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 "How come father is using his spirit?" Lin Zhe Tian was stunned. People didn't use their cultivation spirit in the Continent of the Gods, it was almost useless here.

When Lin Feng used it, the Nine-Headed Sky-Destroying Dragon, that kind of spirit was considered extraordinary in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

When Lin Feng released his spirit, many people were astonished. Most of them had never seen a spirit. Only a few people there knew there was a lower world called the Continent of the Nine Clouds where people used cultivation spirits.

Lin Feng raised his arms, and the nine-headed dragon spirit flew towards Mo Zi's demon dragon fearlessly.

The two gigantic beasts collided, and the whole kwoon shook violently. Craters and fissures appeared everywhere as energies exploded. Many people paled at the apocalypse.

The Elder of Punishments was astonished. Lin Feng and Mo Zi's battle was fierce and powerful. If he had been the one fighting, he would have been severely injured.

Had Lin Feng surpassed them already?

Everybody was astonished. Even the Half-Godly Emperor in black frowned, astonished by Lin Feng's strength. Lin Feng was definitely qualified to fight against his disciple!

The terrifying strength disappeared. Lin Feng and Mo Zi's silhouettes reappeared. They both were in a bad shape. Lin Feng's black robe was torn, his face was pale, and his mouth was bleeding.

Mo Zi looked even worse, some of his muscles were clearly visible from his wounds. He had nearly blown apart!

Blood dripped from his mouth. He looked at Lin Feng warily, without mockery.

"Hehe! You pushed me to this extreme, you can be proud of yourself. But now you're going to die!" snarled Mo Zi, narrowing his eyes and sneering. His demon Qi filled the air. Everybody saw a terrifying demon coalesce.

Mo Zi raised his arms, his muscles twitching. Two blood-red lights shot up to the skies. An evil Qi appeared and thickened, smelling like death.

However, Lin Feng liked that kind of death Qi. It made him more confident, because his death Dao improved when he faced death Qi.

"Blood Demon Birth, Absorption of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation!" Mo Zi ground out in a deep voice. The whole kwoon turned red.

Many people released pure Qi to protect themselves and retreated at the same time.

The blood-red lights contained demon energy, and set the blood to boiling. People had no choice but to dodge the attack.

"Sixty-fifth attack on the Godly Skills' List, Blood Demon Birth! Let's see if you can withstand this attack!" Mo Zi sneered.

"As you wish!" Lin Feng replied coolly. He flashed ahead, his eyes bloodshot, demon energies rolling around him. His demon corpse Qi was extremely thick. The demon Qi Mo Zi had released was instantly completely oppressed by Lin Feng's demon corpse Qi!

"What's this?" Mo Zi's expression suddenly changed. This young man was also a demon cultivator?

Mo Zi's teacher was astonished as well. He looked excited and murmured, "Could it be that he's a fourth generation top-class demon cultivator?"

"Hmph, an empty show of strength, how could you stop my godly skill?" spat Mo Zi, laughing loudly. He opened his arms and blood-red energies surged out. The absorbing strength absorbed sunlight and the kwoon became very dark.

"An empty show of strength? Hehe, we'll see!" answered Lin Feng, shaking his head in amusement. He raised his left hand and the Heart-Based Sword hummed, giving rise to millions of demons howling and wailing.

"Demon Corpse Determination, Punished Heart!" shouted Lin Feng. His demon voice made the kwoon tremble once again. The color of the Heart-Based Sword changed to blood-red. The demon corpse Qi pulsed, the Heart-Based Sword shook and whistled, then flew towards Mo Zi's chest at incredible speed.

Mo Zi's expression changed drastically. The Heart-Based Sword was extremely powerful and the demon corpse Qi was even scarier. It instantly pierced through his godly skill.

"Die!" shouted Mo Zi furiously. At the same time, he raised his sword, and his demon dragon howled again and appeared in front of him.

A cutting sound spread through the air and the gigantic demon dragon disappeared.

"I will kill you!" Mo Zi was really furious. He had traveled to so many places in the Continent of the Gods with his teacher. He had challenged many people and he had never lost, the worst result had been a draw.

But now, he realized he didn't have the advantage against Lin Feng, a cultivator weaker than him by two cultivation layers!

He was panicking, and as he did, he grew more and more worried.

When the man in black clothes saw that, he shook his head. He already knew how the battle was going to end.

As he closed his eyes, Lin Feng jumped forwards, grabbed his Heart-Based Sword, and released a space and time cage around Mo Zi.

Mo Zi screamed and threw his blade, trying to cut the space and time cage, but Lin Feng was quicker. He landed on Mo Zi's shoulders, there was a cutting sound, Mo Zi coughed blood and was hurled away as his blade went flying.

A fifty-meter crater appeared on the kwoon with a boom.

"Alright, Elder Lin Feng won!"

"Awesome, Elder Lin Feng!"......

All the disciples of Sword Mountain were excited. Nothing mattered anymore, now that Elder Lin Feng had won. They all felt even more determined in front of someone like Lin Feng.

The Elder of Punishments, the Mountain Protecting Elder, and Elder Li Jian all smiled. Lin Feng had won. They weren't going to have to hand over some precious treasures of the Sword Tower and the Sword Cabinet. Sword Mountain hadn't lost any face.

Deng Jia looked furious. He hadn't thought Lin Feng could win, and he hadn't thought everybody would be so happy after his victory.

"Enough! It was just a stupid battle! What the hell is wrong with you? Shut the hell up everyone!" shouted Deng Jia furiously. He couldn't control himself anymore. Everybody suddenly stopped talking. However, the disciples looked at Deng Jia in cold reproof.

If only a few disciples had looked at him that way, he would have killed them without the least hesitation. However, tens of thousands of disciples were looking at him like that, he had infuriated everybody. It made him pale.

Just a small competition?

If Lin Feng had lost, they would have lost face and they would have lost precious treasures of the Sword Tower and the Sword Cabinet.

Deng Jia was furious at himself, he had gone crazy because of Lin Feng.

"I didn't mean it that way, I am naturally very happy that Lin Feng won," said Deng Jia after remaining silent for a few seconds.