calmed down.

Lin Feng wasn't calm at all, though. He guessed that all the people in Criminals' Village were probably descendants of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. They were more or less related to him, and they had been expelled from the Continent of the Gods!

"So that's how Criminals' Village was created..." Lin Feng sighed. Who would have thought the Demon Emperor's descendants would be stuck in a world of pariahs and considered criminals someday?

But what about Lin Feng himself? He was also a criminal. He had been sentenced to death by Gods City, and a cruel death on top of that!

"Little friend, you're branded too now, but the brand is in your third eye," Mo Fang said to Lin Feng, shaking his head and sighing.

Lin Feng was stupefied. Mo Fang gave him a mirror. That mirror was different from an ordinary mirror. It was pitch-black, how could it reflect anything?

But Lin Feng put the mirror in front of his forehead and suddenly, a blood-red light glowed and the word "CRIMINAL" appeared.

"You are in danger compared to us. Our brands are on our chests, yours is like Xuan Yuan's, it's on your head.

"You probably had an extraordinary status in the Continent of the Gods. At least, people must think you have the same potential as Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been so scared of you," said Mo Fang. He looked excited at the same time.

"Yes. I finished first at the two competitions, the Gods List competition and the Top-Class Great Competition, but then they removed my name from the list," Lin Feng nodded.

Mo Fang smiled, "You remind me of my great-great-great-grandfather. He was also first on the list, and then he was killed.

"You probably don't know the story behind the scene. Back in the days, my great-great-great-grandfather wasn't killed by Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, he was killed by Tian Di the Celestial Emperor's father.

"A hundred thousand years ago, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was first on the list, and Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was only fourth. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor couldn't even withstand a hundred attacks from my great-great-great-grandfather. Isn't that ridiculous?" said Mo Fang.

Lin Feng was shaking. He used to think Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was the strongest cultivator and that Xuan Yuan wasn't as strong. Now he understood the whole story a little bit better. What an incredible tale!

Back in the days, the Demon Emperor was first on the Gods List and Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was only fourth? Who were the second and third ones then?

"Who were the second and third ones, Mo Fang?" asked Lin Feng. He was too curious, he had to ask.

"My father told me that the second one used to be Dong Fei Yu, the Heaven Shaking Cultivator."

"Eh? Dong Fei Yu the Heaven Shaking Cultivator?" Lin Feng couldn't help but remember Zhen Mo's incantation, "Stones breaking through the vault of Heaven, free and unrestrained rain, Dong Fei Yu".

Lin Feng had asked Godly Emperor Blood about it, Godly Emperor Blood had just told him that he was a terrifying entity. He hadn't told him that Dong Fei Yu used to be second on the Gods List back in the days, he was only inferior to the Demon Emperor and stronger than Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

Mo Fang noticed that Lin Feng looked astonished, but he didn't guess that Lin Feng had already heard of him before. He thought he was just surprised by all those stories so he continued, "The third one was extremely strong, too: Yun Shan Ming, the Bright and Almighty Mountain and Cloud Destroyer.

"The fourth one was Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. Back in the days, people called him the Eternal Noble Emperor of the Ten Thousand Worlds," said Mo Fang. When he mentioned Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, he looked furious, but when he mentioned Yun Tian Ming and Dong Fei Yu, his eyes were filled with admiration.

"Little friend, Dong Fei Yu and Yun Tian Ming are already resting in peace now. The groups they created back in the days still exist, though."

"What are they?" asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

"The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. Yun Shan Ming is the founder of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty and Dong Fei Yu is the founder of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was the founder of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, obviously."

"Now, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty is stronger than the two others because Yun Tian Ming and Dong Fei Yu are dead. Otherwise, you think that the Celestial Emperors Dynasty would be able to compete with them?" said Mo Fang mockingly.

If the top three cultivators of the Gods List of back in the days had been alive, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor wouldn't have been able to succeed.

"Brother Mo Fang, have you ever heard that phrase, The Sky Palace, what's the date tonight?" asked Lin Feng.

Mo Fang shook his head. He didn't know what that poem meant or who had said that. "He's your teacher?" asked Mo Fang.

Lin Feng looked disappointed, he shook his head and said nothing.

"My great-great-great-grandfather had no first name, his family name was Xuan Yuan and that was enough. When people hear Xuan Yuan, they think of strength," said Mo Fang, ignoring the fact that Lin Feng looked disappointed. He seemed proud of Xuan Yuan.

Xuan Yuan, two words; that was enough!

When hearing Xuan Yuan, people thought of a million things related to strength.


Lin Feng was happy in Criminals' Village because he was also a demon cultivator. Lin Feng and the villagers of Criminals' Village gradually became acquainted. These people didn't despise Lin Feng, they considered him one of them.

Lin Feng observed the villagers. Some of them had no choice but to hunt for food, and sometimes, they didn't get anything and starved. Some old women had no sons or grandsons, so they had no choice but to go and hunt for themselves in vain, so people gave them some food when they met them.

Lin Feng understood that the situation revolving around Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was more complex than he had ever imagined. But it was also extremely sad to see that the descendants of such an incredible cultivator were oppressed like this.


Time passed. Lin Feng was more and more disappointed. People from the Continent of the Gods were not virtuous at all. They had no principles. Lin Feng decided that since he was considered a criminal, then he'd act like one.

But someday, if he could rely on his own abilities, he'd fight on the side of the criminals, and then the righteous people of the Continent would not be the righteous anymore, they'd be the criminals.

Tian Di the Celestial Emperor would become a criminal!

"Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, you schemer!"