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 If before she was unclear now she was clear and there was beginning of determination if she meant to shine why not shine brighter, after lunch was Interaction class, Interaction class was simple, it was interact with brothers and sisters who were in the same session and why it was just after contemplation class because it was designed to share their enlightenment's with each other to help other brothers and sisters to grow equally but for the fact they were free to chat and walk around freely within area of their approach.

Some were strolling in the previous hall to share random things with their newly made friends or acquaintances,

she was also engrossed in carefree atmosphere, and there were two students one girl and other boy, from the looks they were blood relative Jen happened to notice because she felt that one other girl who was standing in front of them with her lower head and had the appearance of ordinary girl because of ordinary clothing.

Jen was raised up by her uncle and aunt and they always provided her with best circumstances, there was no way know how they made it but they provided every facility, from the looks of it the girl standing in front of them looked poor, Jen went forward to know the matter.

When she was near to them she heard that the boy bullied that girl and started laughing "she did not even have some nice clothes and she dared to stand in front of us to exchange what we learned what a pity, hehehe..."

Approaching close to Jen spoke in a calm manner, "And you supposed to be a learner of manner, you really deserved to be here to learn how to behave with fellow mates", he looked at Jen and sized her up, he felt that she was from a high sect or might be from royal family, he carefully spoke,

"May I know who this fellow trying to interrupt us".

He asked this because half of the fellows knew him and other half he himself knew only this fellow was reserved, he had warned many students that he could make a request to the Dean to expel any student, while he himself could be expelled out if he broke rules,

clearly he boasted to fellow mates, but when he encountered this Jen, she was unwilling even consider him anything much less important, his mouth left agape when he heard her words, he was speechless,

whoever listened her words stopped there to have a look at the situation, he carefully spoke, first clasped fist and asked,

"This fellow must be from one of royal house, right?, she did not answer him instead she spoke to the girl who was being bullied.

"Why not this fellow of mine exchange interaction with me, I am lacking exchange companion, if this fellow wishes", she was so respectful that everyone else got stunned, this was first experience that they witnessed a royal girl paying to a visibly poor girl,

"My name is Jen Ming", she added on poor girl looked at Jen Ming pleased and surprised, clasped her fist,

"I am Su Qi", they walked past and happily chatted each other rest of the time, other students who witnessed the matter gathered around boy and asked,

"Who this girl was Lou Shang?" yes he was the only son of Dean, Shang Lu and the sole reason he boasted all around,

"I don't know who she was but she was daring", he faintly said and moved from the hall, they had to hurry for the field class.