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 Suigetsu started gathering the scattered swords and weapons, storing them one after the other, while Fu was using her Biju chakra to increase her healing rate, soon her arm was back to its peak condition, during her stay at Konoha she trained in the use of her Biju chakra to accelerate her healing.

After they finished their preparations, Suigetsu, Jugo and Fu. They prepared themselves to head back to Konoha after destroying the lair.

Meanwhile the Akatsuki was preparing to hunt their next target. Saito's interference had caused them quite the setback.

Meanwhile Saito was still in has lab working, on his research about the sharingan, he devised a way to make the sharingan work for other people without a huge set back and stopping the side effects. Saito knew that if this research fell into the wrong hands it could cause a disaster. After reviewing all the document and research material reviewing them one last time, he destroyed all the material what was left was Shisui's eye, he wanted to destroy it at first but he then remembered that he could still give it to someone trustworthy, someone who already came in contact with the sharingan for almost all of his life, Kakashi.

After he came up with the idea he called both Tsunade and Kakashi to discuss the idea. At first Kakashi wasn't sure because he knew how much stress the sharingan put on his own body, but after Saito gave him the simplified version of the procedure and how it could help him reduce the strain on his eyes even eliminate the blindness side effect, he directly agreed. Tsunade was alarmed by the discovery and was worried about the procedure leaking out, but Saito assured her that other than him no one should be able to do the surgery, it required his earth senin mode to be able to work on the small nerves and a crazy level of chakra control in order to operate.

Kakashi was in the middle of training Naruto in his wind chakra control. But he could leave that to Yamato as he is a capable teacher.

After preparing a hidden room, for him to do the operation, Tsunade and Sakura will be assisting him on the operation.

Saito was ready for the operation, he spent a long time preparing for it. Soon he entered an operation room, where both Shizune and Tsunade were waiting, Kakashi was already lying on the operating table. The operation Started Saito started by removing the old sharingan and using his chakra threads he started grafting something close to an adapter to connect the eye to the optic nerves, it's a delicate procedure that takes a great deal of concentration. On the side both Sakura where shocked at the level of control and precision shown by Saito, he was fully concentrated on Kakashi and each one of his hands had almost invisible threads.

An hour passed and he finally managed to finish with the old eye, from now on Kakashi should be able to activate and deactivate his sharingan without any problems, he then took out Shisu's eye from a special container, after removing the right eye, Saito started working on the new link, another hour and he finally managed to implant Shisu's eye, once the two eyes were implanted Saito spent the next two hours observing Kakashi's situation, he may be the first non Uchiha to have a pair of sharingans.

A day passed by and Kakashi finally woke up. For the first time in years he didn't feel his chakra draining constantly. He was shocked because he could feel some strange power inside both eyes, a weird feeling as if something finally became whole. He asked a nurse for a mirror and what he saw shocked him both his eyes looked normal, there was no sign of the sharingan. He tried moving his chakra into both of his eyes and soon the three tomoes appeared but unlike the blood red eyes, they were blue it looked as if all the anger and hatred that those eyes reflected disappeared, leaving only calm.

He soon stopped feeding them chakra and they returned to their original normal look. He didn't use much chakra to keep them active and he felt that even his old eye was somehow stronger.

After confirming that the operation was successful, Saito was finally ready to start his own fusion process, during his studies he never stopped his sage mode training, and now he knew that with enough preparation he should be able to fuse the senin chakra from different Natures. He first wanted to start with water and earth as they were the first two natures he learned and the ones he was most proficient in and slowly add new natural chakras. He also knew that he was running out of time the chakra inside the seal was growing stronger, it has already broken two layers of the seals leaving only two left.

He already made his preparations and Karin was present in order to act in case things went wrong.

Saito was sitting in a well illuminated room, he was surrounded with seals, and Karin was standing near the wall carefully watching over him. After taking a deep breath Saito without even using hand signs created five clones around him, each one of them started absorbing Natural chakra of a certain nature.

Saito: "I will begin."

Karin: "Are you really sure? I think it's better if you wait a little longer."

Saito: "The chakra of the Biju is reacting strangely with the wood release chakra they somehow growing stronger. If I do this later it may be too late for me. I will die or worst transform and start killing innocent people. So let's start."

Saito started releasing the seals his body began to transform slowly, his body kept transforming gradually. His mind began been invaded with negative thoughts, he directly released his water clone giving him all the water natural chakra it absorbed, his mind became calmer and the water chakra began resisting the Biju chakra, but soon it will be pushed by the enhanced chakra, he knew that this was the moment of truth he either succeeds or dies trying.