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 "Fuck! That asshole escaped again!"

When Gan Wu Dao and the others arrived in the depths of the forest, Lin Feng's Qi had disappeared.

Gan Wu Dao was furious, and Xue Can Yun pulled a long face. Li Chen looked ice-cold. The three Masters wanted to kill Asura as quickly as possible and manage the Region of the Eight Corners as they wished. That Asura was really a burden! He had brainwashed all the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners and he had stirred up some major unrest.

"Brother Xue, Brother Li, I think we should continue looking for Asura. We need to kill him as quickly as possible!" Gan Wu Dao spoke up. He really wanted to kill Asura, and show Asura how strong the Great Elder Gan Wu Dao was! Otherwise, he wouldn't feel at peace with himself. He had to humiliate Asura!

"Old Gan, you have to be careful. We all know we can kill Asura, but we have to be careful," warned Xue Can Yun angrily.

Gan Wu Dao didn't care. He had to follow them to kill Asura!

"I think there's something strange here. Is there such a place in the Region of the Eight Corners?" asked Li Chen softly after glancing around.

Xue Can Yun also felt there was something strange. He wasn't familiar with all the places of the Region of the Eight Corners, but he had never seen such a place. The trees weren't the trees of the Region of the Eight Corners. Thinking about that, the two glanced at each other and suddenly their eyes were filled with murder.

"We were fooled?" said Xue Can Yun icily and furiously. He was starting to believe someone had plotted against them, but he couldn't think of anyone at first. He thought of Asura, but Asura wasn't strong enough.

"We're not in Gan Yu, that's for sure. We're about thirty li away from Feng Xun Valley. It must be a mountain range of Gan Yu. I feel like it's a familiar place, but at the same time I'm not sure," Gan Wu Dao sighed. He had noticed something unusual earlier, but he had ignored it because he just wanted to chase after Asura and kill him no matter where he went.

However, the issue seemed important now...

"Let's go into the depths of the forest and discover who has schemed in secret!" snarled Li Chen furiously. His silhouette flashed towards the depths of the forest. Xue Can Yun grinned cruelly. He also disappeared, leaving Gan Wu Dao alone.

"The Great Elder of Gan Yu isn't very responsive, huh?" someone spoke up suddenly. The person laughed mockingly. He sounded like a duck. However, Gan Wu Dao immediately turned gravely serious.

He turned around and saw a man in black clothes. He looked cruel, cold, and proud, with sharp eyebrows. He was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor as well.

But when did he get behind me? Gan Wu Dao was alarmed!

"Where are we? And who are you?" asked Gan Wu Dao warily. The man in black clothes looked skinny, like an evil snake.

The man in black clothes found Gan Wu Dao ridiculous. He looked at Gan Wu Dao with pride and arrogance. Gan Wu Dao's face reddened.

"I am Cheng Shan, and we are in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting!"

"Cheng Shan? Who's that? Cheng Shan from the Cheng Clan in Gan Yu?" asked Gan Wu Dao. He was astonished and didn't understand.

The man shook his head and wagged a finger with a smile, "The Fake Cheng Shan. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I just want to ask you whether you want to kill Asura or not?"

"Yes, indeed. But what do you want? And how do you know I want to kill Asura?" asked Gan Wu Dao. He was at a loss, but stayed wary.

"My goal is the same as yours, to kill Asura!" said the fake Cheng Shan, smiling widely. He looked extremely cruel.

Gan Wu Dao's eyes narrowed, and he asked, "Why?"

"Because he's one of my old enemies! Hehe!" replied Cheng Shan, smiling cruelly. He felt like his heart was bleeding all the time. He just wanted one thing in life, to kill Lin Feng!. The reason he had made such great efforts to become strong was to kill Lin Feng. He had been in the World of Battles for a year already, waiting for Lin Feng!

He knew that Lin Feng would definitely manage to come to the World of Battles, because he was extremely strong. He had decided to wait here until then. He had been watching Lin Feng since the first day he had arrived in the World of Battles!

Now, Lin Feng was pretending to be Asura; he also knew about that. Even though Lin Feng had disappeared for a little while, Cheng Shan knew what it meant. But no matter what kind of background and support Lin Feng had, be it the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points or Ni Huang, Cheng Shan didn't care, he would get his revenge!

Lin Feng, it's your fault for neglecting this issue back in the days. You can only blame yourself. You forgot about me, and now I am about to become your worst nightmare and your killer!

This newcomer sounded ice-cold and ferocious. Gan Wu Dao remained wary when he heard and saw that. "I understand you want to kill Asura. So what's the plan?" he asked.

"We have three options."

"Which options? I want to hear them."

"Come closer..."


"Husband, shall we go inside?" asked Qing Huang Tian, looking at the hole they had just dug. It was two meters wide, and led to another tunnel below.

"Let's go. We have to do it, for the demon corpse army," Lin Feng replied instantly. He jumped inside the hole. Qing Huang Tian bit her lips and followed him.

They fell slowly, one after the other. There was no lights, nothing. It was extremely dark, but Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian didn't use their godly auras because they didn't want to be seen.


The Hei Yi Clan was situated five thousand meters below the ground. The Qi there was extremely gloomy and dry. It felt like there was no water in the air, which suited the members of the Hei Yi Clan.

The Hei Yi Clan looked like a thirty-year-old middle-aged man. The members of the Hei Yi Clan all called him King Hei Yi. He managed the Hei Yi Clan, which had over three thousand people, including two thousand Supreme Gods, and over seven hundred Great Supreme Gods of all layers.

The Hei Yi Clan had only two Godly Ancestors, however. One of them was King Hei Yi and the other one was his father, the old King Hei Yi. He was an ordinary Godly Ancestor, and his father was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor.

He knew what was going on. The Long Yi Clan had already contacted the Hei Yi Clan, the Bai Yi Clan, and the Hu Yi Clan. All the members of the Yi Clan had gotten ready for this.

"If that's the case, then it's good, at least the Hei Yi Clan will get a small advantage. There are many outstanding geniuses from the Region of the Eight Corners. But none of them has the potential to become a king. Anyway, it will be good to cooperate with them," said King Hei Yi with a huge smile, looking at the queen.

The queen was in charge of giving birth to the members of the Hei Yi Clan. She was their mother.

"Report!" said someone at that moment.


"Someone trespassed on the small cave. They entered the territory of the Hei Yi Clan. What do we do, Leader?" asked the person quickly. He couldn't see those people's strength, so he asked the leaders.

When King Hei Yi heard that, he asked happily, "How many people? What cultivation level?"

"Two people. A man and a woman. We don't know how strong they are," the disciple blushed.

The king frowned, "What? You don't know how strong they are?"

"Indeed. They're stronger than Great Supreme Gods," said the man, forcing a smile. He had spikes on his shoulders, and was one meter tall. He had two antennas which kept moving around.

"Go, don't scare them. If you think they're suitable and you manage to establish relations with them, we can sign agreements," said King Hei Yi expressionlessly.

"Ah? You mean that...?"

"Back in the days, evil beasts and humans cooperated. We're going to start again!"