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 The Five Governments are really incredible. They also have Godly Emperors... No wonder they are first-class groups, thought Lin Feng. Then, he thought about Yan Di, that guy was in the Three Dynasties. If the Five Governments were already scary, what about the Three Dynasties? What were they like? And what about the Four Temples? How scary were they?

"Godly Emperor Tian, Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, the three of us are here, where are you?" shouted Godly Emperor Lei the Thunder God, as if he were the supreme ruler.

"Godly Emperor Lei, you're a bit too arrogant."

When Godly Emperor Lei shouted, the crowd heard someone. Ten thousand meters up in the sky, a silhouette appeared horizontally, his body diffusing dazzling blue lights. Some people almost went blind when he appeared.

The silhouette then appeared above Godly Emperor Lei and rumbling sounds spread out. Godly Emperor Lei groaned and lightning thundered around him, but he couldn't block the attack and was pushed back.

The gigantic silhouette gradually appeared. It was a young man in blue clothes, holding a fan. He looked pretty and charming. If he wasn't surrounded by godly lights, nobody would think he was a Godly Emperor.

"Godly Emperor Tian, you're a bit too wild," said a bewitching woman, slowly appearing at that moment. She was Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, the Godly Emperor of the Bestial Gods Government.

Godly Emperor Jiu Yao didn't seem as bewitching as Yao Mei Er, she didn't even look as attractive as the ordinary disciples of the Bestial Gods Government. She just looked ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. It was quite strange.

"The five of us are here. Now, we should welcome the master," said Godly Emperor Jiu Yao to the four other Godly Emperors, looking at the sky.

Godly Emperor Tian and Godly Emperor Lei raised their heads and frowned. In the sky, a dazzling light opened up, and a strange yet pleasant sound spread out. A countless number of golden light beams appeared. Many disciples gasped with astonishment, their Dao strength suddenly rising.

Lin Feng also saw some golden words appear in his brain. Even though it wasn't as astonishing as it was for ordinary disciples, Lin Feng's body temperature increased a little bit as he assimilated them, they were useful for cultivation.

"Only cultivators of the second Godly Emperor layer can do that, it's called the Boundless Golden and Sparkling Rain Incantation." Lin Feng heard Godly Emperor Blood's voice. He raised his head and looked at the source of the golden light. It was also a woman, her aura like sunlight. One couldn't see her face and body clearly, she was probably incredibly beautiful.

"Is it her?" said Godly Emperor Blood sorrowfully.

Lin Feng was starting to appreciate Godly Emperor Blood. He wasn't angry anymore. He used to be a Godly Emperor, but maybe that he wasn't as famous as some other Godly Emperors.

"So Godly Emperors also have different levels, old man?" Lin Feng asked Godly Emperor Blood.

"Of course! The Holy Spirit Emperor layer is divided into nine levels. The Godly Emperor layer is also divided into nine levels, but I remember back in the days, the sixth Godly Emperor layer was already considered the maximum, a cultivator with the strength of the sixth Godly Emperor layer could control the whole Continent of the Gods."

"So now, Tian Di the Celestial Emperor must have the strength of the seventh or eighth Godly Emperor layer," whispered Godly Emperor Blood angrily.

Lin Feng wanted to ask him what his level was, but he didn't, because Godly Emperor Blood knew Lin Feng was going to ask and asked him not to ask.

So Lin Feng didn't insist, and studied the battlefield.

At that moment, the sunlight-like lights in the sky had disappeared. A woman had appeared on the battle stage. She was wearing a rainbow-colored dress and her face was veiled.

"Welcome," said the five Godly Emperors, bowing hand over fist.

The members of the Six Groups and Five Governments were astonished. Who was this woman? The five Godly Emperors looked at her with awe and veneration. That was astounding. Wasn't she a Godly Emperor too?

"If I am not mistaken, she must be from the Gods Government," whispered Jian Shi when he saw the woman in the rainbow-colored dress.

"The Gods Government is also an influential group?" Lin Feng seemed puzzled.

"Of course! There is a town's great leader, and there is the Gods Government, which is also an influential group, but they're not like the Five Governments, the Four Temples, or the Three Dynasties. The Gods Government is there to support the Gods Country.

"The strong cultivators of Gods City and the Gods Government are all under the orders of Godsland, the weakest cultivators there are Half-Godly Emperors," Jian Shi explained to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was impressed; the Gods Country was really frightening. Even someone like Tian Di the Celestial Emperor didn't go to the Gods Country, how terrifying was that place?

"Godly Emperors, please rise," said the woman in the rainbow-colored dress sweetly.

Who would have thought the woman would be so young. She looked like she was less than a hundred years old, and she was already a Godly Emperor. How incredible!

Everybody understood why the Godly Emperors were so respectful of the woman, because she wasn't just from the Gods Government, she was also extremely talented.

"Eh? That voice?" When Lin Feng heard that sweet voice, he was astonished. He smiled wryly and whispered, "How is that even possible? Qing Feng?"

"Darling, do you miss Sister Qing Feng?" asked Meng Qing. Lin Feng suddenly seemed a bit sad.

Since they had come to the Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng hadn't found Qing Feng and he was very worried about her.

He hadn't found his son Lin Qiong Sheng either, and Xiao Ya, Lang Ye, Huang Fu Long and the others. They had all disappeared. Lin Feng was worried about all of them. He hoped they had been lucky enough to find some great things which could help them on the path of cultivation, and they weren't in danger.

"Don't worry, Sister Qing Feng is probably alright," said Meng Qing, cheering Lin Feng up. She couldn't replace Qing Feng though.

"I hope so," said Lin Feng, looking at the woman in the rainbow-colored dress.

Lin Feng was startled, because she really looked like Qing Feng, but at the same time, how could Qing Feng have the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer?

The woman turned around and glanced at Lin Feng for a microsecond, then walked away.

"May the Great Competition start!" the woman said with her sweet voice. Many people abruptly looked ferocious. The great competition was finally starting!

"Lin Feng, will you fight against me? A battle would both help us increase for the competition!" shouted Ye Lü Qi furiously, jumping out from the group of people from the Celestial Gods Government. He was holding a spear and his eyes were filled with murder. His robe was fluttering in the wind. The atmosphere instantly became oppressive.

"Lin Zhe Tian, will you fight against me?" said Ye Lü Dan Xing, imitating his teacher. He looked at Lin Zhe Tian in icy disdain.

"It seems like the rumors are true. They really did agree on a battle."

"Father and son are both legends."

"Hehe, Ye Lü Qi has the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, I think Lin Feng is going to lose."

Many people thought Lin Feng didn't stand a chance against Ye Lü Qi because his cultivation level was too low.

Regarding Lin Zhe Tian and Ye Lü Dan Xing's battle, nobody paid attention to them. One had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, the other of the eighth, nobody cared about such a weak cultivator.