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 At least it was calm, she could very well be the monocractic of this limitless territory, given her present condition

and achievements she could continue without any restrain in contemplation it was also the 3rd last month of her three years Advanced Contemplation Class,

she refreshed herself with a deep breath, that breath revived new spirits in her, finally she felt it easy because previous

six layers were in her control and were enough to claimed the last layer to be her sooner or later, this layer resemble to the Scintilla Stage in many ways but density in which it was calm if one was less careful one would silently got devoured by its thick black bottom,

after briefly understanding it she found

it was silent black devil which aimed ambush her in the dark fortunately she was careful, it was too big to the point where it seemed unreal,

black clouds of Zero Stage were without any temperature yet could blacken the rationality, since she was experiencing her nature too,

her sense of reasoning was also tempered,

she was more conscious toward surrounding nature now so that was how she sensed it and proceeded to cleans this layer to tame it completely to be her personal territory, this cleansing process was indeed good one,

it reduce heavy burden from her and helped her to feel light also it helped her cleanly refine all previous layers too,

a huge pool of fog surrounded her and she was completely absorbed in her contemplation, surrounding was silent,

three grey robed middle-aged men were standing on a mountain peak and were looking toward her direction,

"Do you know who she is?" one of them questioned to the other, "I saw her year ago she was from Advanced Contemplation Class,

as compared her advancement is really fast,

she must be a genius but why did not we heard about her in her two years of Primary Grade, was not genius then?"

other one furrowed his brows and asked while the third one ignored both and spoke, "Could it possible that

she become the first Sage of Yellow River in her young age according to her present progress?" he inquired thoughtfully

and his expression were serious and solemn both were shocked at his remark, were not they aware Sage Saint Genius?

Though Yellow River was unable to harvest Sage Saint Genius but a Sage Saint Genius was unbeatable existence of this era,

if Yellow River could produce such existence

it would no longer need to fear its nemesis,

"Regardless she was remained in disadvantage to stay here for contemplation, if Whiz had found her in her Primary Grade,

he would have stolen her and we would never

had opportunity praise her Genius this moment,"

the first one sighed no doubt she would be a shining star of future they disappeared next moment. She was finally out,

she earned her calm through arduous and intricate levels in these

three years but only apparent change was

her more reserved nature and manners and a visible confidence.