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 Jian Shi found what Tang Zhen said quite strange, but he had to admit Lin Feng was really talented.

What Tang Zhen said felt like being slapped to Deng Jia. His cheeks burned. He didn't like Lin Feng, and didn't think Lin Feng could compete with him. But now Tang Zhen and Jian Shi wanted Lin Feng to go instead of him.

He had no choice but to suffer in silence. He wouldn't give up, though!

"You go then, with the Elder of Punishments. Go and explore the Grave of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor," Jian Shi said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded expressionlessly. He already had an advanced understanding of the standard godly skills he had studied, even if he hadn't mastered them completely, he was very close already.

Even though he still had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he had become stronger. Before meditating in seclusion, he could compete with cultivators of the top of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but he would have struggled. Now he wouldn't struggle anymore, and cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer were not necessarily able to kill him anymore.

"Zhe Tian is not done. If he came out, he could go with you, though," said Jian Shi. Zhe Tian was their most outstanding disciple.

"When Little Tian comes out, he probably will be as strong as someone like Ye Lü Dan Xing, if not stronger," said Lin Feng proudly.

Jian Shi and the Elder of Punishments smiled wryly. If Lin Zhe Tian became as strong as Ye Lü Dan Xing, they'd be relieved. Ye Lü Dan Xing was from one of the Five Governments, one of the strongest disciples of the Celestial Gods Government.

"Elder of Punishments, let's go," said Lin Feng, turning around.

"Let's go," agreed the Elder of Punishments. They had no time to waste. His silhouette flickered and they flew towards the Grave. Lin Feng followed him closely.

Jian Shi looked at Deng Jia and sighed, "Deng Jia, you're a vice leader in Sword Mountain. Sword Mountain should be above your own little grudges against Lin Feng, for the sake of Sword Mountain. You understand?"

"Understood," said Deng Jia. He looked glum, lowered his head and ground his teeth. His eyes glittered. Tang Zhen noticed it.

Deng Jia sensed a horribly sharp energy pressing against his back. A little bit more and his soul would disperse. His face instantly paled. Had he forgotten that he was surrounded by two Half-Godly Emperors?


"Master, is Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor very famous?" asked Lin Feng while they flew

The Elder of Punishments didn't look at Lin Feng, they flew and chatted at the same time.

"Of course. When he was five hundred years old, he had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer and injured a Half-Godly Emperor. When he was seven hundred years old and became a Half-Godly Emperor, he could easily kill cultivators of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. When he was three hundred years old, after becoming a real Godly Emperor, he could easily oppress all Godly Emperors.

"Back then, the ancestors of the Five Governments were also oppressed by him, even though they were really strong. Emperor Tian, Ancestor Shen, Emperor Qiong... Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor oppressed them all.

"Emperor Tian was the founder of the Celestial Gods Government, Emperor Qiong was the ancestor of the Qiong Clan, but they don't exist anymore. Ancestor Shen was the founder of the Gods Clan. The Demon Emperor oppressed them all."

"Eh... Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was so strong," Lin Feng remarked in admiration.

"Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor also had disciples. You know the Demon God who came to Sword Mountain recently?"

"Yes, of course I remember, could it be that he..." Lin Feng stared at Elder of Punishments Xing Fa.

"Indeed, he was one of the hundred disciples of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. There are some really, really strong people in this world who used to be the Demon Emperor's disciples, as well. For example, the Patriarch of the Unicorn Sect used to be one of the Demon Emperor's best disciples," said the Elder of Punishments in admiration.

"However, he collapsed while rising," sighed the Elder of Punishments. He was sad that the Demon Emperor was dead.

Only someone like Demon Emperor could make them feel that way.

"Why did he collapse?" asked Lin Feng. He wanted to know everything about Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, it would be useful in the grave.

"A Celestial Emperor oppressed him and he exploded. However, the Celestial Emperor was also injured," said the Elder of Punishments. He looked impressed.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. A Celestial Emperor had oppressed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and killed him? And the Celestial Emperor had ended up injured?

In the Continent of the Gods, Celestial Emperors seemed to be considered the strongest cultivators. However, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had injured one... How strong...

"Don't be surprised. Back then, the Celestial Emperor was not as strong as now, but the Demon Emperor has been dead for almost fifty thousand years, so the Celestial Emperor must be much, much stronger," the Elder of Punishments smiled thinly.

Lin Feng tried to look less surprised, but Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was still extremely strong. Lin Feng wanted to know more about him.

"Master, look, in front of us," said Lin Feng. There was a mountain, ten thousand meters high. There were many small peaks all around it. A blood-red demon Qi rolled in waves above the peaks.

There were many strong cultivators all around. Lin Feng also noticed some disciples of the Five Governments and Six Groups.

"Let's go. Let's go and see," said the Elder of Punishments. When he saw the scene, he was shaken as well. He flashed forwards and landed on a mountain.

Lin Feng's demon Qi started boiling. His face became pale. His demon corpse Qi also started reacting. It was like his demon Qi wanted to get out of his body. Lin Feng shouted furiously and released his brightness strength to oppress his own demon Qi.

He raised his head and looked at the peak a few hundred meters away from him. The energies which made his blood boil came from there.

There was probably something inside...