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 Jen Ming reported back to her Student Assortment camp, for the reason that she lost her Student Identity Token she was little embarrassed afore entering into camp.

Luckily, by coincidental Third Protector was also present in camp and was acquaintance with Jen Ming. Also Jen was Contemplation Genius of their school.

Third Protector was pleasantly surprised to receive her, she was just as he predicted years before. She also recognized him and explained few incidents to him in which she lost her most of her belongings and identity token too.

He was happy instead and was made some remarks to courage her as well pre-reported a report after receiving few disciples who were late comers in camp from Endless Valley.

After carefully preparing he headed back to Yellow River that was just near Endless Valley. In fact one reason of popularity of Yellow River was its location near Endless Valley and Yellow River surpass the years of its nitty-gritties, some say that few experts who practiced long time in Endless Valley bring into being this Yellow River School and some say that the grounds of Endless Valley was part of Yellow River once before actual was founded, this increased its reputation years ago primarily and then it was known producing experts of Both Armors but recent years its reputation was dwindled because of few alarming incidents and currently it was continuously dwindling down.

Within an hour they entered from central gates and unswerving headed toward Dean Office for the reason that of the orders third protector received from Dean by Messenger.

Dean was happy and this was first time that Jen Ming witnessed a smile on the face of Dean with a lot of satisfaction in many years of his Deanship this was a fresh air that did not hold back him from any happiness.

In appraisal previous years, this year a disciple appeared who was amazing in Advanced Imperial Class which was known as Advanced Contemplation Class in many aspects.

It was also happenstance that this year Yellow River was facing threats of existence and it was conceivable that Yellow River would be expelled out from League of Schools due to lack of fresh Experts of Contemplation.

In these critical moments news of an experts was just like a fresh air for him in choking period. Jen Ming was stunned to receive such special treatment, she was successfully promoted to Pure Imperial Class.

She was free to visit any place of Yellow River, and she was provided two attendants for the journey and next years of Pure Imperial Class and so on with royal accommodation.

Though she always stayed in classy accommodation and was addicted to special conduct but this was special so she was given attendants and royal accommodation free of charge.

Above all she was selected to participate for Imperial Selection Competition.

This was cognizant that many left because they don't fulfill admissibility standards. A true expert was existence itself and don't need any formal ranking under school results.

She was given one weak for preparation before heading toward Imperial Selection Competition, journey was tiring so she preferred to take rest.