After school Saito and Akira headed straight towards a blond haired kid sitting on a swing. As he saw them approach him he stood up and looked warily at the new comers.

Naruto: "What... What do you want?"

Saito smiled at the reaction of the kid.

Saito: "Hello, My name is Saito Nakamura and he is Akira Ito"

Akira smiled.

Akira: "Yo"

Naruto: "I'm Uzumaki Naruto. So what do you want?"

Saito: "We were planning to go to the park and do some training but we lack one person. You seemed free so I thought to ask you if you want to join us. "

Naruto was still on guard.

Naruto: "Why would you need another person? You can train both of you, no need for a third person."

Saito: "Well we plan to train our Taijutsu so we need a person to stand as a referee for our sparring."

Finally calming down. Naruto smiled.

Naruto: "So that's why! You need a referee."

Saito: "You can also spare with us. I heard from a teacher that sparring is the best way to become stronger in Taijutsu."

Naruto's eye began to shine with anticipation. He knew that he was not good at Taijutsu. He had stamina but he was really weak in combat.

Saito: "So will you join us?"

Naruto: "Ok, but I'm not that strong so don't get your hopes up."

Saito: "Akira and I are also Beginners."

Akira: "Talk about yourself, I've been doing special training. I'm certain of my victory."

Saito and Akira always sparred in the park. At first they were equally matched but slowly Akira's physique became stronger and Saito began to struggle in order to win in their spars.

Saito: "Shut up! You muscle brain."

Naruto watched their exchange with a hint of envy.

Akira: "Ok, It's on. Whoever loses will pay a bowl at Ichiraku Ramen"

Saito: "Deal!"

Hearing the bet Naruto's eyes where filled with fighting spirit.

Naruto: "Count me in!"

Akira: "Ok, the loser will pay."

After some friendly banter, they went towards the Park.

After an hour both Akira and Saito where dead tired. Naruto only looked slightly tired. Saito was really surprised by this guy's stamina it was ridiculous. Even if they won he kept asking for another bout until they lost to him due to exhaustion. While the number of wins they had was more Akira agreed to pay this time in order to commemorate their new born friendship. Akira's family was quite well off they owned a clothing shop and business was quite good. That night after filling their stomachs with delicious ramen each one of them went back to his home.

Saito: "Check Stats"

Name: Saito Nakamura

Age: 10

Fame: 5

R. Points: 2

Chakra: 350 (Normal Academy Student level)

Physique: Normal Academy Student level

Chakra Control: Advanced Academy Student level


-Basic CQC (Beginner)


-Body Replacement Technique (Beginner)

-Clone Technique (Beginner)

-Transformation Technique (Advanced)

-Rope escape Technique (Advanced)


-Medical Ninjutsu Enhancement (25% more effective)

He gained 2 R. Points from this interaction with Naruto. He was surprised that this single contact could give him points. After he talked with Naruto he learned that although he doesn't seem to have any close friends he still interacts with kids in his class and sometimes he hangs with them.

After thinking about his next move he slowly sank into a deep sleep.

Unbeknown to him his sudden interaction with Naruto caught the interest of the Hokage who had Naruto under constant surveillance by the Anbu.

==In the Hokage's office==

Hiruzen sarutobi the 3rd Hokage was sitting in front of his office, wish was littered with paper stacks.

Sarutobi (Hokage): "So did he make any suspicious actions?"

Anbu: "Reporting, Their interaction seemed coincidental, we found no signs of external interference or manipulation."

Hokage: "Keep him under watch for the moment. If you find a sign of him being under control you may capture him"

Anbu: "Understood!"

And with a cloud of white smoke the Anbu disappeared.

Hokage: "Well I hope, I'm just overthinking."