The battle kept going on, he was being pushed back by the attacks of his clones, so he entered Wood sage mode himself and started countering with all his power, he finally managed to kill the two first clones using wood release and for the last one he changed into fire sage mode and burned him using a fusion of rasengan and fire natural chakra, creating a small sun burning his opponent into ash.

What followed was a non-stop cycle of him fighting against his clones, luckily they were still limited to three opponents. But after each cycle they grew more powerful and intelligent, now they started combining their attacks to create devastation. Saito was getting close to his limit, he was tired mentally and physically, the only time he gets to recover is about a minute between battles. He was lucky enough that his chakra is restored after each battle otherwise he would have died a long time ago.

This cycle, instead of three he was facing five clones.

Saito: "Really! This is getting ridiculous."

Without a single word the five clones entered a sage mode, the only saving grace is that no one of them used Wood sage style. Having finished his recovery, he prepared for the new clash. If any of the Kage where present here they would have been shocked to death at the level of destruction, dragons made out of all elements kept appearing, explosions that could obliterate any of the hidden villages kept appearing all over the battle field, and the most surprising is that the target of all these attacks was capable of avoiding them and even counter attacking.

Saito knew that he is getting closer and closer to his death, he was mentally exhausted, constant fighting against opponents above Kage level. His movements were growing slower, wish proved fatal as one of the clones clade in lightning managed to land a punch on his side, crashing his internal organs and breaking his ribs, if he didn't have a strong body which grew even stronger after his battles, that would have being the end for him. After stabilizing himself and spitting a mouthful of blood he raised his head to see a blood freezing looking scene in front of him. Each of the clones had a rasengan with a different element in their hands, the size was slowly being compressed until it reached the size of a golf ball, but that wasn't the end, the lightning sage created a huge lightning barrel and every one of the clones pushed there rasengan inside.

The small balls of destruction started revolving around each other similar to a small planetary system. Saito knew that if he was caught in that attack he would be obliterated.

Saito: "If I die here will I be able to resurrect."

System: "The universal laws are interfering, if you die her you won't be able to return. You will be forcefully sent into the clear world."

Saito no longer had a choice, either way he will die. So in a last ditch attempt, he decided to do something crazy. Even since he started the trial he could feel his connection with the clones that where meditating, he still had three clones each one using sage mode of wind, lighting and fire elements. He didn't dare releasing them before, because he taught that it will cause an irregularity in the trial but now he no longer had to care about that. He gave up on healing his body and entered wood sage mode and just as his clones prepared to launch the attack, Saito released his three clones.

At that moment, the Anbu standing on guard heard a commotion coming from inside the room they were guarding. Going inside the room to check what happened they found Saito still floating but his clones had disappeared, and just as they were about to call for Tsunade, the space around Saito started distorting and he disappeared. The Anbu team was in distress they didn't feel any chakra and from there point of view instead of teleporting Saito just faded out of existence.

Tsunade was soon informed about what happened, after passing a long time checking the place for any signs of people interfering they had to give up. Even Jiraya when he consulted with the Toad elder about Saito's state didn't receive a response.

Saito's teammates where distressed, the only saving grace is that there is a possibility that Saito was still alive, they finally decided to keep using their powers to halt the Akatsuki's plans, they also received intel about the three tails being sighted, so they decided to go capture it before the Akatsuki acts, Tsunade decided to send a team of Jonin to assist them, for some reason Kakashi insisted on helping them.

Meanwhile the Akatsuki started making there move to capture the two tails Jinchuriki and the three tailed Biju, after the interference of Saito in their plans they decided to avoid passing by any villages and eliminate any people who saw them, moving in the shadows.

At that time in a far off planet Saito appeared, still in his meditative state, the planet was deserted but soon a change started happening, with Saito as the starting point vegetation started appearing, but the beautiful scene didn't last that long before, tornedos and thunder storms broke the silent atmosphere, and to complete the catastrophic scene lava started spewing out of the cracks in the ground.

=Saito's Soul space=

Saito was standing in front of the mangled corpses of the five clones.

Saito: "I feel strange! That last attack was crazy."