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 The girl looked puzzled and pointed at Lin Feng with her finger. "His name is Lin Feng?"

Huo Wu understood that the girl had saved them, so she didn't feel like she had to be extremely vigilant, but she still remained cautious.

"His name is Lin Feng. My name is Huo Wu. We were kicked out of the clan," said Huo Wu. She was very smart. If she said they had ended up there straight from the Silver Region, who would believe her? The Holy Shrines had god and the girl in front of her didn't understand those things.

Huo Wu smiled shyly. She felt like a god had descended to the human world. Huo Wu tried her luck, but realized that her Qi felt as if it had been sealed. She couldn't release any Qi and only had the strength of the Huang Qi layer...

"As expected, we're fallen angels..." whispered Huo Wu. She looked embarrassed and smiled. The girl heard that, and didn't understand. Despite being puzzled, she didn't ask anything.

"Lin Feng's injury is extremely severe," said the girl in white clothes. Huo Wu nodded agreement. They had been hit by the Godly Leader, and since they were still alive, they were lucky already. It was probably thanks to Lin Feng's forbidden body.

Tile Pills, she remembered the two Tile Pills the Godly Leader had given to her. She had already given a water Tile Pill to Hou Qing Lin, she only had the fire one left, but...

The fire Tile Pill was extremely powerful, would Lin Feng be able to stand it? Especially since he was badly injured.

Huo Wu took out a Tile Pill, and hesitated.

"What kind of pill is that?" asked the girl in white clothes, smiling curiously. When Huo Wu took out the small jar, an incredibly thick fire Qi filled the whole room, and it had a particular smell, too.

"It's a Tile Pill, but Lin Feng's injury is too severe, it could harm him..." said Huo Wu. She looked worried.

When the girl heard Huo Wu, she smiled sweetly and said, "Give it to me, I'll break it, that way, he'll be fine."

"What? You can decompose pills?" Huo Wu was stupefied, but she was also very happy. Even Godly Leaders couldn't decompose such pills. The girl's Qi was almost non-existent, how could she decompose pills?

From Huo Wu's expression, the girl understood she didn't believe her. She just smiled and said, "Sister, don't underestimate me, I learned a method my ancestors used. I guarantee you it works."

"Uhhh... Alright. I'll leave it to you, then," said Huo Wu. She couldn't believe it, but she still gave the girl the pill. She had no better solution for the time being. Apart from breaking the molecules of the pill to decompose it, there was nothing else she could do, it was the best solution.

"Alright, I'll go and decompose it. We'll give it to Brother Lin Feng later," the girl smiled, and got ready to leave the room.

"Hey, what...what's your name?" asked Huo Wu. That girl had saved them, after all.

"Sister, my name is Yao Yu Yan, it's a strange name right? My family name is Yao, my brother is called Yao Yu Long," replied Yao Yu Yan sweetly. She left the room with the jar, leaving Huo Wu to her thoughts.

Huo Wu was lost in thought for a little while, and then walked over to Lin Feng. She was worried about him. His Qi was chaotic, and his veins and arteries seemed injured.


Huo Wu was suddenly terrified. What would Lin Feng say if he woke up? Wouldn't he be furious? He only had the strength of a great emperor now...

From an incredible god, he had fallen to a great emperor, it was like losing a hundred years of cultivation...


Yao Yu Yan didn't sleep at all that night, focused on decomposing the pill. It was extremely difficult to decompose a Tile Pill, but she persevered and finally succeeded, decomposing it into three pieces.

"Sister, you didn't sleep at all because of that man?" asked the tall man, Yao Yu Long, as he stood up from the wooden bed. He sat there looking at his sister, who was so focused. He felt angry.

Yao Yu Yan smiled gently and said, "Brother, I managed to decompose the pill into three pieces. Brother Lin Feng will be fine soon," said Yu Yan, before walking into the room. Yu Long followed her.

Huo Wu hadn't slept at all either. She stayed next to Lin Feng, and was relatively satisfied. Lin Feng, why wouldn't you be allowed to have even more wives?, she thought. I didn't leave you in these very difficult times, right?

"Sister Huo Wu, give the pill to Brother Lin Feng," said Yao Yu Yan, extending her small hand. If Lin Feng took a third of the pill, he would probably be fine.

Huo Wu nodded. She was grateful that Yu Yan was so kind. She didn't say anything, and put the pill in Lin Feng's mouth.

"I want to transmit pure Qi to Lin Feng, do any of you have pure Qi?" asked Huo Wu. She didn't want to put pressure on them, so she didn't ask straightforwardly, but she had seen that Yao Yu Long was a low-level emperor.

"Brother, help Sister Huo Wu heal Lin Feng, come on, hurry up..." said Yao Yu Yan. She wasn't happy when she saw her brother didn't want to do so. Yu Long didn't say much, but he sat down on the bed, put one hand on Lin Feng and slapped with his left hand. Pure fire Qi immediately penetrated into Lin Feng's body.

Yao Yu Long remained focused. It was easy to lose one's senses in such situations, and it could be harmful for Lin Feng, as well.

Huo Wu also released as much pure Qi as she could and transmitted it to Lin Feng. She just wanted Lin Feng to wake up.

Time passed. Yao Yu Long's face was covered with cold sweat. He couldn't do much more. Huo Wu's face was also extremely pale, as she hadn't completely recovered. But Lin Feng was slowly recovering, the Tile Pill was extremely efficient.

Huo Wu took a deep breath and recalled her pure Qi. Yao Yu Long also recalled his pure Qi. He couldn't give Lin Feng any more. He had listened to his sister and done what she wanted.

Yao Yu Long wanted to help Lin Feng lie down again, but suddenly, Lin Feng coughed and slowly opened his eyes. He looked confused.

When Huo Wu saw Lin Feng wake up, she was overjoyed.

"Lin Feng, you finally woke up, awesome!" said Huo Wu, grabbing and shaking his arm. She was very happy. Yao Yu Yan smiled sweetly, pleased that Lin Feng was awake, she had managed to save them!

However, when Huo Wu shouted happily, Lin Feng didn't react, he glanced at her indifferently. Then, he stood up and walked to the door. He gazed into the distance and saw the boundless Savage Desert.

"I have such a headache, and my heart is burning, too," he muttered.

Huo Wu noticed that Lin Feng seemed like a stranger. She was stupefied, walking up to him and asking proudly, "Lin Feng, it's me, Huo Wu! What's wrong with you?"

"Huo Wu?" whispered Lin Feng, glancing at her. He looked thoughtful. Huo Wu nodded, waiting for Lin Feng to react. However, Lin Feng finally shook his head and looked at her as if she were a stranger. "I don't know you."

"You... how's that possible?"

Huo Wu's heart twitched and she nearly fainted. Yao Yu Yan rushed over, grabbing Huo Wu and helping her stand up. However, Huo Wu's face was ghastly pale, her legs were shaking. She had to face the sad truth.

Lin Feng had become amnesic!

(Author's note: I know that after reading these few chapters, many people probably want to insult me, but isn't it great to make Lin Feng go through some hardships? That way, he can progress faster, right? Like when he was in Xue Yue, he used to go through so real hardships. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and wiser. Our peerless martial god will achieve supreme enlightenment that way!)