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 Japan is full of myths and legends that secert stories untold , Cases yet never been solved we begin with a story like this one to observe

A girl named Anna, was on her day off in Japan, She bought her new laptop and start to browse all over the internet for some reason, she opens many internet sites that she realize wanted to go to the restroom in her house. As she finish she went to go back and check to the laptop.

She suddenly see a pop up on her screen,She also confused that she disabled the pop up on her browser and the window pop up is on the oldest version. She saw the screen and in written " いはきですか" thats means "Do you like red red room".

She closes the window pop up and the there it is again. This time it followed by a high pitch child voice, everytime she closes the pop up, it opens again with a louder and louder voice. The voice began to stuck in her head "Red room Red room Red room"

"I do like red room"

"I must paint my room with red"

She find a cutter and began to cut herself

She paints all her room with her blood

"its not enough"

Before she can cut again

she fainted

Her co worker suddenly Showed up at her room she finds her lying on the ground with scars on her arm. All she saw is a laptop on anna's desk and a window pop up in red and its words on black " いがきですか?

She wakes Anna up and told her

"Are you okay??"

"You missed work for a whole day"

"Its my Day off" Anna replied

"That was yesterday"

Her co worker helps her to get up and she took her to the nearest clinic

What do you think of this incident, She doesnt even remember cutting her self...

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