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 When Lin Feng heard Xing Zhan, he was sad. He didn't feel like parting with his friends from Tiantai.

"Brothers, I hope we'll see each other in the Central Continent. When we meet there, it'll be time for us to establish Tiantai there. I am convinced this will happen soon," Lin Feng said to his friends confidently. When they saw how confident Lin Feng looked, they also felt more assured.

Lin Feng saw his friends off and watched them disappear into the distance, sighing as they vanished.

"Alright, brother, don't be sad. We'll gather soon again. I'll take you to see someone," Ruo Xie spoke up behind him. He didn't give Lin Feng time to reply, grabbing his left arm and flying away.

"Lin Feng, that's Zhuge Hao Nan, my fellow disciple," said Ruo Xie, pointing at Zhuge Hao Nan. He looked at him with great esteem.

Lin Feng's heart twitched. It meant that Zhuge Hao Nan was from the Du Hu Government, as well!

"Lin Feng, give me back the sword. Or did you intend to keep it?" said Zhuge Hao Nan, sneering and stretching out his left arm.

Lin Feng smiled smoothly and gave the Evil Demon Sword back to Zhuge Hao Nan. However, he sensed a terrifying and oppressive strength emerge from the sword and oppress him.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, and glanced at Zhuge Hao Nan icily. However, Zhuge Hao Nan just smiled and remained silent.

"Take the Evil Demon Sword, Zhu - Ge - Hao - Nan!" shouted Lin Feng, insisting on every word, and releasing brightness strength. The ground started shaking violently.

Ruo Xie watched them. A small confrontation was going on.

Lin Feng grunted with pain and his face paled as he took half a step backwards. He didn't look scared, but his heart was pounding.

How strong! Zhuge Hao Nan was just too powerful. Lin Feng understood that if Zhuge Hao Nan had used his full strength, he didn't stand a chance.

Even though Lin Feng wasn't happy about it, it was a fact!

"Lin Feng, if you don't mind, we can go to the Central Continent, what do you think?" asked Zhuge Hao Nan suddenly. The strength dispersed, and Zhuge Hao Nan took the sword back. He smiled at Lin Feng, suddenly easy-going and friendly again.

Lin Feng sighed. All people knew before was that Zhuge Hao Nan was from the West, from the Mao Temple. Lin Feng had thought that Zhuge Hao Nan's sole background was the Mao Temple. Who would have guessed that he was Ruo Xie's fellow disciple, too?

"Haha, Lin Feng, do you have doubts about my social status? I am from the North, I was a disciple of the Mao Temple. Then, I went to the Central Continent and joined the Du Hu Government, so now I am a disciple there.

"Are you satisfied with this explanation?" asked Zhuge Hao Nan, smiling in amusement.

Lin Feng nodded. He accepted Zhuge Hao Nan's proposition without any hesitation. Traveling with Zhuge Hao Nan only had advantages for him.

But Lin Feng didn't want to leave straight away. He had things to do first.


In the evening, the bright moonlight shone, the sky was filled with stars. Lin Feng was flying.

He flew past the Silver Region's Holy Shrine, arriving in a desolate desert, where sealing strength flashed in the sky. There was a thick space and time Qi in the sky.

However, to Lin Feng, it wasn't powerful at all. Lin Feng pierced through it and went to the world inside.


In Savage Town, there was nobody in the Yao Clan. Lin Feng stood on top of a wall and looked at a courtyard. There were spider webs everywhere, as nobody had lived there for a long time.

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. He arrived at the top of Savage Mountain. When Lin Feng arrived there, a dignified old man appeared behind him and shouted, "Who dares come and cause trouble in Savage Mountain?"

"It's me, old man," Lin Feng smiled, before turning around.

The old man suddenly knelt down, tears appeared in his eyes. That sudden change surprised Lin Feng. The old man felt his body rising in the air.

"Eh...?" the old man in the blue-green robe looked alarmed.

"What's going on? Why did you kneel down in front of me?" asked Lin Feng, frowning. He had the impression there was something wrong.

"Master, please save us, save Savage Mountain, save the Savage Desert, save us all!" The old man burst into sobs and tears. Lin Feng felt extremely sad for him.

The old man wasn't extremely strong, but in the Savage Desert, he was the strongest cultivator, and now he was crying. Lin Feng had the impression they were in terrible danger.

"Stop crying and tell me what's going on!" he ordered harshly.

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he forced himself to stop crying and started talking in a trembling voice.

"Master, after you left, we were all safe and sound. Who would have thought that, three months after you left, many people in black clothes would suddenly come to the Savage Desert. Their demon Qi was so scary.

"We didn't mind at first, but then their leader attacked us and killed tens of thousands of people in one night. We sent our best troops to fight against him, but we suffered a crushing defeat.

"Not only did we suffer a crushing defeat, but of all the troops we sent, none survived. The man in black slaughtered them all.

"And it's not the worse part. The man in black then forced us to become his slaves. Those who refuse get killed instantly. A month has passed since he arrived already."

"There is nobody left in Savage Mountain apart from me.

"And the siblings you liked from the Yao Clan, they were captured by the man in black, too. He noticed Yao Yu Yan and wants to take her as his wife. Sigh..."

The old man burst into sad laughter again as he was talking. He kept shaking his head.

However, Lin Feng glanced at him coldly, and then burst into laughter. "Hehe, good, good, old man," said Lin Feng smiling grimly.

"Master, you..." The old man didn't understand why Lin Feng was reacting that way.