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 Jiao took breath and continued, "Every Life Skills School who wishes to enter in Imperial Selection Competition

would send its disciples in the Endless valley and who was fortunate enough to survive would be placed in Imperial

Selection Competition, one who spent years in this Valley and practice a lot could possible go through challenges for Imperial Selection Competition."

Jen thought that there were only years and she still lack practice,

how would she possibly think to enter Imperial Selection Competition if she did not meet qualification?

From first meeting to this second meeting Jen felt warmness to talk to her, also this Jiao Zi was simple in nature and

straightforward in manners too, Jen felt like she was talking to her elder sister, both accompanied few days and Jen finally found a

suitable place to practice 500 fps, this place was not thickly covered with woods but a rough one dried up lack,

from the looks this place bore a heavy fire and turned rough and little barren many years before and now there was only sliver moss on

some rocks she decided to stay here for three months so that she could level up her practice, Jiao Zi observed that Jen was intended to stay here,

Jiao did not mind instead she spoke, "This location is quite right for your target practice," Jen smiled and said,

"Sister Jiao is right I am intended to stay here and I request sister Jiao to be on my side until the wound perfectly alright, if sister Jiao feel alright?"

Jiao was stunned though she wanted to stay but never wanted to disrupt Jen practice so she decided to left but the way Jen asked her,

was truly impressive she could not help but agreed, Jiao Zi set up her small camp near area not close to Jen Ming camp,

after preparation they started on to practice, Jen set up target marks on different rocks, since she could use her

Two Armors of Spirituality why not she could use it completely, she decided to expand with more layers,

no doubt Obsolete Stage was peerless but it was not single option for grand combat, if she met more geniuses of different schools

she would be on disadvantage with less ability, what about Hidden War Stage she should use this layer too,

she connected both her Life Skill and Hidden War Layer and shooted first arrow the rock burned with anger

she shockingly retracted second arrow how could it be a layer of Peace Armor, clearly it was unnoticeable when she connected

and shooted no one could possible predict its outcome,

visible calm and until met the target she forgot about her maximum target and started study with connection of her Life Skill, this layer was Hidden War Stage,

really deserve this name with one month practice she was able to expand its radius, she discontinued her practice and went to meet Jiao Zi,

while her practice she thought about the wounds of senior sister so she went to ask whether her wound was doing well.