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 "Miss, please have a seat."

The old man smiled broadly and waved at Huo Wu. The old man then sat down on the main chair.

There were only three chairs in the room, the old man was using one, his son sat down on another one. The piece of trash had seemingly forgotten he had lost teeth, he was still smiling mockingly when he looked at Yao Yu Long, silently provoking him.

The old man didn't care about Yao Yu Long. He was afraid of Huo Wu, who was quite strong, at least as strong as him!

"Bring a cup of tea to the guest," said the old man smiling. A servant came back with three cups of tea and put them on the table.

"Lin Feng, have a seat," Huo Wu said to Lin Feng, getting ready to stand up and leave her seat to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and got ready to sit.

The old man smiled icily and said, "You don't understand rules. A piece of trash can't sit here."

"Right. A piece of trash is not qualified to sit down on our chairs. That seat isn't for you," said the son mockingly.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the old man and his son's expressions. They looked despicable. He found such people disgusting.

When Huo Wu heard them humiliate Lin Feng, she clenched her fists. "You better watch your words and respect me!"

"Miss, hehe, you can sit here, I don't mind. But that man has no pure Qi. He's an ordinary person."

"Hehe, how could an ordinary person sit with us? That's just ridiculous," said the old man mockingly. By saying that, he was warning Lin Feng. If Lin Feng didn't behave, he would humiliate himself!

"Even if I'm not very strong, I'm a cultivator and I'm stronger than you," said the son, sneering at Lin Feng mockingly and disdainfully.

Then he showed his middle finger. Because of a little bit of strength, he thought he could do whatever he wished.

But was he stronger than Lin Feng? If Lin Feng hadn't been amnesic and his strength hadn't been sealed, he would have crushed that man instantly.

"Don't do such things in front of a lady, my son," the old man giggled. They kept making fun of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood there. He didn't understand these people, why were they making fun of him? Did they think that they looked more majestic because they made fun of other people? Did it help them have more confidence in themselves?

Lin Feng didn't understand. When he saw that Huo Wu looked furious, he smiled indifferently and said, "You can sit. I can stand behind you."

"Hehe, good boy. You're a reasonable little boy," mocked the son with an insulting lisp. Humiliating Lin Feng was something that seemed to make him extremely happy. What an impure heart...

Pa pa...

"Who told you you could speak, you piece of trash! If you speak again, I, Princess Huo, will kill you!"

The trash of a son didn't even have time to finish his sentence before Huo Wu slapped him twice. He looked at her furiously, but she just stared back coldly and disdainfully.

When the old man saw Huo Wu slap his son twice, he shouted furiously, "Miss, what is that supposed to mean?"

"Hmph! Your son is a piece of trash. He isn't qualified to make fun of Lin Feng!" said Huo Wu, smiling with cold disdain. How could a lizard make fun of a dragon?

In Huo Wu's eyes, Lin Feng was a real dragon, and the elder's son was a worthless piece of trash. If Lin Feng was angry, he could kill them all easily. He was just felt it beneath him.

The father and the son overestimated themselves, anyway. It wasn't smart of them to humiliate Lin Feng.

"Hehe, you think your friend can fight?" shouted the old man furiously and mockingly. He threw his fist at Lin Feng. He wanted to teach him a good lesson, and show him what strength was.

When Huo Wu saw that, she also threw a fiery punch. Their fists collided. The old man grunted with pain, and Huo Wu's face paled. A draw again...

Huo Wu was furious. If the Godly Leader hadn't sealed their strength, they wouldn't even pay attention to these worthless emperors...

Lin Feng wanted to attack, but Huo Wu reacted first, so he let her. The problem was that Yao Yu Yan and her brother wanted to move back to the Yao Clan, so offending the Yao Clan's members wasn't a good thing to do.

But Lin Feng had lost his memories, and he had also forgotten how many times he had been bullied and humiliated. It was only the beginning. For him, a new life was starting. He had become naive and innocent again. Even though he was influenced by his past, he wasn't as aggressive as before.

"Hmph! You think you can hide behind a woman?" the old man mocked him.

Huo Wu clenched her fists, but this time Lin Feng stopped her. He knew that the more Huo Wu protected him, the more the old man would make fun of him.

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng's face and nodded. If they fought against the old man, Lin Feng would be able to kill him instantly. He had the strength of a great emperor. Of course, if Lin Feng was still a High-Level Holy Emperor, he would be able to kill the old man by simply glancing at him.

What a nightmare, two fallen angels, two former gods, stuck in a world of weaklings. Unless Lin Feng or Huo Wu regained their original strength, they wouldn't be able to leave.

"Oh no, oh no, Yu Yan was kidnapped by the chief!" came a shout from the main living-room. Yao Yu Long looked extremely nervous. He was bleeding as he staggered into the room. He looked at Lin Feng, begging him for help.

Lin Feng frowned. Because he had been wasting his time with the old man, he hadn't sensed any foreign Qi around.

Lin Feng moved over to Yao Yu Long, frowning as he asked, "Who kidnapped her?"

"It's... it's..." Yao Yu Long looked at the Yao Clan's leader. He clenched his fists and shouted furiously, "Some members of the Yao Clan..."

"Some members of the Yao Clan handed Yu Yan over to the chief's servants. Even though she was taken away, I injured some of the chief's servants, but there were too many, so I was injured too."

"Brother Lin Feng, only you can save Yu Yan. Please save her!"