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 Hearing Saito's words Momokishi eyes narrowed dangerously.

Momokishi: "Hmmf! Kinkishi take care of this fool."

The big Otsusuki clan member conjured a big axe made of chakra.

Kinkishi: "As you will Momokishi sama."

He directly charged at Saito who was still looking at the Otsusuki clan members. After his ascension and all the chakra types he acquired the ability to read peoples karma. While he couldn't read his own, the moment he saw the Otsusuki clan members he detected a certain black aura covering their bodies. He knew from the color of the aura that the amount of tragedies they caused can't be forgiven. Even if they didn't act he planned to kill them.

Just as the axe was about to hit Saito's body, he raised his knee knocking the axe from Kinkishi's hand, and before Kinkishi could react he slapped him across his face breaking one of his horns in the process and lunching him back towards his comrades.

Momokishi and his teammate looked in shock as Kinkishi's body flew back towards them.

??: "Oy,Oy, Are you serious. Momokishi I don't think this guy is as simple as he looks."

Momokishi: "Pure luck, he may be stronger than what we estimated but I don't believe I will need to act. You and Kinkishi are enough."

The last Otsusuki member, created a red fishing pole and gourd.

??: "Ok, but you will owe me one. "

Momokishi: "Don't get full of yourself Urakishi."

Saito was still watching them ready to charge at him. Activating their doujutsu. Kinkishi had a Byakugan while Urakishi had a Hybrid between a Sharingan and Rinnegan. Kinkishi's emotionless face was no longer there but what replaced it is a face filled with rage. For an Otsusuki clan member their horns are a symbol of their status, so breaking their horns is the same as spitting on their honor. In his rage he used his full power to summon a plethora of chakra weapons.

Kinkishi: "I will kill you!"

Beginning his charge followed by his floating weapons, while Urakishi followed right behind him no longer smiling. While he isn't the most serious, he is still a member of the clan and he can't leave such an insult unpunished, at first he only came here out of curiosity, after they felt a surge of energy in the middle of space, they tracked it only to find a man flying in space, they couldn't feel any energy from him so they assumed that he must have something similar, if not, more powerful than a chakra fruit.

Followed by his weapons Kinkishi finally reached Saito who started dodging the flurry of flying weapons and attacks, all while avoiding the attacks of Urakishi.

Momokishi was shocked when he saw the battle even he can't handle fighting against both Kinkishi and Urakishi without using his chakra absorbing ability to overpower them.

Kinkishi's and Urakishi's assault became more intense after Saito managed to avoid there first assault without a single scratch on his body. Kinkishi further increased the number of weapons covering the space around him with weapons while Urakishi started using his Rinnegan abilities to control gravitational forces and try destabilizing Saito's stance. Try is the keyword, no matter how much chakra he put into his attacks he could even affect a single hair of Saito's body.

Growing tired of their assault Saito finally decided to move, Urakishi being the biggest nuisance of the two was his target, after avoiding another barrage of flying weapons he disappeared from his place and before they could find him, he punched Urakishi in his stomach literally breaking him into two, Urakishi tried to regenerate but for some reason he couldn't control his chakra.

Urakishi: "Khaaa! Damn it."

The last thing he saw was Saito's palm covering his face before his head was crushed. Kinkishi was shocked by that level of power and just as he was going to return to Momokishi's side in order to retreat. He felt a stabbing pain coming from his back, he could still see Saito in front of him so it can only be Momokishi's attack.

Kinkishi: "Momokishi sama, Why?"

Momokishi looked coldly at his ally as he started absorbing his chakra.

Momokishi: "You are no longer usefulness as a pawn. Now give me your power."

Kinkishi in his dying breath, didn't show hatred for Momokishi's betrayal.

Kinkishi: "As you wish Momokishi sama."

Closing his eyes his body faded transforming into a fruit filled to the brim with chakra. Without hesitating Momokishi ate it directly transforming. His horns became longer his body is covered by black marks, his muscles became stronger and on his forehead a golden Rinnegan appeared.