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 Laying in his bed Saito felt really restless for some reason, after a while he could no longer take it he wore his cloths and his new headband and went outside.

He started running stealthily from roof top to rooftop all while breathing the fresh air. He soon came to a stop as he witnessed a strange commotion close to the training grounds forest. He saw Naruto running inside holding a huge scroll and as he was about to follow he noticed another person following him inside. He soon followed them while maintaining his distance. What happened next was something that will change his perspective of this forever.

Inside the forest Naruto was sitting there reading the scroll. Soon after Iruka appeared in front of him.

Iruka looked at Naruto with anger.

Iruka: "Hey You! Naruto"

Naruto started to laugh in his usual silly way. Seen this Iruka calmed down a little bit.

Naruto: "You see Iruka sensei. I will show you this amazing jutsu! Then you're gonna let me graduate if I can do it! Isn't it true that I can graduate if I can do one of the jutsu written here?"

As soon as he finished talking Iruka tensed up and urgently pushed Naruto out of the way. Soon after a barrage of flying kunai hit Iruka. Soon a person came out from the shadows. Seen his face Saito was surprised it was Mizuki.

Mizuki: "I'm surprised you could find him this fast?"

Saito knew that all of this has to be Mizuki's scheming. He started to look for an opportunity to attack because as he is now he can't win in a frontal assault and he needs to find an opportunity to take him by surprise

Naruto looked in shock at the attacker.

Naruto: "Why?"

Mizuki: "Shut up monster."

Iruka knew what Mizuki was going to do. He knew that Mizuki was going to reveal the secret that was hidden from Naruto. And he was right he told him about the nine tails attack 12 years ago how that beast was sealed inside him and how he and Iruka lost dear people to them in that same day.

Mizuki: "So you see you are a monster that nobody loves. Your life is worthless."

Saito heard The Story and was utterly shocked. He can finally explain why many adults treated Naruto coldly.

Iruka was hurt by the kunai barrage. Before he could tell Naruto to run away. Mizuki jumped from the tree and he hurled a big shuriken in Naruto's direction.

Mizuki: "Die Monster!"

Seen this Saito tried to stop the attack but alas it was too late the shuriken was approaching Naruto rapidly and his attempt to stop the attack revealed his position. Mizuki turned his head and as soon as he saw Saito he used the remaining big shuriken to attack him. Saito barely managed to avoid the attack and just as he was about to recover he saw a foot coming straight for his head, he knew that if he is hit he will surly lose consciousness so he crossed his arms in front of him and started running chakra. While he did block the attack he was thrown back by the power of the impact. As he was preparing to counter he was helplessly captured by Mizuki and soon he was tied. Despair started to invade his thoughts and he finally became aware of the cruel reality that if he didn't gain more strength he will be nothing more than a lamb ready for slaughter and he remembered what the wheel told him. "A world where your greatest resource is strength". The peacefulness and the protection of the village made him forget that this world is more savage than his old one. He lost himself enjoying a childhood he could only dream of previously. With this realization he knew that there is no cure for his regret and if he somehow survived this he will vow to seek strength. Strength that will crush all opposition.

Mizuki bound him to a tree after sealing his chakra. He now could only spectate from the side lines hoping for the best. He saw Mizuki heading towards Iruka who somehow managed to cover for Naruto using his body. The damage he suffered was fatal.

Naruto was shocked as to why Iruka will protect him. Then Iruka told him how similar they were orphans trying to get the attention of people around them and that he doesn't blame him for anything.

Mizuki: "He is lying in orther to get his hand on the sealing scroll. You mean nothing to him."

As Mizuki approached the two, Naruto sudently stood up and ran away. He could no longer trust in anyone the teacher that he thought was an ally betrayed him. And to top it all of he is the reason for the death of Iruka's parents.

Iruka was shocked watching the running figure of Naruto.

Mizuki: "Did you really believe in that that kid! He will use that scroll to get revenge on the village. I will take care of you and that kid later. "

Mizuki then ran after Naruto. Iruka moved with his injured body towards the sealed Saito and helped him release.

Iruka: "Go back to the village and inform the Hokage of what's happening here!"

Saito nodded he knew that the current him was nothing but a burden. He soon headed towards the Hokage office.

=Hokage's Office=

The hokage was sitting in front of his desk watching all the things that happened on a crystal ball. Only a few trusted members of the Anbu knew about this. He was watching as Naruto ran away from Mizuki.

Hokage: "Let's see what choice will he make"

Soon he heard a commotion outside. It was Saito he just made it to the Hokage's office.

Hokage: "Come in."

Saito: "Hokage sama. There is an emergency! A teacher called Mizuki incited Naruto to steal the scroll of seals to try and take it for himself. Iruka sensei barely managed to stop him from killing Naruto but he was hurt badly."

The Hokage kept looking at the glass ball in front of him only he saw what is happening.

Hokage: "Go and retrieve the scroll and take Mizuki for interrogation."

Saito was confused. Why would the Hokage order him to do this? But soon he learned the truth. Suddenly two shinobis wearing masked appeared kneeling in front of the Hokage. They were Anbu.

Anbu: "Understood!"

And then they disappeared as fast as they appeared.

Hokage: "Thank you for the help. The situation is already under control. Naruto is safe. Now I won't everything that happened today to be a secret if you divulge any information about it you will be severely punished. Go to the hospital to get yourself checked before returning back home"

Saito knew that the secrecy was to protect Naruto. He nodded and soon went to get checked at the hospital. He only suffered from slight bruises wish could be healed fast using ointment.

As soon entered his home he went to his bed and started to reflect on his own naivety. Even if he had memories from his old life he was nothing more than an ordinary person. He never went to war and never fought with people. If not for Iruka's interference they would have been killed instantly. Now that he thinks about it it's a miracle that Mizuki didn't kill him but instead captured him.

System: "Explaining: As mentioned before the Fame value help reduce the repercussions of changing fate, it also can protect you in certain events, but Fame is not omnipotent and can only make minor changes and know that more fame can also make you a target for interested individuals."

Saito was shocked and he knew that from now on he will need to break all his limits and also take advantage of the ability that he never used. Tomorrow he will start learning Medical Ninjutsu.