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 Saito called Karin and Tsunade to consult with them about his preparations for the senjutsu chakra fusing. Meanwhile Suigetsu, Jugo and Fu were getting closer to their target. Before his death Suigetsu's brother, managed to get his hand on almost all of swords except Samehada which is with Kisame, Kubikiribocho which was with Zabuza and Hiramekarei is still in Kirigakure.

But after Mugetsu's death Orochimaru managed to get his hand on them, it was until recently that Suigetsu found some files in Danzo's HQ recording the movements of Orochimaru, apparently the swords where kept in one of Orochimaru's hidden labs. Soon they reached their destination.

Suigetsu: "Finally, move carefully."

Fu: ""What do you think we will find in there?"

Jugo: "Knowing Orochimaru nothing good."

The entrance was hidden behind a waterfall, moving carefully they started investigating the hideout, all the rooms were almost similar varying from holding cells and surgery rooms to chemistry labs, but no matter how much they looked, they couldn't find a sign of the scroll. This facility was most likely used to train and modify Orochimaru's follower.

After what seemed like an eternity they finally found a storage room, it was filled with weapons some were strange looking, Suigetsu was interested in them and started storing them in the scrolls Karin gave him before he left. After emptying they started checking the room for any hidden mechanisms, but just as they were about to move on Fu called them over.

Fu: "Guys, I think I found something."

Fu moved her hand inside the mouth of a snake looking statue, the hideout was filled with this type of carvings and are used to hold the light sources, but unlike the others this one didn't seem to have anything inside, but after Fu put her hand inside, they soon heard a clicking sound, and instinctively she got her hand out just in time to avoid having her hand chopped by the snake status that closed its jaw. Soon the wall opened up revealing new stairs going further down.

Moving carefully they found themselves at an underground cave, the place was illuminated by some weird glowing fungus, in the middle of the cave was an underground lake.

Slowly they started inspecting the area, but they found nothing. But just when Jugo was looking around the lake, his instincts kicked in and he moved out of the way barely managing to avoid a needle looking weapon from stabbing him in the head, Jugo released some of his power, while Fu and Suigetsu Joined him. They were prepared to face their opponent, soon a figure made of water jumped out of the lake. Suigetsu taught that it was a ninja like him who used the liquefaction technique, but he soon knew that he was wrong, it wasn't a human but an abomination, probably the result of one of Orochimaru's twisted experiments, the creature stopped using the liquefaction technique revealing it's true appearance, It had a human shape although numerous arms and legs were added to it as if stitched into it in order to keep its balance the legs where modified heavily making them look more like hooves, but the most horrifying thing was the face, it didn't have eyes and in the place where a mouth should be a hole with a long tongue, the nose was weirdly deformed and instead of ears it had two holes. They looked horrified as the abomination started moving at a crazy speed ready to attack them using the weapons it was holding in its hands. Suigetsu immediately recognized them. That was their target for this mission, but before he could speak the beast tried to pierce the using the needle like sword all while slashing with an axe and hammer tied together by a rope. The group scattered avoiding the fast attack of the monster.

Fu started making hand signs and soon released a barrage of dust particles that she then ignited creating an explosion but to her surprise that direct hit didn't even scratch the monster, Jugo was also trying to engage it in close combat but with its numerous arms the beast was a nightmare and if he didn't fully transform his body Jugo wouldn't dare taking the beast in Close quarter combat. Even Suigetsu was preparing his attack.

Suigetsu: "Water Dragon jutsu."

Jugo moved out of the way leaving the monster exposed to the water dragon's jaw, but just as they expected the beast to be pushed back, the water dragon started to shrink until it vanished, the beast mouth absorbed the chakra of the attack rendering jutsus useless.

Fu: "It's capable of absorbing chakra."

Suigetsu: "Yes, Miss obvious we can see that! We will have to use Taijutsu and Bukujutsu."

Suigetsu was getting irritated the swords he was looking for where right in front of him but he couldn't get them, and now a freak was using their abilities to try and kill them.

They soon moved encircling the beast, trying to hit it from all directions but the beasts arms were nimble, making moves at crazy angles, so even with them coordinating their attacks, they didn't manage to land a fatal hit, and when they manage to do some damage the beasts recovers almost instantly. After a moment the beast made a strange cry and its body was covered with lightning then with a roar the lightning exploded in all directions blasting Jugo and Fu away and paralyzing Suigetsu who was in his semi liquid form, the beast covered a pair of twin swords with lightning and launched a new attack at Suigetsu. Suigetsu barely managed to dodge the decapitating attack.

The beast was angry and started pressing Suigetsu trying to cut him, Jugo and Fu where also attacking but he completely ignored them focusing on Suigetsu. For some reason the beast was focused on killing Suigetsu or disarming him. So while dodging the attacks Suigetsu finally guessed why the beast was obsessed with disarming him, to get his sword, he didn't know if it's due to instincts or maybe intelligence but he knew that the only way to deliver a fatal attack is to destroy it in one hit.

Suigetsu: "Guys, I will try stalling it for a moment use that technique to finish it in one blow."

Jugo and Fu knew what he was talking about, Fu entered her one tailed Biju chakra mode, and started gathering all the cloak's chakra around her hand making it glow in a bright orange hue, Jugo moved his hand above her glowing fist and started infusing his chakra into it, the orange chakra started changing slowly becoming bright yellow with specs of purple moving around it, Suigetsu decided to make his move receiving one of the thunder clade swords attacks with his body, and trying hard to resist the paralyzing effect, he managed to stab the beast trough the abdomen, the beast howled in pain and flung Suigetsu away who finally lost his sword leaving it stabbed into the beast. The beast by instinct moved one of its empty hands and grabbed the hilt of the sword removing it, the wound started closing at a visible pace but before it could fully recover it was hit by a huge blast of chakra from behind destroying the top of its body.

Fu was standing behind with her arm dangling by her side.

Fu: "I really hate this technique."