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 The city center of Savage Town was the place where many of the strongest cultivators of the region lived. Of course, not all the influential groups were there. Some powerful groups were in the desert or the mountains, such as the Savage Mountain.

Lin Feng and Huo Wu took the siblings to the city center in their shuttles. A hundred li separated the periphery of the city and its center, not a great distance. But since Lin Feng and Huo Wu's strength was sealed, they couldn't travel at their maximum speed.

Even so, it only took them an hour to reach the city center. It was already dark outside. They heard some crows cawing, the moon was high up in the sky. The autumn atmosphere was dreary and desolate.

The city center didn't look very grandiose. It was Savage Town, after all. The buildings were rough and simple, carved into cliffs, caves, and hills. The roads were laid out with big stones on each side. The whole town was white because the stones were white. The appearance of the city center was cold and desolate.

Lin Feng took his shuttle away and looked for an inn. Something surprising was that, in this place, inns were free! One just had to give one's name and where one was from.

Lin Feng randomly mentioned a Sword Sect. The manager of the inn looked at him in a strange way, but he didn't ask much, he just took the four people to their rooms.

Lin Feng and Yao Yu Long stayed in the same room, Huo Wu and Yu Yan stayed in another. The four of them gathered in Lin Feng and Yao Yu Long's room.

Yao Yu Long swallowed and looked at Lin Feng, wanting to say something.

Lin Feng noticed Yao Yu Long's look and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Eh... Brother Lin Feng, I'd like to say something, but I don't whether I should or not," said Yao Yu Long, smiling uncertainly.

Lin Feng nodded, "Tell me."

"Eh... Brother Lin Feng... The Sword Sect is a very big sect..." whispered Yao Yu Long after having glanced around.

When Lin Feng heard him, he wanted to laugh. Initially, he wanted to make up a sect randomly. He hadn't thought it existed. But Lin Feng didn't think about it too much. If some disciples of the Sword Sect were here, so what? Lin Feng didn't fear them.

"Alright, thanks for telling me. Yu Yan must be hungry. I'll go and order some food. Wait for me," said Lin Feng, standing up and glancing at Yao Yu Yan before leaving the room.

"Boss, four plates of pickled vegetables, please. Quickly," said Lin Feng to the manager of the inn who was standing at the door. He turned to go back upstairs.

"Hey, Mister, please stop!" called out the manager.

Lin Feng turned around and frowned, "What is it?"

"Two more of the Sword Sect's disciples are here. When they heard of one of their fellow disciples was there, they asked me to call you," said the manager with a smile. He pointed at a room.

Lin Feng nodded. Since some members of the Sword Sect were there, why not go and meet them?

"Please lead the way," said Lin Feng.

The manager smiled and took Lin Feng to a room.

He was a cultivator of the Qi layer, so he couldn't see how strong Lin Feng was. However, he had the impression Lin Feng was quite strong, so he showed respect, and on top of that, he was a disciple of the Sword Sect.

The Sword Sect's patriarch was a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer, offending him wasn't a good idea!


They arrived in front of a door, where the manager of the inn knocked politely. Someone replied in a low voice, "Come in." The manager nodded at Lin Feng respectfully and opened the door.

Lin Feng entered the room, and saw a man and a woman seated on chairs. The man was holding a long sword, and looked cold and reserved. He was wearing pale yellow clothes. The woman was pretty and charming, her eyebrows looked like arched swords. She was garbed in white.

The manager was standing next to Lin Feng. When they entered, the two disciples stood up. The man frowned.

"Go out," said the woman waving at the manager. The manager left the room quickly, leaving Lin Feng alone in there.

"So you're a member of the Sword Sect? I'm the Sword Sect's chief disciple, but I've never seen you, why?" asked the man with a frown. He stared at Lin Feng, looking skeptical.

"Hehe, do you even need to ask him? Fellow disciple, that guy wants to tarnish the Sword Sect's reputation, that's obvious! He's a crook. Hmph! He wants to die!" said the woman, without giving Lin Feng time to reply. She smiled icily, looking proud and arrogant.

The man frowned and waved at the woman. "Stop being rude and watch your words!"

"Hehe, you're so cautious! Who could we offend? Him? He doesn't even have pure Qi, and he's wearing leather clothes. He's a caveman! Hmph!" said the woman scornfully, looking down at him proudly.

When Lin Feng saw this display, he frowned. He didn't like this kind of woman. But since he had said he was from the Sword Sect, he had to control himself.

He turned around, intending to leave the room. He didn't need to waste his time with them.

When the woman saw that Lin Feng ignored her, she ground her teeth and raised her sword, shouting, "I'll kill you for not giving me face!"

She was holding her sword as she jumped forwards, fierce and overbearing, and intending to stab Lin Feng from behind. She even looked amused. She could already imagine Lin Feng terrified, dying in his own blood. She couldn't help, but burst into laughter.

"Sister, you can't do that!" shouted the man loudly. He wanted to move, but the woman was quite fast and her sword was about to reach Lin Feng. He could only shake his head.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and there was a loud crunch. He stopped her sword with his fingers and stared back at her icily. "How could a woman be so evil? Be careful, you might never find a husband."

He hit the blade lightly with his other hand, and broke it in two like a toy. The woman's expression fell quickly, startled and scared. She retreated quickly.

The man's expression also changed, and he hastily stretched out his hand and grabbed his fellow disciple, looking perplexed as he dragged her back. He cupped his fist and said, "Brother, she was stupid. Please forgive her," he said to Lin Feng. His name was Ling Tian. The woman's sword had been cast by their teacher; it was an extraordinary weapon, and yet Lin Feng had managed to break it easily. Their teacher might not even be able to break it himself.

Therefore, Ling Tian treated Lin Feng very respectfully.

The woman was still holding her broken sword, the picture of impotent fury. Maybe this person was just a bit stronger because he was a demonic beast, she thought, looking at his leather clothes.

Lin Feng glanced at Ling Tian and said coldly, "When I said I was from the Sword Sect, I didn't think it existed, I just made up a name randomly. I made a mistake.

"However, your female junior fellow disciple is extremely rude, and I don't like that. But since you're respectful, I forgive her. Otherwise, I would teach her a good lesson," said Lin Feng, before turning around and walking away.

"Brother, please tell us your name!" asked the man hastily, visibly nervous.

"Lin Feng!" replied Lin Feng casually as he walked away.

The man shouted back, "My name is Ling Tian!"

Lin Feng ignored him and walked away, heading back to the second floor where his room was.


Ling Tian closed the door and glared at the woman. He pulled a long face and swore, "You're so stupid!"

"Hmph! Is that so? You're just too weak! If our second fellow disciple were here, he would have protected me, unlike you!" retorted the woman, smiling icily and mockingly.

"Pfff! Shut up! He might be the one who killed the chief!" spat Ling Tian angrily.

"H-How could that be possible?" coughed the woman. She almost choked when she heard that, and her face paled.

"Look at him. He's wearing leather clothes, and don't forget that the one who killed the chief was also wearing leathers! Therefore, I think he might be the one!" hissed Ling Tian nervously. If Lin Feng was the one who killed the chief, then he probably had a dangerous background!