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 Momokishi with a smug smile on his face looked at Saito.

Momokishi: "I will show you the power of a god."

While Momokishi was making a long speech about how mighty he is. Saito was in deep thoughts, after he killed Urakishi he felt a surge of energy trying to infiltrate inside his body. So without waiting he used his own energy to lock it down and was observing it. It was strongly tied to karma and will cause him to inevitably clash with the Otsusuki clan. So with a single taught he destroyed it.

Meanwhile having finished his speech Momokishi finally decided to make his move, he moved at high speed closing the distance between him and Saito, and started launching a flurry of attacks, but to his dismay Saito was dodging them flawlessly. He was interested in the power that Momokishi gained. He then started deflecting his attacks trying to feel the power behind them. On the other hand Momokishi is growing restless not even one of his attacks connected and even using his increased powers he could lay a single hand on Saito. Seeing that his attacks won't work he activated his enhanced Byakugan in order to read his opponent fate and try finding a weakness. But the moment he tried reading Saito's fate his eyes started bleeding, panicked he moved back increasing the distance between him and Saito, his face no longer had a confident smile but a look of fear.

Momokishi: "What are you?"

Saito looked amused at the shocked Momokishi.

Saito: "A human."

Momokishi: "Stop lying, there is no way that you are human."

Saito shook his head helplessly. He was bored of this battle, he hopped that he could use his powers fully against his opponents but he was disappointed. Momokishi while having the strongest powers amongst his clan members, he was the least experienced in facing stronger opponents, and he always managed to overpower his enemies using his Rinnegans and Byakugan, and even if he faced a strong opponent by reading their fate he could find weaknesses and exploit them but now he finally faced an opponent whose fate was so distorted that he couldn't read it, causing a huge backlash.

Momokishi thought that Saito was looking down on him. Filled with rage he held out his hand towards Urakishi's floating remains. Using the same technique to turn what was left of him into a chakra fruit.

Momokishi: "How dare you look down on me! I will destroy you!"

After eating the fruit his skin became black two new horns grew from the side of his head and his white hair became black. And instead of one Rinnegan on his forehead, he had three golden Rinnesharingans (Hybrid Rinnegan and Sharingan). Without a single word he created a huge Susanoo that could dwarf a planet, the amount of power it contained was ridiculous. In its hand was a huge Naginata (Japanese halberd), and on his other hand nine black magatamas. And with a blinding speed he slashed towards Saito.

Momokishi: "Die."

The slash was practically ripping the space open. Saito finally made a move coating his fist in white energy, preparing to deflect the attack. Saito knew that he no longer had an opponent in this universe, the moment he fused all natural energies, he reached the peak of the world. The status menu was no longer accessible, he couldn't even see his R.points. Deep down, he knew that he could move out from this universe anytime.

Clashing numerous times the battle kept going on. Momokishi was growing desperate he hurled meteors, chakra attacks that dwarfed even the ten tails attacks. But Saito simply brushed them aside as if they were mosquito bites. And the scariest thing is that no matter how much he tried he couldn't absorb or identify the energy used by Saito.

Saito finally decided to attack, charging five rasengans on the tips of his fingers he charged at Momokishi who barely managed to block the attack using his magatamas. But that wasn't enough the five bead sized rasengans started growing and consuming the magatamas, panicked Momokishi launched his nine magatamas faraway just in time to witness a huge explosion. Now he was truly afraid for the first time in his existence he learned what fear is. The power showcased by the being in front of him surpassed reason, for now he had only one goal: "Retreat".

But Saito wasn't going to let him off easily, flying at high speed he penetrated the defensive layers of Susanoo, catching Momokishi by his face and launching him towards a nearby deserted planet. Momokishi didn't understand what happened to him only after he smashed into the ground. His body practically broken. Just as he started regenerating Saito appeared beside him.

Saito: "Time to finish this."

And without a word he created a ball of white energy at the tip of his finger, without another word he blasted Momokishi head on pulverizing his body. If Saito's son from the old world saw this attack he could only have one word in mind: "Cero".

Having finished his battle Saito returned to his search for the Shinobi nations.