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 After waking up and eating he went to the academy, today they are going to take pictures for their shinobi certificate. After meeting with Akira they went there. The process was fast after taking the picture they went to the meeting room of the academy where the Hokage will meet with the new aspiring shinobis. At the meeting the Hokage asked him a few questions and then he sent him off.

Today they have the rest of the day free. Saito already made up his mind after talking with Akira for a bit. He went to the library, the library holds a great number of documents that can be accessed by shinobi including E, D and C Rank jutsus. He will try to gather information about medical jutsus and their application, because contrary to the medics on earth, medical shinobi can be as deadly as any other type of shinobi. The hidden sand village deployed medical shinobis that caused a great number of deaths using poison, there are also other ways to use medical Ninjutsu. But first he will try to learn basic jutsus in order to expand his arsenal and use his ability to its fullest potential.

The librarian was friendly with him as he was a constant visitor. After showing him the books emplacement, she left.

He started with the basic principles needed to start using medical Ninjutsu. Medical Ninjutsu is a branch of ninja arts associated with healing, as well as manipulation of their own or other people bodies. To become a medical-nin a great deal of chakra control is needed. As a ninja chakra control is a key element because with enough control one can deploy 100% of his power, and even if the chakra reserve is huge without control there is no use to it and each jutsu will consume chakra more than needed. The general method depicted in the books are leaf concentration, tree climbing and water surface walking. For the moment the academy already taught them using the leaf concentration method. So without waiting further he went out and headed towards the training grounds. He knew that the minimum requirement for medical Ninjutsu is to be able to do water walking.

After he stood in front of a tree, without waiting anymore he started using chakra on the sole of his feet and try climbing without the use of his hands. After numerous attempts he finally managed to climb the side of the tree. To his surprise while in theory it should be quite simple to do the amount of control needed was tremendous.

That evening he continued trying to reach perfection in this training as he knew that soon they will be assigned to a team and as he is for the moment he will not be a great help in case something unexpected happens.

After a day of training he was weary. Hearing his stomach roar in complain he headed to Ichiraku. As he entered the shop he saw Naruto sitting there a bowl of steaming hot ramen in front of him.

Saito: "Yo, Naruto!"

Naruto was surprised hearing Saito voice. With his cheeks stuffed with food he turned around. And he rapidly swallowed.

Naruto: "Oh! Saito how have you being?"

Saito: "Alright!"

Naruto started making a weird smug face raising his chest up high. Saito finally knew why Naruto was acting so smug.

Saito: "Congratulation! On becoming a ninja. I'm so happy for you."

Naruto: "You too! I hope we are on the same team."

Saito: "I hope so."

After making his order, he and Naruto started devouring their bowls of ramen. After they finished each one went back to his own home.

Saito was far from satisfied with the results. While he managed to do the tree climbing exercise he felt that there is still room for improvement.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 12

Fame: 120

R. Points: 14

Chakra: 750 (Normal Genin level)

Physique: Expert Academy Student level

Chakra Control: Expert Genin level


-Basic CQC (Master)

-Advanced CQC(Advanced)


-Shuriken Mastery (Master)

-Kunai Mastery (Advanced)


-Dancing Shadows (Advanced)


-Tree Climbing (Advanced)


-Body Replacement Technique (Master)

-Clone Technique (Master)

-Transformation Technique (Master)

-Rope escape Technique (Master)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more effective)

Saito: "My Fame increased by a huge margin! I also gained 1 R. Point. It must be due to my involvement in yesterday's events, if I played a bigger role I might have obtained even more R. Points. Well I can only blame my weakness for that. Tomorrow is orientation day. I should rest for now."