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 The battlefield disappeared and once again Saito was standing in the black void. He still recalling that last attack, in his last ditch attempt he managed to tap into something new a new power, all the elemental natural chakra he had managed to fuse creating the perfect balance, all his injuries healed, his body grew even stronger and he felt it at that moment that the attack coming in front of him was nothing threatening, in his hand a small white rasengan appeared and without any effort he launched it at the attack coming towards him, the small white globe started growing in size engulfing the incoming attacks and moving towards the clones at as if teleporting, it slammed into the five clones destroying their bodies reducing them into a pile of meat. Saito himself was shocked at that level of power, he knew it could stop the attacks coming at him no problem, but he didn't expect it to swallow them and grow even stronger. After some pondering he sat down and started meditating, at that moment he was shocked, he no longer had any signs of normal chakra, all his chakra was purged replaced by the new form of energy, he knew it was a result of fusing the five natural elements, but he still felt a the something was missing from the energy, making It slightly unstable, he could use it but he wasn't in full control, even the rasengan he created earlier was a fluke. So after spending some time thinking he had a moment of clarity, in his old world balance was associated with the concept of Yin and Yang. So he believes that the missing components are the Yin and Yang aspects of chakra. He then started thinking about the nature of does to chakras, Yin gave the power of creation, but not a living real creation and Yang gave the power of life, but with no vessel it can only heal. And when mixed together they give birth to true creation, the reason the sage of six paths is considered a god by many is not only his level of power but also his ability to create life itself but for him he had the help of his bloodline and there doujutsus which gave them some kind of shortcut to tap into that power, this is further reflected in the ridiculous powers their descendants gained, especially the Uchiha, but he knew that that shortcut came at a price after reaching that level of power you can no longer proceed further, in this world it isn't necessary but Saito had a feeling that things are much more complicated and that Kaguya and her clan are nothing but specks of dust in the vast universe. Saito then fell into deep meditation emptying his mind from everything, he was still in his soul space so he didn't know what was happening outside.

After he started meditating the catastrophic scene stopped and the planet regained its peace and calm, except for the destruction surrounding him, no signs where left of his power. His very existence became thin as if he was an ethereal being, his chakra signal was no longer present his body was an empty vessel, but he wasn't dead, he was very much alive.

Months passed by and Saito was still in his deep meditation, inside of his soul space he was still meditating but a huge change happened the void became full of life, he was sitting under a huge Sakura tree and as far as the eye could see one could see a green lush grass slowly swaying under the breeze, Saito never opened his eyes since he entered his meditative state, his body which was covered with the marks of his sage mode, was slowly changing the marks where all converging towards the middle of his chest, and the contour of what looked like a circle was forming.

Meanwhile back to the planet where the elemental nations exist, Saito's teammates managed with the help of Kakashi and Guy to capture the three Tails Biju, and after some debate, Karin decided to become the Jinchuriki, because of her Uzumaki bloodline she was the perfect vessel. But during their mission they clashed with three members of the Akatsuki, a masked man with a sharingan, Deidara and Kisame. The battle was on a whole new level the power demonstrated by each of the team members was at Kage level, Jugo who after meeting with Jiraya learned to fully control the natural chakra of his transformation became powerful enough to fight against a Kage level ninja without being in danger. Karin after further studying of Medical Ninjutsu from Tsunade and fusing it with her sealing techniques was capable of holding back the three tails with the help of Guy and Shikaku Nara the head of the Nara clan, Suigetsu following on his brothers footsteps trained into using all the weapons he gained from their last hunt, he and Jugo where going toe to toe against Kisame and Deidara, Fu and Kakashi where fighting the Masked man who was acting stupid in the beginning of the fight but after Kakashi activated his sharingan he switched personalities becoming cold and claiming that Kakashi didn't deserve those eyes, he then started using large scale attacks to try killing Kakashi, after several clashes Kakashi found out that his left eye could affect the opponents ability to become intangible he deduced that his eye is most likely tied to his opponent 's and after some thinking he found out the chocking truth that the one fighting him as none other than his dead friend, after confronting him with the truth, the mask was dropped revealing an older Obito who blamed Kakashi for the dead of Rin, and he told him that he witnessed him stabbing Rin thought the heart. Kakashi tried explaining but his words fell on deaf ears. Obito was enraged and decided to retreat because he was reaching his limit, Kakashi was still shocked so he couldn't stop him in time, and with Obito gone Kakashi and Fu joined Karin in restraining the three tails.

At first Suigetsu tried fighting Kisame but Samehada's ability proved to be problematic so he ended up fighting against Deidara, while Jugo who used Natural chakra was able to counter Samehada's ability to absorb Chakra, and without an outside source of chakra to heal and replenish Kisame's own Chakra and heal him it started absorbing his own, but Kisame was still a difficult opponent to go against, the only reason they managed to kill him was with the help of Guy who after they stopped the Biju's rampage, decided to help Jugo who was being pushed back by Kisame. Suigetsu meanwhile was going toe to toe against Deidara, he nullified the explosions using his liquefaction technique, he was using a strange combination of storage seals to switch his weapons on the fly, depending on the situation causing Deidara a headache, but Deidara himself was no pushover he managed to avoid fatal attacks and even used his explosives to create mayhem, but seen that he was the last member left he decided to retreat, Suigetsu himself wasn't able to stop him and he was close to his limit so he gave up.

After they decided what to do whit the three tails, Karin was oddly well prepared so she managed to complete the sealing ceremony with the help of Fu and Kakashi. But even while exhausted she kept used her sensory ability to check the surrounding, and to her surprise she could feel a strange chakra signal coming from Samehada, without a word she dragged her tired body towards the sword, which feeling the huge amount of Chakra tried to move towards Karin, who without a word put a seal on the sword and after activating it Kisame was squeezed out of the sword under the eyes of everyone, before he could even act guy killed him.

While they were on their mission Hidan and Kakuzu managed to capture the two tails Jinchuriki and steal the Biju, this caused a huge commotion so Konoha sent a team lead by Asuma to kill or capture the two members responsible.