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 "Lu Li, don't try and use me for your evil plot. The Jewels Celestial Sect doesn't need you to protect their reputation. Hehe, I am curious, however, whose pride did Lin Feng crush a few days ago?" replied Duan Zhe Dao when he heard Lu Li. Lu Li was provoking him and Duan Zhe Dao was unhappy. Then, he remembered that his fellow disciples had told him that Lu Li had been crushed by someone.

He was now sure that Lin Feng had defeated Lu Li. He hadn't thought Lin Feng would be so strong, so he had been stunned to see King White and King Blue get beaten so easily.

It wasn't a good thing for the Jewels Celestial Sect. Duan Zhe Dao had seen that Lin Feng was patient, so he didn't want to offend him, but now it was too late. He couldn't stand to see the Jewels Celestial Sect get humiliated like that.

Now that Lu Li had said all that, he also had to defeat Lin Feng to regain the Jewels Celestial Sect's face.

Thinking about that, Duan Zhe Dao looked at Lin Feng. Lu Li was furious when Duan Zhe Dao had made fun of him, and clenched his fists. He wanted to crush Lin Feng so badly!...

He controlled himself, though. He wanted to wait and seize the right opportunity to crush Lin Feng. He now hoped that Lin Feng would finish in the top three and that he would then go to the Central Continent, where he would have the opportunity to take his revenge.

In the Central Continent, Sword Mountain had power and he would be backed up if he wanted to kill Lin Feng. Thinking about that, Lu Li looked ever more sinister, his eyes filled with flames of fury.

Chen Zhan just remained silent.

"Lin Feng, will you challenge me?" Duan Zhe Dao finally asked, sounding indifferent. Many people looked at Lin Feng again.

One of them was a rising star in the East, and this Dark Palace was in the East, so they hoped their side would win. It was the first time the competition had taken place in the East.

The other side was a disciple from the Jewels Celestial Sect, one of the six groups of the Central Continent. Many people knew that people from there were proud and arrogant, but they weren't stupid.

Back in the days, the leader of a small group in the Central Continent had offended Duan Zhe Dao. The next day, Duan Zhe Dao had destroyed them entirely, leaving an ocean of corpses behind him. After that, he had become quite famous, and nobody had dared offend him again.

So now, seeing Duan Zhe Dao like this made many people shudder... and Mister Time looked excited. Whether Lin Feng was going to continue rising or not kind of depended on what was about to happen.

"Why would I need to challenge you?" said Lin Feng, frowning dismissively.

Duan Zhe Dao's expression changed slightly. Many people looked excited and amused at the reply.

Many people thought that Lin Feng was a bit too arrogant. Was it because he had defeated King White and King Blue? Was he strong enough to fight against Duan Zhe Dao? Many people smiled in anticipation of the humiliation coming.

Lin Feng ignored them. He stared at Duan Zhe Dao, and didn't intend to flinch.

"What? You think I'm the one who should challenge you?" shot back Duan Zhe Dao. He was finally getting angry. He didn't like it when people didn't act submissive to him.

"Why can't you challenge me?" replied Lin Feng coldly. He had no intention to submit.

Duan Zhe Dao looked grim, his eyes filling with killing intent. He shouted, "Don't you know your own social status? How could I challenge you?! Allowing you to challenge me is already an honor for you! Learn how to differentiate good from bad!" Duan Zhe Dao swore icily, not giving Lin Feng any face. If Lin Feng didn't cooperate, Duan Zhe Dao was ready to get really aggressive.

However, Lin Feng didn't give a damn about what Duan Zhe Dao was saying.

"Duan Zhe Dao, since you're confident and think you're extremely strong, stop talking shit now, come and attack!" replied Lin Feng hotly. It was like a detonation in Duan Zhe Dao's brain.

Duan Zhe Dao was about to burst from anger. He didn't care about anything anymore, he just threw himself at Lin Feng.

Duan Zhe Dao raised his hand, his attack was incredible. A multicolored light beam streaked across the sky and emitted a sonic boom. A gigantic trail appeared in the sky.

The light beam crashed onto the ground. Everybody's heart twitched when Duan Zhe Dao flashed forwards. Did he want to die? That strength was awesome, and he dared move forwards?

Duan Zhe Dao stretched out his hand and grabbed the object emitting the terrible aura, which instantly faded. A golden iron bar with dragon carvings on it appeared in Duan Zhe Dao's hand.

The iron bar was two meters long, both sides extremely sharp. The strength it contained was incredible. Many people shuddered when they saw the godly imperial weapon. The weapon emitted terrifying sounds.

"That's... that's a... high-level godly imperial weapon?"

Yes, it is one of the five great godly imperial weapons of the Jewels Celestial Sect, the Golden Lightning Dragon Bar. It means that Duan Zhe Dao's rank in the Jewels Celestial Sect is really high. Lin Feng is in danger, thought Mister Time worriedly. He hadn't thought that some disciples from the Central Continent would have high-level godly imperial weapons already.

Mister Time knew that Lin Feng had the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, but it had, at most, the strength of a top-class medium-level godly imperial weapon, it didn't belong to the same world as the Golden Lightnings Dragon Bar.

Mister Time frowned. Yan Di pulled a long face, too, regretting that he hadn't brought any high-level weapons from the Dynasty. Lin Feng probably wouldn't have the advantage now.

Even if Lin Feng could defeat cultivators of the fifth and sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer thanks to his brightness strength, he was in a difficult position. He was surprised when he saw Duan Zhe Dao's weapon. He knew his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword couldn't compete with it.

Everybody could already picture Lin Feng losing. They whispered and looked at Duan Zhe Dao.

"Hmph! Lin Feng can't compete with Duan Zhe Dao because Duan Zhe Dao's rank is too high."

"Right, how could a cultivator from the East compete with such a strong cultivator?"

"Hmph! He's just a piece of trash. Even though many people consider him as a genius in the East, in the Central Continent, he's just a piece of trash."

King Blue and King White were making fun of Lin Feng, they had seemingly forgotten that Lin Feng had defeated them just before? Therefore, when they said that, many people looked over at them.

If Lin Feng was a piece of trash, what were they, King Blue and King White? They were pieces of trash, but didn't even know it!

The two abruptly blushed and their faces fell. They stepped away and stopped talking.

At that moment, an incredible Qi filled the air.

"Lin Feng, you can use this weapon temporarily, okay?"