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 Another month passed by, Saito was still meditating but many things changed, the planet he was on was no longer a lifeless desert and trees could be seen growing everywhere, numerous exotic plants some well-known some alien to this world. And at the center of this change was Saito who was still in deep meditation, his body was like a statue his grew longer and in the middle of his chest was sun chapped gray mark.

Suddenly, Saito slowly started opening his eyes, they were like two clear gems, his eye color changed from hazel to a clear grey, and looking at his surroundings he wasn't surprised at all he could feel the connection between him and the budding life on this planet.

Saito: "Really, in the end everything is connected."

He slowly stood up, his dirty, tattered cloths where fixed immediately. Using his newly acquired strength he could sense everything in this planet. He knew that everything here grew from the energy he leaked from time to time while meditating. His power now could crush anyone and anything. But after his last trial he gained a new understanding of the world.

=Two months earlier=

When he started meditating he didn't expect much but soon he was thrown into a new set of trials. This time it wasn't about battle but more about the spiritual aspects of the world.

He was thrown into an endless cycle of reincarnations and living in the world through their eyes, some were saints some were tyrants but no matter what number of times he entered the cycle their end was always the same. They all end up in despair, in their quest to rise higher and become stronger they all end up consumed by their power, in order to save the world some saints had to commit massacres and fall into despair and many tyrants end up betrayed by those they considered their loved ones or rejected their humanity turning into mindless beasts.

A person no matter how much strength they gain they all are still human in the end, and their rejection of how flawed humans can be always led to their downfall. Saito was aware that what he was experiencing was a trial set by both the Yin and Yang Laws in this universe. At first he fell into despair because he experienced everything himself, but he slowly began to accept that reality, and started to see the beauty of flaws, in the multiverse no being can be perfect, and in the end everyone is tied together by Karma.

Karma wasn't a simple concept as do good and good things will happen but an even more complex link between all living things. What can be seen as good in the eyes of some can be pure evil in the eyes of others. You can create a cure to all diseases but in your path to create it you experimented on many creatures, animals and destroyed many natural resources. While in the end you were a savior to mankind, you used the rest of the world to achieve your goal.

Saito never wanted to become a savior to everyone, but he still saw himself as nothing other than a tool, even his dream to create a peaceful for him and those around him could have been achieved by other means. When he realized this he felt sadness but also relief he had the power to actually forcefully create peace but he gave up on creating a world of peace and instead creating a place for him and those around him. It is a selfish thing but also something human. Because if he chose to become a saint the world will become dependent on him and after his death all hell will break loose and once again another great war will begin, and if he chose to become a tyrant what he will create will only be an illusion of peace where beneath only hatred is left.

The moment he accepted it that in the end he was still a flawed person and that no matter how much he tries to turn into a perfect being he will never become one. The energy inside of his body started stabilizing and soon everything became balanced. This new energy had no name, but he felt that it was at the origin of the creation of this universe.

=Back to present=

Saito: "For now I will try to get back to my own planet."

With that he started flying, moving out of this planet. In front of him was a scene that many only saw on television back on earth. Space, he started moving at high speed using his newly acquired sensing abilities to find out where to go. During his trial he visited space numerous times but each time it was different, he doesn't know if it was because they came from different universes or that the universe was constantly changing.

Moving through space, Saito suddenly felt a space fluctuation, and right in front of him a black portal opened. From it three people wearing white, one had a big body frame compared to the other two, who had leaner figure. All of them had horns. But what surprised Saito was that all of them had energy similar to both the Uchiha and Hyuga clan and even more, the only clan he could think off was the Otsutsuki clan.

Saito: "You must be from Otsutsuki clan. What do you want?"

One of his opponent had an amused smile on his face. While the other two didn't show a single emotion.

??: "I'm surprised you know about us. I'm Momokishi Otsutsuki. We came here to capture you."

They seemed to be looking down on him. But from his point of view they were clowns, he could accurately judge there power levels just by looking.

Saito: "I'm giving you a friendly advice. Don't make a move or you and your clan will regret it."